The King's Avatar Chapter 1717

Chapter 1717 Breakthrough

Wu Qi simply couldn’t understand Steamed Bun’s actions. However, for the viewers, Steamed Bun ignoring Wu Qi was actually quite logical.

His Steamed Bun Invasion had been positioned close to where Soft Mist was killed. Cloud Piercer and Empty Waves could easily switch targets to Steamed Bun Invasion and form a pincer. Along with support from Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence, even if they failed to kill Steamed Bun Invasion in one go, they would certainly be able to injure him severely.

Steamed Bun was quite quick to catch on, and Steamed Bun Invasion quickly left his original position. But still, throwing out an attack at Cruel Silence wouldn’t have delayed his retreat much. Throwing out an attack would have slowed down Cruel Silence’s pursuit as well.

Steamed Bun hadn’t attacked, but it didn’t hinder him in any way. By doing nothing, he actually confused Wu Qi. In fact, compared to throwing out a skill, this confusion hindered Wu Qi more.

Then, Steamed Bun Invasion began targeting One Autumn Leaf. Wu Qi didn’t understand this, and neither did the viewers. One Autumn Leaf had the most health on Samsara. As the side with the numbers disadvantage, Happy shouldn’t be going after him.

In contrast, the players on Happy understood why Steamed Bun had made this decision.

“If you don’t know what to do, just follow me.”

This was what Ye Xiu had told Steamed Bun in case Steamed Bun ever got confused.

Steamed Bun was doing exactly as he was told.

Wu Qi may have been stunned by Steamed Bun’s actions, but Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao weren’t.

Steamed Bun Invasion’s speed had been surprising, but the two had ranged attacks. Just because the target had suddenly moved unexpectedly didn’t mean that the target would immediately escape from their attack range. There was still time to adjust their aim.

The pincer from Samsara’s Sharpshooter and Spellblade quickly formed.

Cloud Piercer shot after Steamed Bun Invasion, while Empty Waves made predictive attacks with his wave slashes to obstruct Steamed Bun Invasion’s movements.

By then, Wu Qi had come to his senses again. Cruel Silence immediately gave chase. However, at this moment, Dancing Rain’s artillery fire aimed towards him.

Steamed Bun’s target switching was a what-do-I-do decision. After all, the advice “if you don’t know what to do, just follow me” wasn’t exactly the precursor for brilliant teamwork. As a result, Su Mucheng didn’t go and support Steamed Bun. Happy’s next target should be Cruel Silence, who had the lowest health on Samsara, not One Autumn Leaf. That was a certainty.

As a result, Su Mucheng threw everything she had at Cruel Silence.

However, just her alone wasn’t efficient enough. Between Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao, the whole was certainly greater than the sum of its parts. Although Steamed Bun Invasion had more health than Cruel Silence, the two would likely be able to kill him first. Even if both sides completed a trade, Happy already had one fewer player to begin with.

Samsara had been unwilling to do a trade before, but now, they were more than happy to take it. When one side had the numbers advantage, the other side would only be willing to make a trade if there was no other choice.

Happy needed some sort of change to happen. If they continued like this, they would definitely lose.

Happy didn’t want this situation to last, but Samsara definitely did. They were more than content with the current circumstances.

Between Cruel Silence and Steamed Bun Invasion, no one knew who would be the first to fall. However, Sun Xiang stopping Ye Xiu was extremely important as well. If Ye Xiu was let loose, who knew what he would do.

Don’t think you can get past me!

Sun Xiang was determined. He had been waiting for the day where he would completely defeat Ye Xiu. Being unable to defeat him had cast a shadow on his heart. This shadow bound him, stifled him. Even when he won, he never felt like he was truly happy. He would always think to himself, if it were Ye Xiu’s One Autumn Leaf, would things have gone differently?

Now, he understood that One Autumn Leaf didn’t only just possess a powerful strength. One Autumn Leaf was a symbol of invincibility, the Battle God that had swept the Alliance. Even when Ye Xiu’s later achievements weren’t as good as before, he still had to bear that burden. Let alone Sun Xiang, who, after taking the account, had been relegated and defeated in the Challenger League. His achievements had been beyond terrible.

There was no way that shadow wouldn’t exist on him.

Inheriting a new account card was as simple as having that account in your hands. However, inheriting a character, especially one such as One Autumn Leaf, was the same as inheriting its former glory. It was a pressure that would bear down on the inheritor.

Sun Xiang had underestimated the significance behind what the character symbolized. He had thought that he could easily do better. But reality wasn’t nearly as simple as he had imagined.

He had experienced failure after failure, growing under the weight of this pressure.

One Autumn Leaf, the invincible Battle God.

He might not be able to emulate this glory, but he refused to be crushed under its weight.

He might not be able to beat Ye Xiu, but he wasn’t going to let him get past so easily.

Sun Xiang saw Lord Grim dodge. Lord Grim was planning on quickly changing directions to get to his side. He swung his spear, Tyrant’s Destruction!

Lord Grim was forced to a stop. Then, he changed directions again!

He moved extremely fast, perhaps even fast enough to outspeed the Tyrant’s Destruction.

But the Tyrant’s Destruction vanished. Sun Xiang reacted extremely fast. As soon as he saw Lord Grim respond, he cancelled Tyrant’s Destruction and chased after him with a different skill.

Falling Flower Palm!

He stepped forward and pushed out a palm, using his entire body to block Lord Grim. In an instant, Lord Grim had no way to move forward.

A watertight defense.

No one could point out any faults. Sun Xiang had let go of his ambitions. He was no longer trying to defeat Ye Xiu. Right now, his only goal was to hold his ground and prevent Lord Grim from getting past him. This unprecedented level of concentration was making him play at an unprecedented level of skill.

Falling Flower Palm shot out.

This attack didn’t seem to just be a wall. It didn’t seem like Lord Grim would even be able to dodge it.

Lord Grim could only try and parry it.

Falling Flower Palm!

Lord Grim also threw out his own Falling Flower Palm. However, he had acted later. The power of his Falling Flower Palm couldn’t compare to One Autumn Leaf’s. Lord Grim was slightly weaker in attack power than One Autumn Leaf too.


The two palms collided. The friction between the clashing magic let out violent sounds. With both characters using the same skill, Lord Grim was losing to One Autumn Leaf as expected. He wasn’t sent flying, but he kept sliding back. His two feet left two ditches in the ground.

But at this moment, the eyes of many of the experts lit up.


Widening the distance was a good way to get past an enemy’s blockade. Lord Grim had numerous movement skills in his kit. It wouldn’t be hard for him to circle around One Autumn Leaf.

Sure enough, Ye Xiu saw the opportunity as well. Lord Grim retreated back a bit before steady himself, Charge!

He didn’t use Charge towards One Autumn Leaf. Instead, he moved diagonally. He was clearly planning on going around.

One Autumn Leaf stepped to the side, extending his spear to its limit. One Autumn Leaf was attacking at his maximum range.

Circle Swing!

This high-priority grab skill stabbed towards Lord Grim.

Not enough time.

The experts with accurate judgement could tell that there wasn’t enough time for Lord Grim to change directions and dodge. Sun Xiang was too focused. His reaction speed was too fast. His calculations were completely on point.

He could only change directions!

If Lord Grim turned, he would need to cancel Charge. Relying on adjusting his trajectory wouldn’t be enough to dodge the Circle Swing.

But even with this turn, he wouldn’t be able to dodge this Circle Swing. However, instead of a turn, it was more like a jump to the side.

Shining Cut!

An Assassin skill. A cold light flashed. He was planning on outspeeding the Circle Swing. Then, he would change directions and break through.

That was what everyone thought. However, after the Circle Swing missed, Sun Xiang quickly followed with another attack.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

One Autumn Leaf used this high-level skill, pressing forward in close pursuit.

Right angle turn?

Impossible. No angle would be able to avoid this Dragon Break the Ranks. The hitbox of the attack wasn’t just the tip of the spear. The powerful clash between the battle magic and the surrounding air were all hitboxes for this skill.

Stop and go backwards!

Lord Grim didn’t make a right angle. He didn’t look for an angle. He stopped and ran back.

This sort of high speed displacement tested the opponent’s reaction speed and hand speed. However, Sun Xiang was extremely focused right now. He was able to quickly sense even the smallest changes and respond promptly.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks, turn!

Tang Rou often changed direction mid-attack, and Sun Xiang could do it as well. With this turn, Lord Grim happened to be caught.

Too late. Sun Xiang’s reaction speed and hand speed was too fast. There was no time for Ye Xiu to react and respond.

Ye Xiu failed to break through…

Countless people gripped their hearts as they watched this scene. At this moment, their hearts sank. The outcome was plain as day.

Yes, the outcome was plain as day.

Lord Grim and One Autumn Leaf brushed past each other.

He dodged it???

The crowd went into an uproar. Many of the pro players were stunned. They were impatiently waiting for the slow-motion replay to be shown.

The slow-motion replay appeared.

After One Autumn Leaf adjusted the direction of his Dragon Breaks the Ranks, had there been no openings?

No. Lord Grim moved the moment One Autumn Leaf changed direction. He had moved in the opposite direction. He had changed direction as well.

Colliding Stab.

Another movement skill. Lord Grim and One Autumn Leaf brushed past each other. In that instant, the two looked like they were touching, as if they were a pair of Siamese twins. But in the blink of an eye, the two passed by each other in opposite directions.


Sun Xiang was stunned. He had left no openings with Dragon Breaks the Ranks? No. It was Lord Grim’s final change in direction that hadn’t left any openings.

After changing the direction of Dragon Breaks the Ranks, there indeed hadn’t been any openings. But what about before? Lord Grim had seized an opening before the change. Ye Xiu had realized that there was room for him to adjust, so he did it ahead of time. There hadn’t been any openings after adjusting Dragon Ranks the Ranks, but there were openings before…

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