The King's Avatar Chapter 1719

Chapter 1719 Team Kiting

In terms of overall combat ability, Samsara was of course stronger. In terms of numbers, they were also one player up. But right now, Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun were each restraining one of Samsara’s players with a Strangle.

Strangle didn’t completely lock the target’s movements. One Autumn Leaf and Cruel Silence could still struggle and launch a few attacks. At the same time, during the Strangle, Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion could also continue to attack their targets.

Not only did Strangle lower the target’s defense by 50%, it also lowered their attack by 50%. And Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion? They still had Reinforced Iron Bones activated, which raised their physical defense by quite a bit.

To make a long story short.

Samsara’s characters were strong, they had one more player, but Happy, by using this Strangle to catch two of Samsara’s players, were able to match Samsara in terms of damage dealt.

Just a few seconds.

By the time Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence finally managed to escape from the Strangle, his health was already depleted.

Rend Kill Dodge Flash Exterminate!

In the end, he still tried to use a powerful attack, to make a final desperate attempt. But he only managed a “Rend” before his health hit zero.

In this one moment, because they hadn’t defended against Happy’s Screensaver strategy, because they’d been caught by two Strangles, Samsara’s numbers advantage was erased in the blink of an eye.

One Autumn Leaf, who had originally had a lot of health, had lost quite a bit in this one attack. However, overall Happy had been focused on killing Cruel Silence. Lord Grim had locked One Autumn Leaf in a Strangle, but his attacks had still primarily targeted Cruel Silence.

Cruel Silence was killed for good, and One Autumn Leaf had lost 20% of his health in these few seconds.

50%, that was how much health One Autumn Leaf had remaining.

In order to achieve this killing opportunity, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim and Steamed Bun’s Steamed Bun Invasion had shed quite a bit of blood as well. Afterward, they’d used Reinforced Iron Bones to boost the power of their attack. Lord Grim had lost 29% health, leaving him at 42%; Steamed Bun Invasion had lost 27%, leaving him at 54%.

Happy’s injuries were greater than Samsara’s, but no one would think that this exchange wasn’t worth it. Because Happy had successfully killed Samsara’s Cruel Silence, they successfully rebalanced the number of players.


Again, after Samsara took the lead and upper hand, Happy managed to catch up. Right now, Samsara’s fans were almost out of energy to scream. Again and again, they were excited, but again and again Happy dumped a bowl of cold water upon them. Now, their hearts were soaked through cold.

Now that the numbers were even, when they checked the character health on both sides, Happy was suddenly in the lead in this situation.

Dancing Rain still had 80% health. In this confrontation, she’d only lost 2%. Clearly, Samsara hadn’t pressured her very much.

As for Samsara, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer and Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves hadn’t taken any damage at all. Happy’s goal of killing Cruel Silence was simply too pressing. They had no time to split their attention elsewhere.

Even so, these two characters were at 51% and 40%. Compared to Happy, they didn’t have any great advantage.

Their advantage had perhaps come down to the slight advantage in battle ability that their characters had.


Only attacking was the best use of battle ability. Having just escaped from the Strangle, One Autumn Leaf was swiftly retreating back, but the Evil Annihilation in his hand spun, creating a high-speed spinning vortex that twisted toward Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion.

Cloud Whirling Windstorm!

Sun Xiang had used a powerful Level 75 attack. Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao’s characters were no longer floating in the distance.

Right now, the health of their three characters was just the difference between 50% and 40%, there was no need to distinguish further. The two of them closed in, strengthening their offensive.

Bullets and wave slashes criss-crossed, as though forming a defensive line in front of One Autumn Leaf, and at the same time attacking Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion as well.


Reinforced Iron Bones lasted a much longer time than Strangle, so Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion both still had Super Armor. With their health advantage, they were even more fearless. They directly charged forward to focus One Autumn Leaf.

Dragon Tooth!

One Autumn Leaf’s Evil Annihilation pierced forward, surprising everyone.

Dragon Tooth had a Stun effect, and it could interrupt many attacks, but right now, Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion both had Super Armor. Aside from dealing a bit of damage, the Dragon Tooth would have no effect. What was the point?


But in Happy’s channel, Ye Xiu’s instruction jumped out. The Dragon Tooth ultimately stabbed toward Steamed Bun Invasion, and his message was to tell Steamed Bun to dodge.

Ye Xiu had clearly realized something, but Steamed Bun didn’t have this Glory knowledge. The warning was too late. It was too late to dodge. Sun Xiang’s attack was already very fast, and his reactions were fast as well. Attack landed!

Aside from a tiny bit of damage, no effect. Steamed Bun Invasion was still charging forward as fast as ever. At this moment, a Chaser shot forward. After landing, a Dragon Tooth would create a Neutral Chaser, everyone knew this, One Autumn Leaf’s attack seemed so normal. But Ye Xiu’s performance was even faster, more hasty. Lord Grim used a skill, suddenly accelerating.

Circle Swing!

Another of One Autumn Leaf’s attacks shot forward. This skill had grab priority, so even in Super Armor it needed to be dodged. Lord Grim could only step to the side, and One Autumn Leaf immediately raised his speed, swiftly running forward. The Chaser created wind around his legs; the Neutral Chaser boosted his movement speed to a new level. After dodging the Circle Swing, Lord Grim tried to give chase, but an Ice Wave Slash had already swept toward him, and Lord Grim was forced to stop again. Super Armor could not block the various statuses inflicted by magic effects.

In the blink of an eye, One Autumn Leaf was able to put distance between himself and Steamed Bun Invasion and Lord Grim. Ye Xiu had reacted immediately to try and stop him, but ultimately he still failed.

And so One Autumn Leaf ran, Happy’s two chased him, and Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao attacked even more fiercely. When everyone saw this situation, they realized, wasn’t this just kiting? This was just a coordinated version, where it wasn’t the same person running away and launching long-range attacks.

Now, everyone understood why Ye Xiu had been so anxious to attack. One Autumn Leaf had pulled off a Dragon Tooth to create a Neutral Chaser. Without the speed boost from this Chaser, One Autumn Leaf wouldn’t have been able to run away so completely.

Now, the distance had been established. Even though Lord Grim had the advantage of movement speed, he was facing a pincer from both sides, and he would take damage if he tried to force his way forward. More importantly, Sun Xiang still had a technique up his sleeve that he hadn’t used!


This was the skill that One Autumn Leaf had applied to Evil Annihilation today. Right now, it should be off cooldown, but Sun Xiang didn’t rush to use it. If Ye Xiu continued to chase him, One Autumn Leaf could rely on Teleportation to instantly increase the distance once more.

This kite situation wasn’t easy to break. Cloud Piercer and Empty Waves strengthened their assault, but they didn’t close the distance too much. They maintained the possibility of kiting. If Happy switched targets now, they wouldn’t gain anything from that, either..

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