The King's Avatar Chapter 288

Chapter 288 powerful mt

Chapter 288 Powerful MT

Right when Chen Yehui was figuring out how he would use this opportunity to create a movement within the top guilds, he suddenly received a new message: Blue Brook Guilds Christmas thieves were taken away by Lord Grim. It looked as if both sides had formed a team.

What? Blue Brook Guild? Chen Yehui felt that, this time, not only would he take care of Lord Grim, hed also take care of these two enemy guilds as well.

Chen Yehui opened up his friends list and was just about to send messages to the other guilds, when he received several similar messages.

Misty Castle, Herb Garden, 301, Blossom Valley, Howling Heights, Void Walk, Royal Heritage, Parade

Guild names appeared one after the other. It was finally time for Chen Yehui to be stunned.

An attack from all sides? An unwise move? Chen Yehui discovered that he had gotten the target wrong completely. The lone target was his Excellent Dynasty.

New messages continued to arrive, although some were repeats. Not long after, Chen Yehui had figured out how many guilds were working together with Lord Grim.


Not one of the Three Great Guilds was missing and the remaining powerhouses were all participating as well. Many of these guilds had even allied together with Excellent Dynasty to pursue Lord Grim before. But in a sudden turn of events, they immediately switched alliances to ally with Lord Grim for their own interests.

After counting these 12 guilds, Chen Yehui looked again. Among the big guilds, only Samsara hadnt joined.

Samsaras Lonely Drink had been influenced too much by his personal feelings for Lord Grim, which was why he hadnt responded to him. Right now, he was feeling the same as Chen Yehui. He felt a cold chill run down his spine.

They had no strategy left to try and were powerless to stop the opposing guilds. Against an alliance between 12 guilds, how could they stop them?

Sin Citys Christmas thieves quickly flocked behind Lord Grim. The more than ninety players each carried at least one and sometimes more Christmas thieves when they returned.

Half an hour! After only half an hour, Lord Grim had already gathered 415 Christmas thieves, surpassing the number of thieves he had reached after seven hours by himself. At this moment, the number of available Christmas thieves had turned into a shortage.

The 99-player team all headed towards Sin Citys clock tower.

Without any pause, Ye Xiu had Lord Grim begin climbing with the Christmas thieves gathered below him. Except this time, Lord Grim hadnt jumped to the top yet, when many surrounding players began to attack them.

The Christmas thieves turned a blind eye to them and continued to rush beneath the tower to begin climbing.

Because these players werent members of the 99-player team, the Christmas thieves wouldnt switch their aggro to them.

The players attacking were players sent by the 12 guilds. Their attacks would do damage to the Christmas thieves, but wouldnt aggro them. Even though they wouldnt gain anything from this, as experts trained by the guilds, every guild gave them certain benefits and, in these moments, they had to pay the guild back.

No matter how fiercely they attacked, they wouldnt cause an OT! Because of the Christmas thieves special aggro setup, these attacking players were able to enjoy this advantage.

Under these attacks, the Christmas thieves quickly began to fall and golden presents filled the ground. The 99-player team gazed at the prizes with their mouths watering, but none of them dared to move. While the Christmas thieves were being attacked, the majority of the attacks were from Elementalists, Spellblades and other classes with AoE skills. The entire area underneath the clock tower was in their attack range.

The players in the team could not enter the fields. If they rushed forward, it was very likely that they would fall just like the Christmas thieves, so their only choice was to watch. Once the attacks stopped, they would scramble for the dropped presents littered all around.

Under these attacks, very few thieves were able to climb up and chase after Lord Grim.

Those who were able to climb up were obviously struck down by Ye Xiu. After dropping to the ground, their only option was to turn into a corpse. Who knew how much more efficient this was than just Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng attacking. After only a short moment, the grounds beneath the clock tower were scattered with corpses.

This spectacular scene made Blue River somewhat dumbstruck. He suddenly thought of the first time he worked together with Lord Grim in a dungeon.

One Wave Rush! Its One Wave Rush again! Blue River muttered to himself.

It was the same as the One Wave Rush that they had done in Frost Forest, and an important part of the strategy was that Lord Grim was the powerful MT once again. It didnt matter that he had jumped to the clock tower, or whatever. Gathering the aggro of all these monsters was something completely unimaginable for most players.

This time the scene was even more spectacular. But Blue Rivers amazement wasnt as astonishing as it was before at Frost Forest. This was because he knew of Lord Grims identity now.

Ye Qiu. What such a revered God could do was something that they could never imagine.

There werent many Christmas thieves left. The players in the team couldnt resist any longer and began to scramble for the presents. The guilds stopped their attacks as well in order to avoid damaging their friends. The final stretch would have to be done by the players.

Lord Grim also began to descend from the tower with an Aerial Fire.

With a God descending, the players couldnt help but move out of his way.

These team members would have to fight amongst themselves, but for Ye Xiu and his two friends, their gains were fixed. After all, without Ye Xiu, they couldnt do this method and he obviously had the qualifications for special treatment. The guilds had no choice but to agree to his conditions.

415 presents. The setup was that if the presents were split between 13 equal portions, then Ye Xius group would earn one of them. In other words, around 32 presents were given to Ye Xius group to split amongst themselves. The remaining presents would be fought for by the other 96 players. If everyone got an equal amount, then everyone would obtain around 4 presents each.

With the first wave over, the Christmas thieves respawned again. The 99 players immediately began to move again and those responsible for outputting damage sat at the clock tower.

Some players even suggested that Lord Grim shouldnt leave the clock tower. They would just keep bringing him monsters and then have the monsters killed. After Ye Xiu heard this, he naturally shook his head. He wasnt an actual God. If so many monsters came, he would definitely miss a few. How could he control hundreds of monsters in one spot? That was too unimaginable.

The second round was actually even more efficient than the first. The players returning would normally come back with two or three Christmas thieves.

If they had to fight two or three at the same time, it might be a bit difficult for them. But if they were just running with them, then let alone two or three, four or five wouldnt be a problem for them.

As a result, they gathered around four to five hundred Christmas thieves in one round and then killed them and picked up the presents. The entire process took less than thirty minutes.

Everyone was extremely happy. Earning these points and rewards was unbelievably easy! Even better, the players in the 12 guilds were shooting up the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards, while Excellent Dynasty and the other guilds were already slowing down.

Originally, they had no way of competing against Excellent Dynasty. But with Lord Grim, everything changed. Not only on the Level 31-35 Leaderboard, but even on the Guild Leaderboard, the twelve guilds were beginning to catch up to Excellent Dynasty.

Excellent Dynasty and Samsara were painfully bitter.

Right now, it was as if they were picking up scraps off of the floor to eat. They had to wait for Lord Grim and those guilds to eat their fill and then take the few crumbs that had accidentally fallen to the floor to eat.

And these crumbs had to be fought for, too!

After the 12 guilds sent their members for the team and for the damage output, they even had a few left over! These players would run around Sin City, looking for these crumbs, infuriating Excellent Dynasty and Samsara.

If they wouldnt even let up the pressure for those crumbs, was there still justice in this world?
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