The King's Avatar Chapter 366

Chapter 366 waiting for the ambush

Chapter 366 Waiting for the Ambush

The shore of Thousand Waves Lake mostly had amphibians as monsters crawling around. Thousand Creations was currently hunting these monsters. Changing Springs group consisted of a total of five players, just like a standard dungeon party. They were hiding in a small forest along the shore. But no one rushed out after Thundering Light shouted, though.

Lets observe for a bit before we do anything. Changing Spring said.

All five took his advice and crouched down together amongst the trees. Blue River looked around and saw a few brushes on his left rustle slightly, so he lifted his body a tiny bit in order to take a look. He saw a character ID floating up above the brushes and recognized it as one of Herb Gardens elite members.

Herb Gardens over there. Blue River said to the group.

Good. It seems like the other guilds players have arrived. Changing Spring said.

With such a large place, it doesnt seem like its possible to do any large scale preparations! Bound Boat whispered.

Could they be in the water? Thundering Light guessed.

They cant hide in there for very long. Changing Spring said.

In Glory, all characters were born with the ability to swim. However, when they dive into the water, they would only be able to hold their breath for so long. If they continued to stay underwater after running out of air, they would eventually drown themselves. How long they could stay underwater depended on the characters Stamina. However, no matter the case, it wasnt possible to stay underwater forever, so it would be very easy to tell whether or not there was an ambush waiting in the water. Thousand Waves Lake had numerous ripples along its body of water, but there were no signs of any heads popping out.

What do you think? Changing Spring spoke in the channel.

This was said in the team channel, where each party that was inside was from a different guild. Each guild had sent out around five players and all of them were amongst the top hundred, highest-level players in the tenth server. As for guilds without these high-level players, they werent interested in participating in the interference of Guild Happy at this time.

We havent found anything. Herb Garden replied.

Nothing here. Tyrannical Ambition followed.




The several guilds were each at different positions, encircling Thousand Creation. Everyone was looking around for anything suspicious, but they didnt find anything.

Could Guild Happy not have made any arrangements? Someone said.

If it were me, this is a very bad spot to make any arrangements! What level are their guild members? If they were to come here, let alone be able to PK, the monsters alone would make it difficult for them. Another player said.

This was very logical. Thousand Waves Lake had Level 40-43 monsters, while the majority of players in Guild Happy were still in Level 30 range. Even with the newly added, higher-level players, they were still at an average of Level 36 or 37. Werent the only ones who could level here be their players? Aside from them, all other tenth server players would be underleveled here.

Seems like we were overly worried. Herb Gardens Arisaema concluded.

D*mnit! Jiang You couldnt help but curse. If they had known that the other side hadnt made any preparations, they wouldnt have needed so many people. It was true that Thousand Creations was a top-tier player in the game, but the players that were here wouldnt lose to him. A small party was enough to accomplish this without any casualties, yet they had sent out tens of players to come.

Wait a moment. Changing Spring unexpectedly said.

Lets wait a bit longer. Our movements might have been too quick and perhaps Guild Happy hasnt finished their arrangements, yet. We should wait a bit longer. We might be able to catch them in an ambush while theyre arriving. Blue Brook Guilds Bound Boat explained what Changing Spring meant.

Everyone listened and felt that he was right. They werent worried at all for Guild Happys ambush. In fact, they were more afraid that the other side wouldnt ambush them. Right now, everyone was quiet. They were somewhat impatient, but if they waited and something big happened, their trip wouldnt have been in vain.

As a result, everyone continued to stay silent for a while longer. Thousand Creations was no longer the focus anymore. Their focus was on their surroundings for any signs of movement. More importantly, they conveyed orders to the entire guild to pay attention to Guild Happys movements. In particular, if they saw Lord Grim, Cleansing Mist, Soft Mist or any other elites from Guild Happy, they were to immediately report back.

However, after half an hour, not a single report came back.

Alright, everything should be good now! Arisaema said.

Our opponent is still Ye Qiu. If he noticed something wasnt right, he wouldnt be this slow right? Jiang You said. Even though they didnt feel good about Ye Qiu, they couldnt underestimate Ye Qius ability.

Yeah Changing Spring had no choice but to agree.

Only Blue River was startled. This was because he clearly knew that Ye Qiu had predicted this would happen. But why did it seem like he hadnt made any preparations? He couldnt understand. In his eyes, without any good methods to counter them, he still could have had Thousand Creations go offline temporarily. There was nothing they could do about that. However, nothing was going as he had imagined it would go. He had warned Changing Spring previously, but Changing Spring had clearly regarded Blue Rivers warning as a type of analysis. Changing spring didnt know that this warning had come directly from the target. Blue River didnt know what to do or say. If he explained himself, he would reveal his misdeeds and it would truly be quite awkward!

But this time, they didnt give him any time to stay conflicted. Tyrannical Ambitions Jiang You had run out of patience long ago. Seeing that no one had any new suggestions, he immediately said: Then what are we waiting for? Lets move! Weve already wasted so much time for this little punk. Have those at the respawn point get ready.

After sending out the messages, the guilds began to move. If it was only Thousand Creations as their opponent, there would be nothing they would need to worry about. They could kill him however theyd liked.

The guild players came out from their hiding spots and rushed out. They didnt present themselves as powerful or shout anything out. For something as easy as this, there was no need for it. It would only make them look stupid.

The long-range Gunners began firing and Thousand Waves Lakes silence was broken. The monsters crawling around were immediately alarmed. They didnt need to be concerned about them, though. The only thing they needed to focus on was Thousand Creations, who reacted very quickly. Hearing the gunshots, he immediately ran and jumped into the lake.

He really is Thousand Creations! Blue Brook Guilds players couldnt help but say after seeing Thousand Creationss quick reactions.

Humph Blue Brook Guilds Lunar Grace immediately humphed in disdain. She was a female player and was disgusted by Thousand Creationss bullying. She knew why the other Blue Brook Guild members commented with a hint of lament. It was because Thousand Creationss nasty hobby had trained him to be very alert. In the Heavenly Domain, there were quite a few players who wanted to kill him as soon as there was any sign of him, so he was very used to people coming to PK. In addition, because of his agreement with Blue Brook Guild, the guild wouldnt help him out of these types of situations, so he was used to dealing with this alone. There were times where he survived and there were times where he died. Though in the end, Thousand Creations had a lot of experience with this sort of situation.

As soon as the offensive began, Thousand Creations didnt hesitate and immediately rushed into Thousand Waves Lake. He had clearly known that there werent any ambushes waiting there.

But the guild players werent worried. Going down was just going down. Everyone could do it. They could just continue chasing. So what? They were all experienced experts, too. The guild leaders were all better than Thousand Creations, too, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Dont let him escape! Jiang You impatiently roared. He was still using the Crowd Lover Elementalist and waved his staff as he chased. A Frost Ball shot out from his staff and chased after Thousand Creations.

The other guild players also used their methods. Those who could attack, attacked while those who had crowd control, used their crowd control. Those who had to close in to attack had to spring faster. Players rushed at him in many different directions. They predicted Thousand Creationss movements and made preparations for where he would go.

Over there. Jiang Yous Frost Ball hadnt connected, but he continued to chase, while directing others to attack.

They were all experienced veterans. They didnt need to hear all the details. They only needed to know the timing. As soon as Jiang Yous words came out, Tyrannical Ambitions four other players split paths. Two players headed straight into the water, while the other two headed towards where Thousand Creations was predicted to go in order to cut him off.

The other guilds had their own thoughts. In only a short moment, half of the players had already gone into the water. The originally rippling surface of Thousand Waves Lake began to spray out splashes, as the players ran into the lake like torpedoes with their target as Thousand Creations, who was swimming frantically.

Long-range people, block him! Jiang You shouted. He was more direct and didnt care about the other guilds hearing. In any case, if there was something that he needed to do, he would order it.

The long-range Gunners didnt dive down in a hurry and instead, fired at Thousand Creations.

This was a maneuver that required experience. In the water, the characters would never be still and would be constantly bobbing up and down. In particular, with so many players jumping in, the waves were large and the bobbing would be more intense. In this situation, aiming accurately was very difficult. As a result, they stayed on shore, where the land was steady and fired happily before doing anything.

As if sensing the threat, Thousand Creations suddenly plunged downwards and his character dove into the water. The others looked and did the same. If not, then when Thousand Creations went down, they wouldnt be able to see where he would be going.

Who knew that at this moment, a huge wave suddenly rose up along with a boom right after. The wave swept up one of the players high up into the air..
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