The King's Avatar Chapter 653

Chapter 653 the limit of limits

Chapter 653: The Limit of Limits

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales
Pu pu!!

These two sounds rang out at practically the same time. Xu Jingxi didnt need to turn around to know what had happened. Cloud Piercers Snipe had elicited a Penetrate effect.

A bloody hole appeared in between the eyes of both Soul Speaker and Swoksaar. This just in the game though. If a real person got hit like that, how could he not die? Of course, if this were real life, it wouldnt just be a hole. A powerful shot like Thunder Snipe would directly cause the head to explode...

To think this would happen!

Xu Jingxi was surprised. He saw Deaths Door end. The black tentacles, which had grabbed Samsaras characters, quickly released their grip and retreated into the door. The rotating door soon disappeared back into the void.

The characters released by the black tentacles were flung away according to their original trajectory. From this, it could be seen that the black tentacles had been swinging about wildly, but even under these circumstances, Zhou Zekai had used Thunder Snipe to hit his target accurately and produced the desired effects.

This was an ace player. Samsaras ace player. The current number one player in all of Glory: Zhou Zekai.

The five Samsara players teched onto the ground and immediately stood up. This wasnt anything difficult for pro players. Following afterwards, Team Samsara began their fierce counterattack. Zhou Zekais Cloud Piercer took the lead. He opened fire as he ran, sending grass fluttering away. The four members of Team Blue Rain were surrounded on all sides. Jiang Botaos Empty Waves pointed his sword and cast an Electric Wave Formation.

The bright ball of electricity caused the surrounding fifteen units of grass to shiver. Even though Electric Wave Formation wasnt as terrifying as Deaths Door, the lightning generated by this skill was much faster than the tentacles. Unless you were outside of the fifteen unit radius, it would be nearly impossible to escape.

Under the suppression of Zhou Zekais Cloud Piercer, how would it be so easy to walk out of range? Even normal attacks had a brief hit stun. Under Zhou Zekais control, his suppression was displayed to the limit. Team Blue Rains characters had difficulty moving. In the end, none of them were able to escape from the range of Electric Wave Formation and were struck by the lightning coming from the ball of electricity.

The most miserable of them was Yu Wenzhous Swoksaar. Zhou Zekai clearly placed more importance on Team Blue Rains captain and gave him special treatment. The majority of his bullets were aimed at Swoksaar. The other three players escaped from the Electric Wave Formation after being struck by lightning once. However, Swoksaar was hit two, three times.

Team Blue Rains players couldnt just stand still and watch their captain get struck by lightning. Yu Fengs and Song Xiaos characters rushed forward together, but they were blocked by Samsaras Wu Qi and Lu Boyuan.

The tides had turned. After Team Blue Rains surprise attack on Samsara, Samsara countered fiercely. Yu Wenzhous Swoksaar was struggling inside the Electric Wave Formation. Even if he didnt die, he would still be severely injured.

The spectators watched nervously. Their minds were completely focused on the characters fighting. At this moment, there was always something that had been neglected, such as the suddenly silent Huang Shaotian!

If he had really disappeared, Troubling Rain wouldnt be called the Sword Saint.

Amidst the intense battle, a shadow suddenly appeared from behind Team Samsara. A blue light arced through the sky. Troubling Rains Silver weapon Ice Rain headed straight for Samsaras Cleric: Laughing Song.

Fang Minghua noticed the attack. Laughing Song leapt away from the blade, but Troubling Rains attacks wouldnt just stop there. Sword light suddenly blossomed from the blade.

Even though Huang Shaotians playstyle was like an Assassins, his character was still a Blade Master.

Blade Masters didnt have the same dirty or insidious sneak attack skills like Assassins did. Every sword move, whether it was fast or slow, light or heavy, all of them were upright and fair.

Clerics had some ability to attack, but they definitely couldnt face Blade Masters in close combat. Once Troubling Rain closed in on him, his health began to drop rapidly. However, as a pro player, Laughing Song may be on the losing side, the player Fang Minghua didnt panic. If a Blade Master closed in on a Cleric, the Cleric would certainly suffer, let alone against Huang Shaotians Blade Master. Fang Minghua continued to calmly dodge and defend his weapon wouldnt reduce much damage when guarding, but it was still better than nothing.

Fang Minghua hung on. Team Samsasra obviously wouldnt just let their Cleric get killed like that.

A gunshot rang. Zhou Zekais Cloud Piercer turned his gun around. He shot at Troubling Rain as he ran towards him.

Huang Shaotian couldnt ignore the attacks of the Great Gunner either. He also didnt think hed be able to kill off the enemy Cleric so easily. Clerics had to be saved, so he expected the enemy would be coming. When he saw the other side come, Huang Shaotian didnt run away and instead faced Zhou Zekais Cloud Piercer directly. He used Immortal Guides the Way to send Laughing Song flying towards Cloud Piercer.

Cloud Piercer immediately reacted by using a Slide Kick to slide under Laughing Song. His two guns never stopped firing as he closed the distance between himself and Troubling Rain.

Cloud Piercer had two guns. The gun in his right hand was called Wildfire and the gun in his left hand was called Shattered Frost. For a Sharpshooter, a dual gun user and a single gun user were played differently. Only using a single gun was easier and more steady. Using two guns was much more difficult because it wasnt as simple as just firing both guns at the same time. The guns needed to be switched. In order to fully utilize both guns, the difficulty was more than twice as difficult as using a single gun. Even pro players couldnt completely maintain such high level of play for the entire duration of the fight. Usually, they would use one gun as their main and support it with their other gun. If you could only use a single gun, then you had no qualifications to be a pro player.

Zhou Zekai displayed the dual gun style to the limit. He was also doing it while using Slide Kick.

Huang Shaotian didnt dare to be negligent. Under his control, Troubling Rain swayed and shadows of him appeared all over the field. In an instant, the camera zoomed out. Everyone counted as the commentator cried out: SEVEN!! A total of seven shadows! Huang Shaotians Shadow Steps produced seven shadows! Correct, its seven. Each and every shadow is perfect and complete too!!!

Huang Shaotian pushed his mechanics to the limit as well to face off against Zhou Zekai, but the astonishment towards his move was more than Zhou Zekais dual gun style. Because previously, Huang Shaotian could only produce six and a half incomplete shadows. However, he had now displayed a complete seven.

Tsk tsk, hes improved again! Ye Xiu sighed as he looked at the screen.

Of course. Hes a first-rate talent that this senior personally discovered. Wei Chen didnt forget to self praise.

What are you so happy for? Hell be our opponent in the future. Ye Xiu said.

You should worry about the younger generation that you guided before saying anything! Wei Chen remarked. He was naturally pointing towards Team Excellent Era. Ye Xiu had been the former captain, so Team Excellent Eras players could be considered the younger generation.

The two old birds sighed. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were amazed. The two of them had experienced these two skills many times before in the Arena. Steamed Bun was a bit puzzled: How could there be so many? I thought three was the maximum? How could there be seven?? Are two people using it? The Blade Masters that Steamed Bun had encountered in the Arena clearly werent experts. The experts amongst normal players could produce four shadows at most. Steamed Bun had come from the tenth server, after all, so his real battle experience was quite low.

This is a real expert! Only an expert can do that! Tang Rou didnt know the complexities behind the move, but hearing the astonishment from the commentator voice, even she could tell that it must be incredibly difficult.

I wonder how many I could do. Steamed Bun said.

Brawlers have a similar skill? Tang Rou asked.

I dont think so. I wonder if I can learn it. It looks so cool. Look how scared that commentator is. Steamed Bun said.

...... Tang Rou.

The fight continued. Huang Shaotians Shadow Steps were at the peak. Seven shadows, difficult to differentiate between which was real and which was fake. In a real battle, if the real couldnt be deduced instantly, there was no time for careful analysis. The purpose of Shadow Steps wasnt to play hide and seek, but to seize any opening to attack.

If they couldnt be differentiated, then attack them all!

After Cloud Piercer slid under, he shot bullets, kicked, performed elbow strikes, all sorts of attacks at the shadows. Sharpshooter skill: Firearm Martial Arts.

These were attacks that a Sharpshooter could use in close combat. Body techniques for direct attacks combined with sudden shooting out of nowhere. It was quite difficult to defend against.

Zhou Zekais usage of the ability didnt need to be said. He instantly attacked five of the shadows.

The shadows from Shadow Steps werent like the clones from Shadow Clone Technique. Clones had real bodies with attack and health. After they took damage or the skill went on cooldown, the clones would disappear, but shadows were virtual bodies without any stats. They couldnt take damage, but they also couldnt deal damage either. They would only disappear after the skill went on cooldown.

Attacking was one way to distinguish shadows though. Zhou Zekais Firearm Martial Arts allowed him to hit five targets at once, not giving his opponent any time to adjust. However, it seemed like all of the five had been shadows. Zhou Zekai immediately turned around and saw that Troubling Rains real body had actually given up on the two targets in front of him. Instead, he had teamed up with Yu Feng on the other side of the field to execute a pincer attack on Samsaras Assassin, Wu Qi.
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