The King's Avatar Chapter 753

Chapter 753 try hard and struggle

Chapter 753: Try Hard and Struggle

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"Old Lin, youre not going to come out and practice?"

Lin Jingyan could hear Ye Qiu calling out his name. In terms of age, Lin Jingyan was actually even older than Ye Xiu. However, in terms of experience with Glory, Lin Jingyan would be considered his junior. This wasnt anything strange. A pro player who joined the Alliance earlier could be younger than a pro player who joined later.

Ye Qius Let There Be Light was turning in circles, clearly trying to search for his whereabouts. Lin Jingyan was neither Lu Hanwen nor Zhao Yuzhe. He ignored Ye Qius challenge. Ye Qiu had Su Mucheng and a bunch of other extraordinarily skilled experts on his side. Leaping out to meet the challenge was simply suicide. In terms of individual strength, Lin Jingyans side was weaker. But in terms of overall strength, Tyrannical Ambition was stronger. Restrain the few outstanding individuals and utilize their greater overall strength to win. Zhang Xinjies strategy was very logical. Lin Jingyan wouldnt run out and duel anyone. This wasnt a pro match anyways.

After playing alongside a master at playing dirty for several years, Lin Jingyan couldnt help but pick up some of his teammates strengths. At this moment, his Brawler played exceptionally dirty. He threw a brick to the left and a gas can to the right. He never threw a projectile from the front, allowing him to restrain his sides opponents as much as possible, while bringing out their troops greater overall strength.

Ye Xiu continued to lead his team in battle. He clearly understood that Lin Jingyan was much more difficult to deal with in a large-scale battle than Zhao Yuzhe or Lu Hanwen. It seemed like today was revenge for allying with Xiao Shiqin to bully Zhang Xinjie. Two veterans had joined together to clash against him. Already possessing superior troops, these two veterans steadily controlled the situation. Even though Ye Xius side hadnt yet retreated in defeat, in this stalemate, Tyrannical Ambition had already gained enough time. A system announcement soon followed. The wild boss had fallen. Tyrannical Ambition had killed the boss.

Ye Xiu still hadnt pinpointed Lin Jinyan yet. Lin Jingyan didnt take the initiative to greet him either. After taking down the boss, he disappeared silently along with Tyrannical Ambition.

It was a very oppressive battle. Everyone was feeling a bit sullen. This battle made them feel powerless. If the two sides clashed in a head-on fight, Ye Xius side might even have a slight upper hand, but what did that matter? Their goal was the boss. Now that Tyrannical Ambition had killed the boss, the four guild alliance was only left with injuries and casualties. This battle could be considered as an overwhelming victory by Tyrannical Ambition.

With Lin Jingyan now helping Zhang Xinjie, Tyrannical Ambition took down the next two bosses as well. Afterwards, it was about time for Zhang Xinjie to go to bed. Would Lin Jingyan stay? No one knew the answer because Ye Xiu still didnt know which character Lin Jingyan was playing on. Lin Jingyan didnt use a character with powerful equipment. He simply used a very ordinary Brawler character from Tyrannical Ambition. After playing together with the master at playing dirty, not only did Lin Jingyan pick up how to play dirty, even his decision-making had been affected.

Ye Xiu was only able to confirm that Lin Jingyan was not online when the next boss spawned.

In the end, Ye Xius side took this boss. When they split the drops, Ye Xiu also gave them some good news and some bad news.

"The good news is that it looks like Liln Jingyan wont be staying up all night to continue competing with us."

"The bad news is that it looks like both Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan will be teaming up to contend against us. Beating Tyrannical Ambition will be more difficult now. Im sure you guys already know what Im talking about from the previous three boss fights, right?"

"Then what do we do?" Loulan Slash asked.

Ye Xiu called out the other three guild leaders, Yue Ziqin, White Stream, and Martial Awareness: "I say why arent there any pro players from your teams helping us out?"

The three guild leaders refuted in unison: "That isnt something we can do anything about!"

Indeed. No pro player had a clause in their contract, requiring them to work in a situation like this. Let alone the guild leader, even the Club had no grounds to order their pro players to help the guild. It was either the pro player helped out on his own volition or someone like the guild leader played the sympathy card to ask for help.

Asking someone to help for one or two battles was doable, but asking someone to put in all of his time and effort, working from morning to night, like Zhang Xinjie wasnt. And with the current pro scenes common practices, very few were willing to contribute. Whats more, it was currently the summer transfer window for pro players. The season hadnt started yet. If they laboured away their summer, obtaining materials and strengthening the team, what if they were traded away to another team? Didnt that just mean they worked all summer for nothing?

The Alliances original common practices disappeared as the Alliance rapidly developed. Back then, many pro players would contend against each other in the game during the summer. That custom would probably never appear again.

It seemed as if Ye Xiu pointed out those three guild leaders to complain about their pro players not working hard, but he was also complaining about how the entire Alliance had changed. Everyone had become more practical, whether it was the teams or the player. The emotional attachment felt by Ye Xiu and other old players towards their original teams was difficult to find in a rookie nowadays. Sun Xiang and Tang Hao, these two recent outstanding rookies, changed teams after just a year or two since their rise. They left their original team to a team with more potential just like that.

It wasnt just the players changing. It was the entire scene. Clubs, teams, and players were just a part of the picture.

Ye Xiu thought about the past. In the beginning, Excellent Era hadnt been so crazy about pursuing commercialization. Tao Xuan had originally considered victory as the greatest joy too. However, Tao Xuan was more involved in the scene. As the scene changed, he adapted, adjusted, and changed too.

Ye Xiu kept his love for the game. He thought of victory as the greatest glory and always strived to win. In fact, this was the reason behind Glory's name. The company spread the message that everything in the game was for glory. Perhaps this was just a form of marketing. But there were people who truly believed the message and worked hard to fulfill it. A dream should have no distinction between being noble or being lowly. For these people, their dream was to be the best at this game and gain whatever they believed to be as glory.

Ever since Ye Xiu walked this path, his dream had never changed.

He recalled his two friends, who once held that same dream. One lost everything before he could even step onto the path towards his dream. The other had once obtained everything along the way, but eventually went to pursue other goals. Now only Ye Xiu remained. Only he had never strayed from his path: his dream was Glory and nothing more.

Nowadays, numerous pro players may look down at these dreams, but they were also striving for their own dreams and their own glory.

Tonight, the system seemed to favor Ye Xius side. A total of eight bosses spawned. Everyone ran around busily. In the end, they were able to take down six of the eight bosses. The two that they failed to get were because their information didnt arrive fast enough. In the end, other guilds took it away. Wei Chens contribution towards these six bosses wasnt small. He cleverly manipulated Samsaras second elite group. The trick that he liked to use was help their first elite group until only Ye Xius side became their only opponent.

How could the first elite group compare with Ye Xiu and the four guild alliance? The first elite group suffered defeat in every battle. In the end, they could only feel ashamed in front of their second group leader, Wei Chen. In their eyes, the second group leader beautifully completed their task every time, but their first elite group could never seize the opportunity.

Wei Chen consoled them every time with words like "Its okay. Dont think about it." or "Our opponent is Ye Qiu. Its already impressive that we could get this far." His fake somberness made everyone in Happy want to throw up.

Samsara really lost out big this time. Not only were they being manipulated in the dark, the first and second elite group were on the verge of fighting with each other. Who cares if your first group leader was ashamed. The first group always failed to complete their task. How could the second group, who always completed their task beautifully, not have any objections? All groups within the guild competed with each other, whether that was the first elite group or the second elite group. In the second groups perspective, the first group was too stupid. Next time, the first group should be the ones to assist the second group, while the second group snatched the boss.

Wei Chen always stepped in to resolve the dispute. This was because his current work was putting his role as a spy to perfect use. As a result, in the second groups eyes, Wei Chen knew what was right for the guild and was adept at tactics. In the first groups eyes, Wei Chen

was someone of noble character and unquestionable integrity.

"I feel like with me uniting Samsara, its only a matter of time before I become their ruler. What should I do if Samsara one day recognizes my talent and actually assigns me as their guild leader?" Wei Chen was in a good mood after playing the entire night. In the morning, Zhang Xinjie logged on. Everyone decisively logged off. When they went to eat breakfast together, he boasted shamelessly.

"You need me to tell you? Empty out their guild storage and then beat it." Ye Xiu said.

"F*ck, thats too far. Wont Samsara call the police?" Wei Chen said.

"You brute, you were actually thinking of doing it?" Ye Xiu said.

"If I havent been discovered, who knows!" Wei Chen said.

"Then youd better work hard. Maybe youll actually get the opportunity to be Samsaras guild leader. If you can actually get their guild storage, we wont need to worry about anything anymore." Ye Xiu said.

"Your way of thinking isnt correct. Havent you ever heard of the saying "Sit idle and eat. In time, even a mountain can be nibbled away." Its only by understanding this concept can you firmly grasp their entire fortune." Wei Chen lectured Ye Xiu.

"Im done eating. Im going to go to bed." Ye Xiu got up.

"B*stard! Im not done talking yet! You degenerate! Youve already got a huge apartment all to yourself, but you go to the girls rooms everyday. What evil thoughts could you be harboring? Im not a picky person, but Sister Su, if I were you, I definitely wouldnt be able to bear it." Wei Chen said as he turned towards Su Mucheng.

"I just want to walk less and save some time." Ye Xiu said.

"Listen youngster, exercise is vital to being healthy!" Wei Chen said.

"Old people are always so long-winded." Ye Xiu shook his head and sighed. He went upstairs to rest.
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