The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 575

Chapter 575 Mission Reward Plan Preparations

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A series of notifications popped up on Han Xiao’s interface.


[Planet Aquamarine’s Crisis] has been completed!

You have received 620,000 Experience.

+2 Garton Star System Renown

+1,500 Planet Aquamarine: Six Nations Faction Favorability

[Assassination Target] has been completed!

You have received 12,100,000 Experience.

+30 Garton Star System Renown

+1,000 Godora Faction Favorability

You have received 1 Legendary Point.


Both tasks were completed in one go. Han Xiao glanced at the notifications. His renown in the Garton Star System had not been low to start with. When the news spreads, there would still be an additional increase in renown. After this battle, his renown would probably take another step forward and attain the tier of [Famous Far and Wide], allowing him to join the list of notable characters in the star system.

He even got a new Legendary Point.


Star System Legendary Point (Garton Star System): Battling against Three Calamities—You were besieged by three Grade A Supers, facing them alone, but you were not defeated in the end. This proves your strength! This is a legendary deed, enough to make anyone who hears of this feel surprised and intrigued. Those who know you will recognize your ability, and your deeds will be sung throughout the galaxy!


The Legendary Point of a Star System had wider coverage than Planetary Legendary Points. This would help to increase his rewards. While the Planetary Legendary Point gave an increase of five percent in rewards, the Star System Legendary Point gave twelve percent. This was also Han Xiao’s first Legendary Point of the Star System.

Other than the mission reward, the NPC template was updated with a new dungeon along with a title.

[Warfare: Defense of Planet Aquamarine]

What an unexpected joy. Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled.

Only the more sensational battles would result in the generation of a dungeon copy. A similar one to this dungeon would be the [Warfare: Power of the Dragon Emperor]. This meant that his battle had reached the level that was deemed worthy of being saved as a copy.

The rewards were easily dealt with. At this point, the Godoran spaceships slowly landed from the sky, and the commander brought a whole bunch of subordinates down as he briskly walked over.

“DarkStar installed a space disruptor. We’re late because of that and allowed them to escape. How’s the situation here?”

As he spoke, the gaze of the fleet commander slowly drifted toward the crater blasted by the main cannon. His heart sank as he thought that the mission had failed, and Planet Aquamarine had suffered from irreparable damage.

“The enemy did not succeed…” Nagakin briefly summarized the happenings, including the actions of Han Xiao. He heavily emphasized the fight between Han Xiao and DarkStar.

As he listened, the Godoran commander, alongside with his subordinates, changed the way they looked at Han Xiao. The disbelief in their faces was clear to see.

To resist three Calamity Grades, and even be able to tank the mothership main cannon blast, this was too overpowered. Just by looking at the surrounding battle scars, the Godorans could tell how intense the battle had been.

The upper echelons of Godora were still anxiously awaiting the results. They did not care about Planet Aquamarine, but they did care about Han Xiao’s safety. As long as Han Xiao remained alive, their intelligence transaction could continue.

When they received the news that three high-level combatants from DarkStar had been sent out, the upper echelons had felt their hearts grow cold, thinking that Black Star had been caught stealing information and thus had been wiped. However, the report from Nagakin surprised them.

To think that Black Star could actually go against three without being defeated! One had to know that he was not facing off against weaklings but rather Calamity Grade Supers! As for tanking the main cannon, such a level of strength caused even the knowledgeable Godoran superiors to be shocked.

The performance of Black Star was enough to rank him as a first-rate combatant!

Because the Sanctuary and the Six Nations had been damaged to varying degrees, people were organized to deal with it. Since the Godorans had arrived and needed camp for a while in case DarkStar decided to make a return trip, they pitched in to help clear up the wreckage.

There were ruined structures everywhere, and flames and smoke still lingered. Many of the wounded were still being dug out by the guards from the ruins, screaming miserably. There were also people who were weeping at the loss of their family. It was a scene of tragedy. Although DarkStar had been repelled, they had caused countless deaths, and the wounds would forever remain in the survivors’ hearts.

Fortunately, many of the surviving residents did not have time to be sad, instead taking the initiative to join the disaster relief effort, contributing their strength.

Han Xiao took a short rest before walking in the direction of the base. Along the way, the participants of the disaster relief effort rushed about, brushing past him to save people. While no one stopped in front of him, all of them would nod toward Han Xiao as a sign of respect, their expressions carrying a hard-to-express gratitude.

After entering the base, Hila came over and looked him over once. She paused for a while before asking uncertainly, “Are you really not injured?”

“If you’re injured, you can tell me. I can treat you,” Aurora hurriedly added.

“I’ve faced a lot of such incidents.” Han Xiao waved his hands as he boasted with a straight face.

“… Whatever floats your boat.” Hila paused for a while and decided not to say anything more.

“Hehe, Sis was really worried about you just now.” Aurora giggled.

Without waiting for Han Xiao to look over, Hila hurriedly explained, “If you died, then we probably would have died as well.”

Han Xiao rolled his eyes in response and commented, “Being able to help me is better than saying anything.”

Hila had never accepted Han Xiao’s invitation directly, but this time, she did not deny anything. She slowly said, “I’ll practice hard with the Dragon Emperor and become strong as quickly as possible.”

“Me too!” Aurora raised her hand.

At this time, Bennett walked over from the side, his expression one of sorrow.

“The outer areas of the Sanctuary have almost been completely destroyed and can only be rebuilt. The losses of the Six Nations were even greater, with cities being completely reduced to nothing.

They are currently busy with disaster relief efforts, so let me thank you on their behalf for the reinforcements sent. Otherwise, the losses would have expanded even further. It is estimated that a total of twelve million people have been killed on Planet Aquamarine, and the number of injured and crippled might be several times this number.”

“That’s better than expected.” Han Xiao nodded.

DarkStar’s assault had only lasted around ten minutes but had already caused millions to perish. Their efficiency was shocking, and if not for the mercenaries, Nagakin, and the players, the casualties would have been much greater.

As for the Godoran reinforcements, they had actually come very quickly, attributed to the hyperdrive station that Godora had installed early on. If DarkStar was given more time, it would no longer have been a problem of deaths and injuries but rather if there were any living people left.

The destruction of the cities was even more serious, basically becoming scrap, and they all had to be rebuilt.

“Were those attackers from DarkStar?” Bennett asked.

Han Xiao only nodded.

“Abominable…” Bennett’s expression was filled with helplessness and fury. Even if he clearly knew who the enemy was, he had no way to deal with them. He did not even possess the qualifications to talk to them and could only swallow this bitter pill. His eyes were filled with vengeance and hatred.

“Relax. I’ll settle the problem of DarkStar soon. You do not need to worry.” Han Xiao smiled.

Patting the shoulders of Bennett, Han Xiao then moved past several people, walking deep into the base. He only left a dwindling silhouette in the eyes of Hila and the rest.

Those few people seemed to see an illusion where the departing shadow of Han Xiao leaving the planet intersected with his current departing shadow. Before they knew it, this old acquaintance had already grown to the point where they could only look up to him.

Returning to his room, Han Xiao took a bath before putting on a fresh set of clothes. The battle had greatly consumed his stamina, and the moment he relaxed, his stomach growled in hunger. He finished more than twenty high-concentration nutrition bars before he felt some form of stamina returning.

Knock, knock, knock.

Knocking was heard from the door. Herlous stood outside with a group of his officers.

Because the majority of them had gone to support the Six Nations, they had only returned a while ago. Upon hearing of Han Xiao’s battle results, the group was stunned and even thought that their captain had been mistaken for someone. Only after confirming this fact did they then accept it and immediately ran over to find Han Xiao.

The moment the door opened, everyone rushed into the room in an instant.

“I heard that you repelled three Calamity Grades, and even the main cannon could not hurt you!” Herlous had an expression of surprise, looking up and down Han Xiao before speaking in confusion. “When did you become so powerful? Why was I unaware of it?”

“If we have time, we can fight a round. Then you’ll find out.”

“This… better not.” Herlous shuddered out of reflex.

Their previous fight could barely be considered a spar, but now it would just be a one-sided beatdown. Herlous did not indulge in being abused, and it seemed like he could only beat his captain through playing cards.

Han Xiao smiled before turning around to see Sylvia staring at him with sparkling eyes.

“Teacher, I want to learn this!”

“Scram, why the f*ck do you want to learn everything?”

“No… I really want to learn!”

“You can stop thinking about it. That’s something that cannot be learned.”

The little face of Sylvia drooped down as she huffed. “Unfair. Why is it like this?”

On the side, Ginette batted her eyes and licked her lips. “Captain, turns out you were this strong. Should we one day… try it out?”

“You can find Harmon for that. I’m not interested.” Han Xiao’s lips twitched.

As though he had received a cue, Harmon scratched his head, turning over to look at Ginette as he snorted, “You want a fight? I can accompany you anytime.”

“I’m not talking about fighting!” Ginette’s face froze.

The oldest Volga curled his lips as he thought, Bullsh*t, how could that not be considered fighting?

All the officers were babbling on, and only Feidin smiled warmly as he asked, “Black Star, you’re not injured, right?”

“Nothing too serious.” Han Xiao nodded, sweeping his gaze across the room, before asking, “Where’s Aroshia?”

Aroshia did not follow the rest of the officers over to view… ahem, to visit him.

“She overexerted herself and has gone over to the reaction furnace to recharge.”

Han Xiao nodded in understanding. Because Aroshia was an energy body, the energy furnace was her best supply station.

The group of officers rambled on for a while, giving Han Xiao a headache. Thus, he eventually chased them out to help with the disaster relief whilst he stayed in his room to rest.

He did not need to stick his hands into the disaster relief as he had more important things to do.

The battle had resulted in him losing the majority of his machinery. The first task at hand was to rebuild his Mechanical Army, restoring the previous quantity. The second matter was to break through to the Calamity Grade as quickly as possible. He was already at Level 136, with his combat capability close to the great divide of Grade A. Most likely, when he exceeded Level 140, he would enter the realm of Calamity Grades.

The Level 140 Advancement happened to be the next Race Evolution, and this would result in a huge promotion.

It was just nice that his advanced class [Virtual Mechanic] was currently at Level 11, with the upper limit being Level 20. This meant that even if his total level reached 140, there would not be any Class Missions, only a Promotion Mission. Furthermore, he still had a leftover [Mission Completion Card] on hand, which could allow him to undergo his Promotion immediately.

However, while he was only separated from advancing by four levels, every increase in level at this point required a veritable ocean of experience. From Level 136 to Level 140, he required more than three billion experience.

The upper limit of Version 1.0 was Level 60, whereas the limit for Version 2.0 was Level 90. However, the experience required to upgrade would only increase. In the future, the upper limit increase during each version update would gradually decrease as players required more time to upgrade.

At the beginning of the battle, Han Xiao had allocated all his stored experience to upgrade himself. If he wished to obtain another three billion experience points in a short amount of time, he could only turn to the players.

Godora was already quietly preparing for the final battle, while DarkStar was completely unprepared. He had to quickly recover his combat strength in order to obtain the right to participate. After all, [Godora’s Ally] was also a main storyline.

It seems like there’s a need to refresh the batch of knowledge and skills for the players. Since I also have plenty of funds in my account, I can freely choose the professional knowledge for the Pugilist and Esper classes, then copy it and sell it. I just need to change the prices from money to experience. Oh, that’s right. I also have the dungeon copy and can milk it for quite the sum.

Han Xiao had long become accustomed to such methods and conveniently opened the forums, looking at the current situation of the players.

Various posts on the forum came into view. In Planet Aquamarine’s board, most of the posts were basically about him, and the forum had exploded into conversation about his battle. Numerous screenshots and videos taken depicted the historical scene where he took the main cannon head on. The players had exploded in excitement!

The trending posts were all dominated by him once again.

Casually opening a few of those posts, he got goosebumps from seeing himself inside the videos.

All the posts put up by the players could be summarized using the few phrases.

Strong! Fantastic! Earth shaking! Explosive! I’m in love!

For those who had already joined the Black Star Mercenary Group, they were the happiest. Because the stronger their boss was, the more positive an impression people would have of them. In addition, there was still Dragon Emperor Ames on top, and just thinking about it, the future of their faction seemed quite bright.

This event can be considered an opportunity, to allow players to feel that the storyline for Planet Aquamarine has already ended, and it is the time to enter a higher stage, to lead them into the galaxy…

Moreover, according to the needs of Godora and the galaxy’s journalists, what had happened on Planet Aquamarine would be vigorously publicized. If he did not guess incorrectly, there would be many uninvited guests heading over to the planet soon.

Han Xiao’s eyes flashed. This would be a good chance for him to carry out the next phase of his plan!

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