The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Ive Become Black Stars Shape

The three pieces of news were each more sensational than the last. Many galactic reporters were dizzy. Han Xiao smiled. He had achieved his goal.

He had used the DarkStar leader to gain some Faction Contribution Points, used his new combat record to gain reputation, and then made Klent a scapegoat again no, this time, they were really responsible for it.

Looking around at the shocked reporters, Han Xiao nodded with approval.

With these public opinion channels, in less than an hour, the Shock Department should already be coming online.

Han Xiao, Godora, and Purple Crystal finished announcing the news and proceeded with the handover. Han Xiao officially passed the DarkStar leader to the people that Serbia the Fifth had brought along. A chain of notifications popped up on his interface. His Godora Favorability had already reached its maximum and had no space to even grow any more. His relationship with them had been fixed at [Reverence) since a few years back when he received the Golden Gal Badge.

The Favorability with Serbia the Fifth, however, was very close to the upper limit. Han Xiao felt that Serbia the Fifth looked at him with praise, trust, appreciation, and many other positive emotions.

As Han Xiao expected, he received something in terms of Legendary Points as well; however, it was not a new Legendary Point but the upgrade of an old one. The original Star System level (DarkStar Destroyer) had now become Star Cluster level, giving much higher bonuses to all kinds of Mission Reward Quotas.

Mission Reward Quotas had always been very important. This was a function of the NPC Interface that would not use his own Experience. Han Xiao had always been using the quota to give out rewards to the players and later earning those rewards back through various methods.

In Version 2.0, however, Han Xiaos Faction Reward Quota had been too low. At that time, the size of the Black Star Army had yet to reach seven digits, and its territory was also limited to Godoras land.

It was different now. In only three years, the Black Star Army had expanded dozens of times, Han Xiaos Faction Reward Quota had also increased tremendously. If this growth speed continued to the start of Version 3.0, not to mention one million players, he would even be able to afford three million players.

Version 3.0 also happened to be the exploding stage of player count in his previous life.

Han Xiao had always felt that the Reward Quota was an overall evaluation of himself. The stronger he and his faction were, the higher his Reward Quota. It was somewhat like an evaluation to his overall influence.

The handover ceremony was brief. Han Xiao invited Serbia the Fifth into a private room. The two of them left the dock, and the press conference thus came to an end. The galactic reporters were very satisfied with what they got and felt that this trip was more than worth it. The crowd gradually dissipated.

Spiritless, Brock followed the crowd without a destination like a walking corpse.

The DarkStar leader was the last hope of the organization. Seeing that the leader had been captured, Brock knew that it was the end of the organization. He became lost.

The calling to hide for the sake of DarkStars rise was his direction in life, his motivation to work hard. Now, the organization that he had been fighting for had been destroyed, so Brock did not know what he would do in the future. He had lost his purpose.

Maybe the leaders goal should be inherited by me. The hybrid Godorans future shall be my responsibility!

Brocks heart suddenly started burning. He felt like he seemed to have found a new purpose in life.

His numb eyes started to become vibrant, and a firm expression appeared on Brocks face.

Thats right. Im the last DarkStar member. As long as Im still alive, it

Before he fully regained his faith, Herlous happened to be walking toward him and spotted him. He recognized this motivated employee who was praised by the entire army, so he said, Brock, the army is going to promote a batch of trainees. Quickly set up a large test for the training camp. All those who pass will become official members.

Understood! Brocks brain had yet to react, but his body moved out of instinct. He subconsciously stood straight and listened to the order.

After Herlous left, Brock returned from his beautiful dream to the cold reality. His back that only stayed straight for a few seconds bent again, giving off a lifeless vibe from all over his body.

Inheriting DarkStars mission isnt bad, but Godora isnt the same as it was. Theyre under the Black Star Armys protection.

Having thought of that, Brocks ambition and aspirations suddenly disappeared.

Sigh, why revolutionize anymore? Im not tired of living yet Im already Black Stars shape anyway. Might as well just continue my work

Maybe this is all fate.

Brock sighed. He was determined to resign to his fate.

Inside the private guest room, Han Xiao and Serbia the Fifth sat opposite each other.

Your Excellency Black Star, you have really given me a huge surprise. Without its leader, DarkStar is gone forever. The pureblood and hybrid conflict within the nation will be reduced as well.

Serbia the Fifth spoke in a respectful and sincere tone. Han Xiaos position in the Shattered Star Ring was now completely different from before; even he did not want to be too casual.

Han Xiao nodded. I have eliminated a serious problem for you guys, so I have a small request. I hope that during the trial, you guys can support the Purple Crystals people as much as possible. This is a good opportunity to damage Klent politically. Although the secret war has nothing to do with you, I still hope that you can cooperate.

Of course. Thats what we should do! Even if Han Xiao did not request this, Serbia the Fifth would also give Purple Crystal support. After all, Purple Crystal was their boss.

Hmm, I actually have one more important matter. Han Xiao touched his chin. The news of DarkStar being eliminated can somewhat reduce the internal conflict between Godorans, but it wont solve the root of the problem. The conflict between pureblood and hybrid wont be resolved because of this. There will be extremists who inherit DarkStars will in the future.

Serbia the Fifth sighed. I know that, but the sense of superiority born from blood is an illness much more difficult to eradicate than the system. This is a tradition that has been passed on through countless years. So many leaders in history were unable to solve this problem. All they could do was alleviate the symptoms, not cure it.

That might not be the case. Han Xiao smiled faintly. I have a solution that might reduce your bloodline conflict even further. Are you interested?

You have a solution? Serbia the Fifth was skeptical. Of course, Im interested, but this isnt a problem that can be solved easily.

Hehe. So, I made a friend recently. Her name is Rossellin

Han Xiao explained Rossellins experience and abilities. Although he was subtle, Serbia the Fifth understood what Han Xiao meant between the lineshe was suggesting using Rossellins ability to slightly brainwash the Godoran populace and twist their views. Rossellin was an extremely good tool to be used against deep rooted traditions.

Serbia the Fifth opened his mouth wide and looked at Han Xiao with shock, unable to believe how daring his suggestion washe was basically telling the leader of a civilization, I want to brainwash your entire civilization.

As the highest leader, such an outrageous request almost did not require any consideration. Serbia the Fifth was just about to reject it when he suddenly thought of something. He then shut his mouth and started pondering.

Although brainwashing the entire civilization was outrageous and sensitive, it did indeed seem to be able to quickly solve the deeply rooted bloodline conflict. Serbia the Fifth was both tempted and in denial. By regular means, the bloodline conflict might never be eliminated. But with this extreme method, if something went wrong, it would be a huge shock to all Godorans.

If anyone else had made this request, Serbia the Fifth would have rejected them without hesitation. But the person that made this request was Black Star, who he deeply trusted, which was why Serbia the Fifth did not reject immediately and was conflicted.

Thats too risky

Do you not trust me? Han Xiao raised his brows. How about this? We can request the Purple Crystal Civilization to be the private notary, to prevent the possibility of me having any ulterior motives.

But can you ensure that Rossellin wont mess things up on purpose?

From what I know about her, she wont. Han Xiao shook his head.

(Bloodline) was the only Grade S mission in his interface. Initially, he did not have any clue on how to complete it, but now that he had Rossellin, he had a way to complete it that was worth a try despite being controversial.

Discussing the issue with Serbia The Fifth directly was a must. If he brainwashed a Star System Civilization protected by the Peace Treaty, the consequences would be very clear for him. It was not a must for Han Xiao to complete this mission, so he would only carry out this plan if he received official approval. Furthermore, brainwashing openly would be much more efficient than secretly.

Seeing that Serbia the Fifth was still hesitating, Han Xiao added, I know what youre worried about. Despite being the leader of a civilization, youre helping an outsider brainwash your own people. Even though your goal is virtuous, this act is very sensitive, and its against your duty. However, you dont have to make the brainwash compulsory or anything; you can give the Godorans the right to make a choice.

Serbia the Fifth pondered. He was indeed worried about this.

You can directly announce this to all your people. Of course, dont use the word brainwash; make it sound better, such as maybe enhancing the peoples belief of equality and the like. Emphasize on the fact that its to solve the bloodline conflict and reduce the chance of bad things happening.

Then, introduce all kinds of related benefits, such as those who accepted the brainwash will have new privileges, and those who dont will have to pay more taxes. You can also make the bloodline conflict into a new problem, using the public opinion to your advantage and promoting how those who dont dare accept the brainwashing are stubborn and conservative. You can even re-plan the layout of your planets, forcing those who dont accept the brainwash to live together, building a spiritual slum, and so on. Anyway, there are tons of methods. Youre a professional leader, so you should know much more than me.

Han Xiao kept tempting Serbia the Fifth. In his eyes, he just could not reject him. This mans suggestion was too damn good.

Like his many predecessors, if Serbia the Fifth could not solve the bloodline conflict, no one would blame him.

However, he also saw an opportunity. If he accomplished something that his countless predecessors failed to do, his name would go down in history as one of the wisest leaders. It would be an achievement that no one had ever made!

Serbia the Fifth clenched his teeth. Le-Let me go back and consider this. This is too big a matter. I cant make a decision now.

Of course. Han Xiao smiled.

He did not expect to convince Serbia the Fifth this quickly. Even if he lured Serbia the Fifths personal desire out, he would not dare bet the entire civilization on it. He definitely had to gather the other relevant officials to brainstorm. He would not agree to it without thorough consideration.

Sending off the troubled Serbia the Fifth, without resting, Han Xiao headed right to the machinery modification room and started to build.

After slaving for the silver legacy blueprint for so long, I can finally reap the reward!

Having obtained the ability to complete the Class Advancement mission, Han Xiao did not want to delay it any further. It was time for his Class Advancement.

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