The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Planetary Obliteration Grade Weapon And Apostilization

The framework of the semi-finished Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon was two stories tall. Accompanied by the buzzing of electric currents and the clanking of the mechanical parts, it was slowly getting finished.

Dozens of mechanical arms moved and assembled the parts. Two Watcher Instruments took care of the welding, while waves formed by nanorobots flowed around the framework, finishing up the details. Blue Mechanical Force lightning chains connected those machines, building the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon under Han Xiaos control.

Han Xiao stood below the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon, continuously adjusting the details and carefully building this enormous cannon. In order to build orange-grade equipment, he was fully focused. He had activated Reynolds Character Summon Card long ago and received the Perfect Mechanical Sense bonuses.

The effects of [Perfect Mechanical Sense) were apparent. The strength, control, and range of his Mechanical Force all increased tremendously. He became more sensitive to his Mechanical Force and controlled them as smoothly and accurately like an extra limb. Through this, he also gained a deeper understanding of the Perfect Mechanical Sense talent.

Other than these numerical bonuses, Perfect Mechanical Sense had another hidden effect, as written in the remarks, In your senses, every machine is a world of ecological balance.

The term Mechanical Sense did not just mean understanding of machines but close to a new sense, refreshing his knowledge of machines. As if the machines were no longer just objects, when his Mechanical Force flowed through the mechanical structures, he could almost feel a lively sense of touch like he was running his fingers down the body of a beautiful woman. Han Xiaos senses to the machines were enlarged countless times, allowing him to easily notice tiny details that he had not been able to notice before.

This hidden effect was the cause of the bonuses this talent gave, and the players who just waited for progress bars to fill up were unable to feel this.

No wonder anyone who had this talent was a Mechanic genius; the Perfect Mechanical Sense was so pleasurable

Han Xiao wanted it so badly.

Be it building machines or combat, [Perfect Mechanical Sense) had a huge effect; it was a god tier talent for the Mechanic class.

Sadly, he could only temporarily enjoy the effects of the (Perfect Mechanical Sense) through the Character Summon Card.

I have to find a way to get Reynolds talent in the future.

Han Xiao took a deep breath and focused his mind back on building.

Under the bonuses of Perfect Mechanical Sense, the process was very smooth. He successfully built it in less than a day.

Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon, legacy orange equipment, as powerful as Planetary Obliteration Cannon-this was currently the highest grade machine that Han Xiao had and the most powerful.

The two-story-tall enormous cannon retracted part by part and folded into a compressed orb with a blue and white appearance. Under the Mechanical Force, it floated above Han Xiaos


Han Xiao held onto the compressed orb, and the item details popped up on his interface.

Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon (Legacy)

Grade: Orange/Silver

Type: Planetary Obliteration Grade Annihilation Weapon

Requirements: Lv180, Mechanic Class, >25,000 Energy, >2,500 INT.

Basic Attributes:

Attack: 14,500 48,300

Armor Value: 26,000/26,000

Energy: 15,000/15,000

Power Output: 12,170

Energy Furnace Forced Cooldown: 360 seconds

Power Output: Minimum power output consumption: 3,000 energy per attack. Maximum power output consumption: 12,000 energy per attack.

Energy Source: Psionic Reaction Furnace, recovers energy at 25/s.

Additional Ability: Extreme Frost-Deals 50% extra Frost Damage.

Additional Ability: Psionic Frost-Turns psionic energy into ice energy. High chance of freezing the target. Core Impact Area Frozen Effect Trigger Rate: 80%. Other Impact Area Frozen Effect Trigger Rate: 60%.

Additional Ability: Expansion Explosion-A second round of explosions will occur after hitting the target, creating an impact wave and mushroom cloud. Damage: 75% of the first round. +350% Damage Range.

Additional Ability: Reaction Furnace Ray-The attack mode can be changed to ray form. Depending on the power output, energy cost 60 240/s. Two damage ticks per second. Damage: 8% of the initial attack. The attack direction can be adjusted.

Special Ability: Freezing WindWhen the power output of an attack exceeds 6,000 energy consumption, changes the environment within 50 miles around the target area. The temperature of the area will be reduced to -50 degrees.

Special Ability: Ice Age-When firing at the maximum power output, changes the environment of the area within 200 miles around the target area, freezing this area and turning it into a glacial area. The temperature of the area will be reduced to -100 degrees.

Special Ability: Frozen Star-When the power output of an attack exceeds 6,000 energy consumption and (Reaction Furnace Ray) is used for more than 90 seconds, this effect will be triggered. This will cause chain reactions and bring the surface of a planet into an Ice Age within one month, destroying the lives on the surface.

Remark: The Ice Elementals are overjoyed and are trying to mate with you.

Legacy: According to my investigation, freezing a Fixed Star can indirectly destroy all the civilizations on the planets in its orbit. Peter Flame Extinguisher Drate.

A total of seven Additional Abilities and Special Abilities, certainly fits being orange equipment.

Han Xiao was very satisfied. The destructive power of the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon was extremely strong. Its theoretical damage could even reach the hundred thousands with his Mechanical Force bonuses applied.

Usually, this kind of enormous cannon would be deployed in outer space to attack from above, and it would be difficult to apply Mechanical Force bonuses to it. However, due to his Mechanical Force having the (Void) attribute, he could overcome the distance through the Void Dimension and apply Mechanical Force bonuses to it.

This was Han Xiaos first Planetary Obliteration Grade weapon; it was now his trump card.

He looked at the interface. The Class Advancement mission was now completed.


Han Xiao took a deep breath and initiated the Class Advancement with a solemn expression.

Class Advancement requirements completed!

You have received a new class, (Apostle Mechanic Lv.1).

+240 Energy, +3 STR, +4 DEX, +5 END, +10 INT.

You have received 8 Free Attribute Points.

You have received 1 Potential Point.

The moment the Class Advancement was completed, a huge amount of information appeared in his brain out of nowhere. Han Xiao gained new understandings of machines, and his body started to undergo marvelous changes.

A ton of notifications popped up on the interface.

You have received the talent (Mechanical Force Ascension-Apostle Body]!

You have acquired the ability (Apostle Machinery Affinity)!

You have acquired the ability (Machinery Apostilization)!

The effect of all your Virtual Technology related abilities and talents has increased by 20%

It took Han Xiao quite some time to digest the various abilities that he had gained through the Class Advancement. Feeling the new power flowing in his body, he was delighted.

Finally, Ive reached this milestone.

Apostle Mechanic was a major milestone for high-level Mechanics. As the saying went, the end of technology is the study of God. The reason for such a God-related term, Apostle, was because the path of the Mechanic class was gradually stepping into the study of God territory in the eyes of common people.

The knowledge that he had learned did not change, but the way of using that knowledge had ascended to a completely next level. He would have new understandings and new technology that would seem like acts of God to normal people.

The level limit of (Apostle Mechanic] was thirty, five levels higher than (Truth Mechanic). Usually, the increase in the level limit of the main class also meant the start of a new stage.

Unlike all the Mechanic classes before this, the Apostle Mechanic class allowed one to gather great powers within oneself, making one strong in every respect.

[Apostle Machinery Affinity) was, of course, the core talent passed down through the Mechanic class. Han Xiao immediately leveled it up to the max level. Its effect was +105% Machinery Affinity, a total of 30% more than (Master Machinery Affinity)

The talent (Mechanical Force AscensionApostle Body) and the ability (Machinery Apostilization) were set abilities.

[Machinery Apostilization] allowed him to absorb the energy of machines through the Mechanical Force link instead of the other way round, increasing his own attributes and giving him bonuses.

From the beginning, machines had just been external objects, but Apostilization turned the power of these external objects into his own power. Like Mages receiving bonuses by praying to their Gods, machines were Mechanics God. Through becoming an apostle of the machines, he would receive the gifts of these machines.

The actual effect was easy to understand. For example, if he used Apostilization on one mechanical suit, the energy of this mechanical suit would be turned into his own energy through the Mechanical Force link, increasing his Energy Rank; giving him dozens points of Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity bonuses as well as a part of the mechanical suits bonus effects.

At the same time, by using the mechanical suits energy furnace, he would be able to use the abilities of the mechanical suit without wearing it.

Any machinery could be Apostilized, and different machines would provide different bonuses. Apostilization would also put a burden on the machines, depending on each machines level.

(Mechanical Force Ascension-Apostle Body] was an ability that worked together with this. It would turn his body into an Apostle Body through Mechanical Force so that he could use the energy of the machines. This was the prerequisite for [Machinery Apostilization) to take effect.

At the same time, this talent determined the number of Apostilized machines that his body could endure. The Judgment depended on the total of Intelligence and Endurance. The burden that a machine could bear depended on its Power Level. The stronger the machine, the higher the burden it would be able to bear.

For every Apostilized machine, the health point limit would decrease temporarily by 2,500, which would be lifted once the Apostilization ended.

These two abilities were the signature abilities of an Apostle Mechanic. Allowing one to control stronger powers through sharing the energy of the machines. The players in Han Xiaos previous life did some research, and they believed that the ability to gather external powers into oneself was one of the prerequisites of stepping toward Beyond Grade A.

The other four classes would also gain similar abilities at this stage, as if they were starting to evolve into a higher level being. The players believed that this was proof that Beyond Grade As were new, high-level beings.

To the players, the appearance of Apostilization was very simple; it was basically similar to putting machines into their inventory to receive the bonuses. Han Xiao, however, had real senses, so he had no idea how it would feel.

True knowledge was gained from experimenting. Han Xiao decided to directly test the effects of Apostilization. He held the compressed orb of the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon in his hands, and Mechanical Force lightning shrouded and entered the compressed orb, activating Apostilization.

The next moment, Han Xiaos expression slightly changed. The Mechanical Force seemed to have become straws that absorbed the energy of the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon. An enormous wave of violent psionic energy entered his body through the Mechanical Force link!

Originally, he could only control the energy generated by his cells. Now, the psionic energy had mixed with the Mechanical Force inside his body and become controllable as well.

The compressed orb was buzzing and vibrating. The surface of the orb was filled with blue energy circuits.

You have Apostilized [Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon). Your load has increased by 379 points.

Your health point limit has decreased by 2,500 temporarily.

+78 STR, +43 DEX, +35 END.

You can now release energy attacks from your body or consume the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannons energy to recover your own energy.

You have received an Additional Ability. Your attacks will enjoy the bonuses of (Extreme Frost), dealing 50% extra Frost Damage.

You have received an Additional Ability. Your attacks will enjoy the bonuses of (Psionic Frost). You have a chance to freeze the target.

Han Xiao raised and shook his other hand. A blue lump of psionic energy appeared on his palm.

With just a thought, the attribute of this lump of psionic energy started to change and turned into a blue and white frost energy lump. He raised his hand and launched it. A white beam of light landed on the weapon testing alloy wall not far away.


The moment it hit, the white light expanded and turned the alloy wall into frozen pieces scattered on the ground in an instant.

Han Xiao looked at the interface. His own energy had close to no loss, and the energy of the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon decreased by a bar.

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled, and he got quite a few new ideas.

By using Apostilization together with his various abilities, it might have surprising effects.

For example, he could absorb the machinerys energy to recover his own energy, which meant that he did not have to get damaged to recover health.

Or he could use his Mechanical Force to connect with the machines from far away, so he could use Apostilization remotely without having to summon his machines.

Its a very powerful ability. It helps with the Mechanics flaw of having a very weak body.

Han Xiao was delighted. His body was already extremely strong, but this ability was still a huge enhancement!



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