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  • The Legendary System Dominates The World

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The Legendary System Dominates The World summary:

Occasionally obtaining a legend system can turn various legends in the world into reality!“In the Tianchi Tianchi, a five-clawed dragon was born, and the dragon came out of the shoal and went straight into the nine days!”“In the depths of Shennongjia, a fire phoenix was born, and the sky was full of fire, burning the sky!”“Amidst the forbidden area of Wudang Houshan, the ruins of Zhang Sanfeng’s Daochang are now alive, allowing Wu Dao to reappear in the world, and legends become reality!”What will happen to the world after the legends become reality?- Description from soxs

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The Legendary System Dominates The World Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1300:4 weeks ago
Chapter 969: Gift5 months ago
Chapter 936: Damn5 months ago
Chapter 872: Test5 months ago
Chapter 840: Scam5 months ago
Chapter 809: Foe5 months ago
Chapter 778: Fear5 months ago
Chapter 670: Whip5 months ago
Chapter 668: Draw5 months ago
Chapter 652: Duo5 months ago
Chapter 650: Era5 months ago
Chapter 645: Fool5 months ago
Chapter 639: Bait5 months ago
Chapter 636: Meet5 months ago
Chapter 627: Plan5 months ago
Chapter 608: War5 months ago
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