The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 188

Chapter 188 The Two Of You Look Great Standing Next To Each Other

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Maybe it was the nurse who misunderstood.


Han Zhuoli still did not know that Lu Man had unexpectedly attracted another person. Right now, he was merrily and happily moving Xia Qingweis luggage into her home.

He had just started dating Lu Man, yet he could already go to Lu Mans house. Look at his progress!

If it were someone else, they definitely wouldnt be like him, who had made Xia Qingwei so pleased with him!

Therefore, Han Zhuoli was even more driven and motivated.

"Ill head to the market to buy some vegetables. When Im back, Ill personally cook some dishes for Xiao Han," Xia Qingwei said, grinning and chuckling.

Her condition was much better now. Her body felt light and comfortable, unlike her pallid face and frail body in the past.

Also, Lu Man was freed from the clutches of the Lu Family. Today, she had officially moved back to live with her.

From now on, she could watch over Lu Man. That was better than anything else.

Xia Qingwei had never been happier before.

"Mom, you just got back, you should rest a bit. Ill go instead." Lu Man boiled some water and found some tea leaves from the kitchen cabinet. "Havent you already written down all the ingredients? Ill take the list and buy them."

"Thats fine, too." Seeing that Han Zhuoli looked extremely eager to spend some alone time with Lu Man, Xia Qingwei left to find the list.

In the meantime, after the water was boiled Lu Man prepared some tea and served it to Xia Qingwei and Han Zhuoli.

After Xia Qingwei found the list, she passed it to Lu Man.

"Ill go with you." Han Zhuoli grabbed his coat hanging on the rack on the door and headed out with Lu Man.

Everyone in the vicinity seemed to know Lu Man. All of them greeted her when they met and then looked at Han Zhuoli curiously.

Without waiting for the other party to ask, Han Zhuoli took the initiative and introduced himself. "Nice to meet you, Im Lu Mans boyfriend."

"Lu Man really has good taste. The two of you look great standing next to each other."

Han Zhuoli held onto the other persons hand happily and shook it, "Auntie, you have great taste."

The auntie, ""

She suddenly thought, "What if in the future they break up and I cant compliment them?"

Along the way, Han Zhuoli said blissfully, "All of your neighbors have great taste. They know that we two suit each other."

Lu Man: ""

They were just polite words and not to be taken seriously.

After a while, the two of them returned from the market and all the groceries were carried by Han Zhuoli alone.

"Mom, take a seat and rest. Leave lunch to me today," Lu Man said.

Compared to his mother-in-laws cooking, Han Zhuoli was more eager to eat Lu Mans. He hurriedly said, "Thats right, Mom. There will still be plenty of opportunities in the future. Just rest today. Ill come by again next week, you can cook for me then."

By now, Xia Qingwei was a bit numb by Han Zhuoli calling her "Mom" all this time. There were many times when she really felt that Han Zhuoli had truly become her son-in-law.

No wonder the nurses at the hospital all thought that Han Zhuoli was really Xia Qingweis son-in-law.

Xia Qingwei smiled and hummed in agreement. Then, Lu Man headed to the kitchen with Han Zhuoli following closely behind.

"Why did you come in here for?" Lu Man realized that Han Zhuoli was a little clingy.

"Im here to help." Han Zhuoli scanned across the vegetables laid all over the table. "If theres anything that needs to be diced or chopped up, just leave them all to me."

"You know how to?" Lu Man was highly suspicious.

Her gaze fell on to his long, slender and bony fingers. She felt that a pair of hands like that had probably never even touched a kitchen knife before.

"You can just teach me." Han Zhuoli picked a handful of vegetables. Looking at the big, green leaves, he completely could not recognize what it was.

"Well then, pluck this out stalk by stalk and then rinse them," Lu Man pointed at the vegetable in his hand.

Han Zhuoli nodded. He walked across her and headed to the side to wash the vegetables.

While Lu Man was cooking, she quickly stole a glance at him and felt that his movements seemed like he was massaging the vegetables.

Suddenly, a little bit of envy towards those vegetables in his hands sparked within her.

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