The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 268

Chapter 268 You Are Lu Qi?

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Lu Man hurriedly covered her phone, scared that Tang Zi would hear, and when she turned her head around, she saw Han Zhuoli smiling brightly; his smile would make people fall into his trap with a desire to kiss him.

This man was so handsome, it was scary!

Scared that she could not resist it anymore, Lu Man hurriedly said goodbye to Tang Zi.

Just as she hung up the phone, the phone was instantly snatched away by Han Zhuoli.

His elegant hands were like that of an artists which were supposed to hold a pen or play the piano or paint; however, at this moment, his hands were cupping Lu Mans face as he kissed her lips passionately.

Pressing his lips against her soft lips, he sighed. "I had already decided to respect your choice, but I still feel a bit regretful because I wont be able to see you for quite a long time."

Lu Man just realized that after they became a couple, they had never been away from each other for so long.

Ever since they became a couple, she was already working in Han Corporation and although she would start work early in the morning and leave late at night, not a single day had passed where had not met him.

But now, she would be joining the film crew and would be far away in a small city in South Yunnan.

While Han Zhuoli needed to work in B City, and although she just needed to film the third female leads parts, it would still take roughly a months time.

As she thought about not seeing him for so long, even before she reached the location Lu Man started feeling dejected as she could not bear to part with him.

She hugged Han Zhuoli tightly. "Ill miss you."

Han Zhuoli bit on her lips, but did not dare to use too much force as she still had to film and thus did not leave any marks.

"You can try not missing me, if you dare," Han Zhuoli said hoarsely.

Lu Man could not help but curl her lips up and smile. "Ill definitely act seriously with dedication in order to improve skills, that way, I can finish my parts faster and come back to see you."

"Alright, Ill wait for you."


In a small city in South Yunnan, at theGreedy Wolf Operationfilm location.

Lu Qi reached an hour earlier than the scheduled time that Lu Man was originally supposed to reach.

Actually, she could have reached even earlier but the road to the small city was not good, and the transport was not very convenient and with no one to lead the way, just finding where the film crew located at already took a very long time.

By the time she reached the filming location, the sky has already started to darken.

Lu Qis luggage was all carried and pulled by her newly hired assistant, while she was walking leisurely and empty-handed. All along the way, she kept shouting how tired she was, "What kind of sh*tty place is this!"

"Sister Qi, just endure it for a bit more. As they needed a location that does not have many tourists and locals but still has a natural scenery, they could only choose this remote small city that is out of nowhere," the new assistant Lu Qiyuan had hired for her, Xiao Yuan, said.

"Shut up! How could I not know this, do I need you to teach this to me?" Lu Qis face was black as she scolded.

"Yes, I was too big-mouthed." Xiao Yuan lowered her head, feeling wronged, her eyes a bit wet.

She really regretted becoming Lu Qis assistant, if she had known earlier that Lu Qi had such a personality, she definitely would not have taken up the job.

Not only was the pay low, but she was also constantly berated inhumanely and not respected at all.

After this month, she would just take the salary and leave.

Lu Qis face was full of disdain as she continued walking, but suddenly she was stopped by some film crew members. "We are filming here, if you are a fan, please wait for a while."

"What are your eyes for? You dont recognize me?" Lu Qi removed her sunglasses.

The crew members frowned and kept looking at her for a long while. Usually, the television shows editing and lighting effects were too good, way different from that of movies.

In reality, Lu Qi was really not as good looking in real life as she was on camera.

After trying to identify her for a long time, a crew member finally recognized her, "Youre Lu Qi?"

Lu Qi happily raised head high. "Youre right, I want to join the film crew, and discuss a few things with Director Sun Yiwu."

The crew member frowned, there were a lot of celebrities who knew that Director Sun Yiwu was filming here and would often come up with a reason, hoping to get a chance to meet Director Sun.

Yet celebrities were not fans, as long as they did not overdo things, they could not be stopped.

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