The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Performance

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Professor Yao was pleased. “Good.”

“Today, our theme is animals . The little monkey is helping the Monkey King pick lice out of his body. Just then, an adult male monkey comes to challenge the Monkey King, wanting to replace him. Zhang Xiaoying, Zhuang Tingting, and Yu Jingxian, you three will give these three roles a try first. Xiaoying, be a good example for your classmates.”

Since Zhang Xiaoying had rich acting experience and had even acted in scenes with many experienced veteran actors, for any new topic, Professor Yao always had Zhang Xiaoying give the class a demonstration first.

Feeling pleased with herself for being the first choice of Professor Yao, Zhang Xiaoying hid her smug smile as she stood up and followed Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian to the center.

Zhang Xiaoying chose to act as the little monkey who was helping the monkey king pick lice. Although Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian wanted to take on that role too, they didn’t dare to fight with Zhang Xiaoying for it.

Eventually, Zhuang Tingting played the monkey king while Yu Jingxian played the challenger.

As Professor Yao watched, he shook his head quietly to himself.

Zhang Xiaoying was way too burdened by her image of being an idol, and completely wasn’t willing to look ugly while acting. Being held down by that, her acting wasn’t outstanding at all, it wasn’t even considered a pass.

“Xiaoying, you are really getting into your role and performing it well. But, you are way too concerned about your image, so there’s no charm to it or even some sort of form to your performance. Playing the little monkey is not just about acting cute.” Professor Yao didn’t say anything else further, afraid that Zhang Xiaoying would be too embarrassed by it in front of her classmates.

“Although there are cute little monkeys, a monkey who knows how to help the monkey king pick out his lice has already passed the stage of acting cute. Moreover, this is a wild monkey, they are more animalistic and feral, they don’t just blink their eyes and act cute just for people to look at them.” Other than pouting her mouth and pretending to pick lice, Zhang Xiaoying only knew to run away in terror, pretend to hind, blinking her eyes, she was still acting cute.

As for Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian, he didn’t even want to speak about it, he couldn’t even look at their performance.

Therefore, Zhang Xiaoying felt even more embarrassed. Lowering her head, she went back to her seat with an unpleasant expression.

She believed to have performed excellently. She didn’t believe that anyone else in the class could act better than her.

Moreover, she had learned and acted under the direction and supervision of many directors before, so she knew her standards very well.

Saying that she was not into the role?

Haha, she won’t be acting as a monkey in the future anyway, what’s the point of getting so into that role!

She wasn’t into it, but does that mean the rest were into it?

Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian were way worse than her!

“Lu Man, come and give it a try,” Professor Yao said, “Zheng Yuanshi, you too.”

Since they were lacking one person, Professor Yao volunteered, “I’ll play the third role and personally demonstrate it to all of you.”

After Lu Man and Zheng Yuanshi walked over, Professor Yao asked, “Which role do you want to enact? You two can pick first.”

Zheng Yuanshi looked sheepishly at Lu Man. She wanted to act as the little monkey, but today was Lu Man’s first day and if she snatched the role for herself, it would give the impression that she was bullying Lu Man.

Even if Lu Man had acted in a movie before, she still didn’t have any proper training. On the other hand, Zheng Yuanshi had undergone six months of training and education after all.

Sensing Zheng Yuan’s internal conflict, Lu Man spoke up, “Which one do you want? You can choose first.”

Zheng Yuanshi hesitated for a short moment, and finally still chose what was best for herself.

“I want to act as the little monkey, but if you want it too, then it’s fine too, I can choose—”

It was just that since she had already told her to choose first, how could Lu Man fight over it?

“Alright, you can play the little monkey,” Lu Man said badly.

Professor Yao didn’t know whether Lu Man behaved like this because she was just a newcomer and did not want to have any confrontation with her classmates, or because she was confident that she could play any role well.

Hence he asked Lu Man, “Which one do you want to choose?”

Lu Man didn’t stand on ceremony either and said, “I want to play the monkey king.”

Professor Yao was surprised. From the look on Lu Man’s face, it seemed that right from the start she had already made up her mind to play the monkey king.

“Alright, then I will act as the challenger,” Professor Yao said.

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