The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Behave As She Usually Does

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Sun Yiwu sighed. “He tried searching for a few actors but unfortunately, all of them rejected him even though they were B-list or C-list actors. All of them gave the excuse of their clashing schedules. Fortunately, he’s pretty good at making friends, and still had some loyal friends, who helped him settle the problem about actors. However, he really couldn’t find a suitable female lead, and thus left with no other choice he was helpless and decided to cast your younger sister.”

“As the female lead?” Lu Man was astonished. She really didn’t expect Lu Qi to bag the female lead role in the movie.

However, giving it a thought, Lu Qi’s current PR plan was quite decent. She was trying to stay as low-profile as she could, almost out of the public eye, making herself invisible.

Previously, the continuous scandals of Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang almost covered up Lu Qi’s scandal. Currently, Lu Qi didn’t appear in the news at all, so that she could make a comeback someday.

Worried that Lu Man would be offended, Sun Yiwu hurriedly explained, “He really truly didn’t have any other choice. The other actresses refused to take on the role. He went from currently popular starlets to C-list female actresses but no one was willing to act other than Lu Qi.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to worry about it,” Lu Man reassured him calmly. She could hear the worry in Sun Yiwu’s words.

“Sigh! But right now he is thoroughly regretting it, he’s continually complaining about her.” Sun Yiwu felt resigned. “Lu Qi is really too unreasonable. Shooting is about to start tomorrow, but she suddenly told her manager to inform the production team that she wanted a pay raise, otherwise, she won’t join the crew.”

“Hehe,” Lu Man snickered. Lu Qi’s behavior really did not deviate from her usual personality.

“My bro, Ji Cheng, really can’t stand such snobby people. Isn’t she clearly blackmailing them? However, he didn’t immediately agree to her demand and instead hurriedly looked for me. He asked me if I have anyone to recommend and I immediately thought of you. I don’t know if… you would be willing to take on the role?” Sun Yiwu asked dubiously. “I know the situation between you and Lu Qi, so it’s fine if you aren’t really comfortable with it, I understand.”

“I’ll take it,” Lu Man agreed right away.

Sun Yiwu was completely stunned. He didn’t expect that Lu Man would agree so readily. “You… I know about the acrimony between you and Lu Qi, won’t it be inconvenient for you to take the role? This is the reason why I hesitated a lot before calling you.”

“You know about the animosity between Lu Qi and me too. Even if I don’t take the role, she will still treat me as her enemy. Of course, I do so too. Therefore, you don’t have to consider the relationship between us,” Lu Man explained. “Besides, I’m indebted to you. You spotted my potential and supported me. If not for you, I wouldn’t have entered this industry. Since you’ve asked, how could I possibly not accept?”

“Oh my, you silly little girl!” Sun Yiwu was so touched by Lu Man’s words that his heart melted. These days, there were hardly any people left who knew to be grateful, especially in the entertainment industry. Most people put benefit over everything else, throwing aside any ounce of gratefulness.

In front of benefit, even if you have helped them before or vice-versa, they won’t hesitate to say that you are not their friend.

These days, friends easily turned into rivals.

However, on his first request itself, Lu Man readily agreed. So, how could Sun Yiwu not be touched?

Even as a famous director who had seen so many actors trying to suck up to him, Lu Man was clearly one-of-a-kind. Lu Man really had a strong backing with Han Zhuoli and honestly didn’t have to care about all these.

“You accepted to take on the role right away? Aren’t you going to ask about the pay or tell how you want to be treated or anything?” Touched by Lu Man’s gratefulness, Sun Yiwu was more considerate of Lu Man and thought from her perspective.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine with anything.” Lu Man didn’t mind much. “Didn’t you say that Director Ji has already put all the money into production?”

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