The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Confidence Is A Good Thing But Narcissism Isnt

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"Excuse me, can I speak to Lu Man in private?" He Zhengbai cast a look of dismissal at Zheng Yuanshi and the other two.

The three of them instinctively looked at Lu Man first.

"Ive got nothing to speak with you," Lu Man said coldly, "In the future, if we meet each other, just pretend that we dont know each other. Dont greet me or talk to me."

After Lu Man spoke, with an arrogant attitude, she hastily left with Zheng Yuanshi and the others.

However, He Zhengbai swiftly held Lu Mans wrist. "Since you dont want to see me, dont come to this school to study either. There are so many universities for you to choose from, but you just had to choose this one, what exactly do you want?"

Has she not given up on him?

Did she come over here especially to fight with Lu Qi?

"Even if you came here to chase after me, I wouldnt get together with you again at all. You should simply just give up already," He Zhengbai said nonchalantly.

Zheng Yuanshi: ""

Pan Xue: ""

Han Leilei: ""

How shameless was he to say something like that?

They really had to re-evaluate their impression of He Zhengbai.

Extremely disgusted and annoyed by his narcissistic attitude, Lu Man had an urge to puke. "He Zhengbai, its good to have some shame, but its such a pity you dont have any. Confidence is a good thing, but narcissism isnt. Even when youre just standing in my field of vision, I already feel like its hurting my eyes. Would I even want to be with you? I already have someone better so why would I even bother with an imbecile like you!"

How conceited he had to be to think she would still like him?

Having a rare treasure like Han Zhouli, her choice had already gotten refined, alright?

Putting other qualities aside, just seeing Han Zhuolis handsome, chiseled face every day made her unable to stand other mens faces.

Already having such a high-quality jade-like Han Zhouli, who would still want someone like He Zhengbai?

Moreover, other than looks, even in every other area, He Zhengbai couldnt compare to Han Zhuoli in any way.

How could He Zhengbai deserve to even say that she liked him?

That was just an insult to Han Zhuoli!

How could someone who has had the taste of Han Zhuoli even fall for someone like He Zhengbai?

How shameless could he get!

Infuriated, Lu Man was seething in a rage about the fact that He Zhengbai had actually unintentionally compared himself to Han Zhuoli.

Hence, Lu Man swiftly lifted her leg and sent a kick at He Zhengbais knee.

"Ah!" Caught off-guard, He Zhengbai moaned pitifully in pain. His knee was now in terrible pain because of Lu Man.

Having being taught this move by Mi Qiansong, it was guaranteed that the other person wouldnt be able to stand at all.

As He Zhengbai felt the searing numbing pain below the knee, he directly collapsed onto the ground, supporting his knee with his hand.

Still furious, Lu Man lifted her bag and was just about to smash it on He Zhengbais face.

People usually tell not to hit another persons face while hitting them, but she didnt care about that at all.

Lu Man kept smashing her bag on He Zhengbais face. As she hit him, she shouted, "Since youre so shameless and dont even want any face, I will smash it for you! He Zhengbai, Ill tell you one more time, in the future, if you ever see me again, cover your face and run away immediately! Otherwise, I will again feel disgusted on seeing you! Dont ever come and talk to me, your voice disgusts me too! Saying that I cant let you go? Yes, I cant let you go. If I let you off, you will still be living a good life."

Zheng Yuanshi: ""

Pan Xue: ""

Han Leilei: ""

Lu Man was way too ferocious!

Just then, Han Zhuofeng ducked his head and ran away, hiding in a corner.

Seeing this scene, Han Zhouli realized that Lu Man was still rather polite with him and it was definitely because of Han Zhuoli too.

He really had to thank Lu Man for being merciful with him.

Taking out his mobile phone, Han Zhuofeng recorded the video of Lu Man smacking He Zhengbai. Then and there, he decided to curry favor by impressing Old Madam Han with his video.

Old Madam Han liked such strong, sturdy women!

Just now, he had seen how Lu Man was being harassed by the conceited He Zhengbai who kept holding onto her hand. He Zhengbai was really crossing a line.

Initially, Han Zhuofeng really wanted to separate the two of them. If Lu Man was in any kind of trouble, he would help out too.

He wasnt accepting Lu Man, he was just doing it for Han Zhuolis sake.

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