The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Im Here To Fetch Her Back Home

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"Ha, Lu Man didnt even say a word because shes probably ashamed. Ji Cheng? Red Tiger? Even those actors in it dont have any fame at all. The movie also doesnt have much budget. What more than a so-so film would it even turn out as, anyway? I do want to see when thisso-so moviegets released and if they even manage to get some box office collection," Zhang Xiaoying scoffed and turned around, leaving haughtily.

Since Lu Man had already created all the sensation and was in the limelight right now. What was the point of her staying any longer either?


Today was the last scene of the final largest climax of the entire movie. It was also the last day of Lu Man with the crew.

After this, she would be done with all of her scenes.

Afterward, Ji Cheng was going to bring the cast and crew to Nanhai for filming those scenes without Lu Man in it.

Right now, Ji Cheng was commanding people to set up the various explosion spots at different places. Some of the cars placed along the road were also going to be directly blown up too.

"Director Ji, did our production crew win a fortune? Were going to make such a big scene today?" Someone asked in surprise.

"Haha, we did make a fortune! Han Corporation added more funds into our movie. Initially, I was still worried about how to cut down on our expenses while trying to make the scene look better. But now I dont have to worry. We can do it for real now!" Ji Cheng was extremely happy, his heart surging up with pride.

"Director Ji," a familiar voice called.

It was Zheng Tianming.

Lu Man turned around and saw that just about half a step in front of Zheng Tianming stood Han Zhuoli.

He was here!

"Master Han!" Ji Cheng rushed to greet them. "Why did you come here personally?"

"Isnt this the last day of Lu Mans shoot? Im here to fetch her back home," Han Zhuoli said, his soft gaze falling onto Lu Man.

Lu Man was just walking towards him and when she heard Han Zhuolis words, for some unknown reason, she felt too emotional, tears welling up in her eyes.

For the past two months, although she was busy filming every day, she never experienced a feeling.

Every single night, no matter how tired she was, she still made a video-call to Han Zhuoli.

However, right now, hearing his words, she realized that she missed home, she missed him.

She tremendously missed spending time with him.

"I also wanted to make sure that there are no kissing scenes," Han Zhuoli said amusingly.

Ji Cheng: ""

Lu Man: ""

"No, I guarantee that there arent any." Ji Cheng hurriedly assured him. "My wife also warned me not to have any kissing scenes with any actress, even if we just make it fake by using such angles. Other my son will settle the score with me."

Ji Chengs words made Liu Chuanhui and the others burst out in laughter. "Haha!"

"I wont disturb all of you from shooting then," Han Zhuoli said happily. He then looked towards Lu Man and grinned at again.

Han Zhuolis appearance instantly made Lu Man feel complete.

When they are about to start shooting, Ji Cheng even asked her quietly, "Master Han is here. Would you be nervous? Dont let it affect your performance."

"I wont." Lu Man took in a deep breath and exhaled. "Ill pretend that hes not here."

Ji Cheng: ""

Lady, you sure are brave!

Finally, Lu Mans last scene officially started. In the movie, Lu Man was in-charge of dispersing the crowd. After they ran past them, cars would explode one after another behind them.

"Quick, move! Hurry!" Lu Mans face was completely covered in the dust and in her arms, she was protecting a child.

When the explosion went off, Lu Man flew forward and protected the child in her arms.


The cameras changed and Lu Man did a little preparation. Then, they started shooting the next scene.

This was the first time Han Zhuoli saw Lu Man filming. There were a couple of scenes, Lu Man had done them all in one take.

Some of them were shot again only because the other actors didnt do it perfectly.

As he watched, Han Zhuoli felt pride surge in his heart. His Man Man was so outstanding in everything she did.

When Lu Mans scenes were done, there were no other scenes left for the day.

Everyone applauded and Ji Chengs assistant Xiao Cheng brought a celebratory cake.

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