The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 544

Chapter 544 The Terror Of Facing Lu Mans Rage

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"Thats true too. Red Tiger caused the Internet to blow up, you must be very busy these past two days. Anyway, its Zhang Xiaoying. Her showGreat Desertpremieres tonight. Previously, both rounds of their publicity were completely shoved aside because ofRed Tiger. This show is about to air and yet they havent done any solid publicity and this would affect their viewership! So they bought the trending search. However, luck wasnt on their side. Right now, all the top searches are aboutRed Tiger,and suddenly theres aGreat Desert. Anyone can tell with one glance that they bought it. I dont know if it helped with their publicity, but right nowGreat Desertand Zhang Xiaoying are being mocked by everyone."

If Zhang Xiaoying had never offended her, Lu Man wouldnt have gone against Zhang Xiaoying too.

However, Zhang Xiaoying had come seeking trouble multiple times. Now that she was facing a problem, Lu Man wasnt such a saint to sympathize with her. She was just a passive spectator, watching intently with great interest and no stress at all.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Man remembered thatGreat Desertwas about to air tonight and told Han Zhuoli, "Great Desertis going to air tonight."

Han Zhuolis had stretched his hand out halfway when he was suddenly interrupted by her statement. Furrowing his brows, he asked, "What the heck is that?"

"" Lu Man, "Youre the CEO of Han Corporation, after all. Can you be any less sensitive to the shows in the entertainment industry?"

"Zhang Xiaoyings new television show is going to air tonight." Afraid that he still wont get it, Lu Man decided to just explain outright. "Previously, when it first started publicizing, it was still pretty highly anticipated."

"Zhang Xiaoying?" Han Zhuoli frowned. "Isnt she the one who caused you trouble on the Internet before?"

Lu Man: ""

Right now, Lu Man was starting to sympathize with Zhang Xiaoying a little.

Even though Zhang Xiaoying became famous early on and was considered outstanding in the Film Academy, honestly her standard could at most only be considered to be between a B-list and C-list.

She never expected that Zhang Xiaoying was only remembered by Han Zhuoli because she scolded Lu Man rather than her identity as a female celebrity.

Moreover, Zhang Xiaoying didnt know a single thing about this.

"Thats right. Thats her." Lu Man happily complained about her. "Her drama starts airing tonight. Help me keep a lookout for its viewership ratings tomorrow."

"Ok." For Han Zhuoli, this was a teeny tiny matter.


On the other hand, Zhang Xiaoying still didnt know that Lu Man had stopped focusing onRed Tigersbox office and was rather interested inGreat Desertsviewership rating.

The next day, Zhang Xiaoying went to the office early in the morning to wait for the viewership ratings of Great Desert.

Very soon, Zhang Xiaoyings manager Guo Suxin entered with a sheet having the viewership ratings on it.

Seeing that Guo Suxins face was tight and tensed, Zhang Xiaoying had an uneasy feeling in her heart.

Zhang Xiaoying didnt know that all the production houses airing their movies at the same time frame as Lu Mans were a little fearful for their box office. They were terrified of going against Lu Man, afraid that their own movies box office would be smashed by Lu Man too.

Right now, Lu Mans terror was clearly starting to spread into the television industry.

"Take a look yourself." Guo Suxin unhappily shoved the viewership ratings sheet into Zhang Xiaoyings hands.

Bullsh*t, how could she be happy?

Their viewership rating was so terrible and to make things worse, Zhang Xiaoying just had to mock Lu Man before.

This time, not only was Zhang Lun slapped in the face, but Zhang Xiaoying was also managed to get herself slapped too.

Haha, a television show was so greatly affected and slapped in the face by a movie airing at the same time. It was the first time she had seen this in all her years of being a manager!

Zhang Xiaoying lowered her head and saw that the different categories of television shows printed on the form.

Zhang Xiaoying started looking from the first line, yet as she continued going down, she still didnt seeGreat Desert.

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