The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 6

Chapter 6 A Slap In The Face

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She tapped on her phone screen twice, and opened a WeChat conversation. “This is what Lu Qi had sent. Officers, you can have a look at it and verify if this is Lu Qi’s WeChat.”

The police officers took her phone.

Lu Qi: I’m meeting the director in his room in a short while. Accompany me to the meeting.

Lu Man: Is it really good to go to the director’s room so late at night?

Lu Qi: That’s why I want you to accompany me. If anything happens, you can help me.

Lu Man: I have something to do tonight so I can’t make it. I think it’s better if you don’t go.

Lu Qi: I already told you to accompany me. Why are you still saying such useless things!

After that, Lu Man did not reply.

Lu Man remembered that in her past life, this was what had happened. Lu Q had forced Lu Man to accompany her, but Lu Man had not replied to her but still, in the end, she had gone with Lu Qi to meet the director.

Earlier while she was changing her clothes in the bathroom, she had checked and confirmed that she had never replied to Lu Qi.

Lu Man let out a sigh of relief. In this life, it seemed, all the things were in her favour.

Yet the truth was that it was the same as in her past life. The only difference was that she was experiencing everything one more time.

Thus she was able to deal successfully with the situation, not only because she knew what was going to happen but also because everything was in her favour, making it easy for her to get out of this problematic situation

But in her past life, she had been too foolish wasting all the situations that were in her favour.

“Miss Lu, please hand over your phone for us to check,” the police officer told Lu Qi.

Lu Qi’s expression was flurried for a second because what Lu Man had shown the police officers was indeed their conversation and it was undeniably her WeChat account.

After looking at the conversation, it became more obvious that she was acting suspicious and the whole situation had indeed nothing to do with Lu Man.

Also, Lu Qi’s slight hesitation made her seem more suspicious to the police.

“Miss Lu, please assist in our investigation,” the police officer said.

Lu Qi could only pass her phone to the police officers, letting them check and confirm that it was indeed Lu Qi’s WeChat account.

The conversation was the same on both phones and no part of the conversation had been deleted.

“Miss Lu, please follow us to the police station. We will have to question you on some details,” the police officer said.

Lu Qi started to blame Lu Man, “Lu Man, you lied! The truth is that you followed me to the meeting!”

Lu Man raised her eyebrow, remaining calm and composed, and mockingly said, “Did you not just say that I went alone? Why have you suddenly changed your mind?”

The police officers’ expressions changed, and they grimly stared at Lu Qi.

Lu Qi’s expression changed completely, and she anxiously looking towards He Zhengbai.

But at this point, what could He Zhengbai do?

The only way was to come up with a solution later.

Lu Man then said, “You keep saying that I went to find the director, but where is your evidence? I have been listing out all the evidence against you. If you want to push the blame on me, you should find evidence first!”

The police officers nodded their heads, obviously believing Lu Man more.

Lu Man had said she had not gone to the meeting and had even provided an alibi along with the WeChat records where she had clearly said that she was busy the previous night.

Whereas Lu Qi had originally claimed that Lu Man had gone alone to the hotel room, but when Lu Man had provided evidence proving her statement to be false, she had changed her original statement in her fluster, saying that she and Lu Man had gone to the director’s hotel room together.

Thus no matter how you see it, Lu Qi was the one who was suspicious, and it was very clear that Lu Man was just being used as a scapegoat by Lu Qi.

“When the victim wakes up, if there’s any problem, we will come to find you again. We hope that you will cooperate with our investigation,” the police officers told Lu Man.

“Of course.” Lu Man calmly replied.

Anyway, she had not been the one who had harmed the director.

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