The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Going To Have Psychological Trauma Because Of Han Family

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Usually, Lu Man was dressed like a normal student for school. Naturally, she couldnt dress maturely like a working professional woman for school.

Thus, she just wore casual T-shirt paired with jeans to school.

Moreover, at tonights movie premiere, she wasnt the main lead so she did not even buy new clothes. She just chose a white button-up shirt and trousers from her work closet and paired it with a pair of heels.

She wore light makeup, and went to a nearby salon and had the stylist do her hair after which she stayed back at Zheng Yuanshis room, waiting for Han Zhuoli to come to fetch her.

"ItsAttack Forcespremiere tonight, Lu Man go and see whether its good, and quickly tell us once you come back," Pan Xue said enthusiastically but quickly added, "But dont give us any spoiler! You just need to tell us whether its nice or not, then Ill decide if I want to buy movie tickets or not."

"All right." Lu Man chuckled.

"The director ofAttack Forceis Tu Hengte and all his films have retained the same standard, so this movie will probably not be bad," Han Leilei said, "Im also planning on watching it."

While they were chatting, Han Zhuoli called to inform her that he had already reached their dormitory.

Lu Man hurriedly cleaned up and bade goodbye to Zheng Yuan and the other two girls. "I have to go, my boyfriend is here."

Excited and curious, Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue and Han Leileis eyes shone brightly. Of course, they had seen Han Zhuolis beautiful side view that day. Although they did not see him very clearly, they kept feeling like Lu Mans boyfriend was definitely extremely handsome.

"Aiya, quickly, quickly lets go to the balcony!" Zheng Yuanshi hurriedly called Pan Xue and Han Leilei.

Lu Man waved at them and went downstairs.

Zheng Yuanshi and the other two were pressing on the railings of the balcony. However, in the end, they only saw the familiar Mulsanne and did not manage to see Lu Mans boyfriend.

All this time, Han Zhuoli was seated inside the car and had yet to come out.

He was clearly following Lu Mans instructions. She had instructed him not to get out of the car and allow anyone to even catch a glimpse of his face. She would feel uncomfortable if any girl was to admire and stared at him.

Han Zhuoli found it funny and felt helpless about how she was so domineering, but he agreed willingly.

Such a grand, luxury car parked outside the dormitory attracted the attention of everyone.

But when they saw it clearly, their faces could not help but twitch.

The students in the school had been stimulated by this Mulsanne until they felt weak.

Thus every time they saw this car, they remember the rumor that had been going around at that time.

Moreover, at that time Old Mrs. Han still felt that she had not managed to scare them enough and had not vented all her anger. Thus since Han Zhuoli was not around, she had Xiao Chen drive the car to show off in front of the students every single day.

Thus, they were reminded of their dumb actions every day.

But Xiao Chen didnt go overboard and at least parked the car outside the school gate

But whenever it was Han Zhuoli instead, he would drive into the school campus, announcing his arrival to everyone.

That was to provoke those students to the point that they would not be surprised at luxury cars but would twitch their eyes whenever they saw this Mulsanne.

It could be said that the students of the Film Academy were going to have psychological trauma because of the Han Family people.

In the future, they could probably not stand looking at Mulsanne, no matter whose it was.

The moment Lu Man sat inside the car, they drove off. They had driven out of the school not long ago before Lu Mans phone rang.

Taking out the phone, she saw that it was a call from Zheng Yuanshi.

Surprised, Lu Man picked it up and asked, "What happened?"

"Lu Man, your boyfriend is too bad, why didnt he get down the car! We were still waiting to see how he looked like! You dont know how spectacular it was just now! The female dormitories left and right, front and back, as long as they were in, they were in the balcony trying to see! In the end, no one saw him!"

Because Lu Mans boyfriend was really too mysterious, their curiosity about how Lu Mans boyfriend look was more than their curiosity about his background and had become a crazed want for the female students of the Film Academy.

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