The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Concede Defeat

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Seeing Zhang Lun and Wang Shuyi had deleted their post, everyone followed suit.

The sharp-eyed netizens who had seen their derogatory posts had planned to wage an online war against them.

But in the end, when they went to reply to their posts, they found that the Weibo post had disappeared.


"Theyve conceded defeat, theyve conceded defeat!"

"What did Lu Man say? With just one sentence from Lu Man, they admitted defeat? Lu Man hasnt even shown her full prowess yet."

"If you are so capable, dont admit defeat, if you courageous and not a coward, then dont delete your Weibo post!"

This not only enraged Zhang Luns and the others fans but also left them perplexed.

Why did they delete the Weibo post?

This were they really surrendering?

At this moment, Wang Shuyi retorted. "Dont be smug, we arent conceding defeat, we just dont want others to exploit us to make themselves popular."

Displeased, Zhang Jians fans instantly retaliated. "Who are you to be exploited? First look at the number of your fans, then take a look at the number of fans the Red Tigers director and actors have. Who is using who? Go back to where you came from, I dont even recognize you!"

Seeing that insulting comment, Wang Shuyis face twisted up in rage.

He had also filmed quite a lot of movies, and was Zhang Luns disciple!

How could these people claim not to recognize him!

These people must be away from the Internet for long!

"These people are so hilarious, Bourbotte not only looked down his nose at Red Tiger but also held our entire movie industry in contempt, yet these people are trying to suck up to Bourbotte."

"Wang Shuyi, Ive searched on Baidu, can it even be considered a movie? You can look down on Red Tiger when you film a 6 billion box office movie. If you want to deride others, then you need to be on the same level as them at least. Or is it that only you can disparage others? You dont even have the right to scorn at others, all right?"

"Director Zhang Lun, may I ask which movie of yours has a box office collection exceeding 6 billion?"

"The f*ck, the above poster counterattacked fiercely."

Zhang Lun had switched to filming commercial movies only in the recent two years. Earlier, he had been filming only artistic movies which as expected did not have a large box office collection."

Two years ago, the movie industry in the country had yet to develop, and because the tickets were so expensive, only a few people chose to watch the movies in the cinema theatre, paying more than one hundred yuan per movie ticket.

It was only these past two years that the movie ticket price started to decrease since the tickets were priced just a few tens of yuan, everyone could afford it and thus the box office collection gradually increased.

Although Zhang Lun was a world-class director in the country, none of the movies he had filmed ever had 6 billion box office collection.

Right now, though they had deleted their Weibo posts, the topic was still trending high on popularity.

Lu Man and Red Tiger took up the first and second spots on the trending list respectively.

Pleased with the results, Han Zhuoli reached out his hand to scratch the tip of her nose playfully. "Mischievous."

This girl was really smart enough.

With just one ordinary sentence, she had turned the tables and made the situation favorable to them.

Lu Man smiled slyly at him. "Right, otherwise, how could I fall for you at that time!"

"Youre right." Han Zhuoli accepted it gladly. "My wife has good eyes."

Lu Mans face flushed red and she blurted out. "What wife!"

Who was his wife!

"I just wanted to discuss with you, lets find a time, and get engaged," Han Zhuoli said, "Otherwise, you are so young and pretty, what will I do it someone snatches you away? Im already so old, and now that Ive finally found you, I have to protect you with all my might."

These were Old Mrs. Hans words originally, they held a deeper meaning too but Han Zhuoli did not say it out loud.

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