The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Lu Man Sure Was Sly

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Lu Man packed her items and was about to leave when Lu Qi chased after her. "Lu Man!"

Lu Man ignored her. Hence, Lu Qi followed beside her. "Dont you think you have lost face because you didnt get chosen to enter the finals?"

Lu Man looked at her sarcastically. "Think whatever you like, as long as it makes you happy."

"Lu Man, Older Sister!" Lu Qi called again. "You You filmedRed Tigerand received a lot as your pay, right? The internet is saying that you received a cut of the box office."

"Did Director Ji Cheng nod his head and acknowledge that?" Lu Man asked.

"What does that have to do with Ji Cheng?" Lu Qi asked.

"Of course it has to do with him. He was the one who drafted the contract. Whether or not its true, he knows best." Lu Man laughed coldly. "You just believe anything that is written online?"

"Older Sister, just tell me the truth. Whats there to hide between you and me? We are all a family. I will definitely be happy for you if your pay is high. I wouldnt covet your money either."

Lu Man looked at her, looking like she was smiling but not really either. "I really didnt earn that much, its just false rumors on the internet. If you dont believe me, ask Director Ji Cheng yourself when you get the chance to."

Lu Qi gritted her teeth and said, "Since what they are saying on the internet is fake, why didnt you clarify?"

"Look at what youre saying, why do I need to clarify anything? Even if its fake, its a good thing that the internet is saying that I have a high salary. When the next film comes along, I can rightfully ask for a higher salary, right?"

Lu Qi: ""

Lu Man sure was sly!

But she was even thinking about her next film?

"Older Sister, didnt you move recently?" Lu Qi asked again.

Lu Man rubbed her own arm. "Lu Qi, speak properly, dont call me Older Sister."

Lu Qi lowered her head and said, "Dad went to look for you guys, but yall werent around. Older Sister, honestly, Dad is still thinking about you and your mother. He frequently complains at home that he didnt know whether you guys are living well. He even thought about giving you things and giving you some money for your daily expenses, but he is afraid that you guys wont accept it. Dad genuinely wants to be on good terms with both of you again. He genuinely wants to sit down and have a good chat with both of you. Even if he had already divorced your mother, he still wants to be good to her. Dad found out that he couldnt find you and was so anxious. Older Sister, where exactly did you move to?"

Lu Qi chased after Lu Man as she walked quickly. She didnt even notice where they were walking to.

Seeing that Lu Man finally stopped, Lu Qi was happy.

However, unexpectedly, Lu Man said, "I have to leave first."

Then she saw that she had surprisingly unknowingly walked to the side of a car. Lu Man opened the car door and entered, then asked Xiao Chen to quickly start the car.

Lu Qi was still stunned. The car suddenly drove off and Lu Qi was suddenly thrown down onto the ground.

"Qi Qi!" He Zhengbai hurriedly ran over and helped Lu Qi up. "Whats going on?"

"Its Older Sister. She entered the car and told the driver to do this," Lu Qi said, her face pale.

He Zhengbai looked at Lu Qis scratched palm in pain. "Are you hurt anywhere else?"

Lu Qi shook her head. "Im fine, you dont have to worry. I just want to know where Lu Man is staying now. She moved house. She is not staying where she used to."

"Thats easy. This time, we will let her run off, but next time, we will be prepared. We can secretly tail her and see exactly where shes staying," He Zhengbai said.

Lu Qi nodded. "Oh, right, did you know? I was chosen to enter the finals. After another round, if I win, I can represent the school to participate in the inter-school competition."

"Really? Thats great!" He Zhengbai then asked, "Then Lu Man?"

"She didnt get chosen." Lu Qi shook her head.

"I just knew it, you are so much more impressive than she is." He Zhengbai saw that Lu Man didnt get chosen and was happy. "Her success from before was only because she got lucky. Do well for this competition and you can make a comeback."

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