The Lord's Empire Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 Blood God Demon

This Desolate Blood Divinity was the number one reward at the Ancient Stem Banquet, so it naturally was not ordinary.

“Hurry up and hand over your method for creating Blood God Demons!” Zhao Fu looked at the Desolate God as countless arcs of lightning danced around in his hand and spoke with a menacing tone.

The Desolate God looked at the lightning in Zhao Fu’s hand in fear and said, “It’s useless even if I tell you; without This God’s power, it’ll be impossible for you to create them. Also, they can only be controlled by Divine Guards, or they can go out of control at any time.”

“Arghhh!!” the lightning in Zhao Fu’s hands flew out and landed on the Desolate God’s body, causing her to scream.

“Are you going to tell me or not? Also, watch your tone – you know what to call me,” Zhao Fu said as he coldly harrumphed.

The Desolate God was incredibly angry and gripped both of her hands together, almost starting to fight with Zhao Fu again.

However, she clearly knew that with her current strength, she was not a match for Zhao Fu at all. Moreover, the aura that Zhao Fu gave off was very powerful and very dangerous; he seemed like the King of a massive Kingdom.

Zhao Fu’s terrifying eyes looked at the Desolate God, and the golden pupil in his left eye started to spin. Clanging sounds rang out, and chains were about to shoot out.

The Desolate God hurriedly stretched her hands in front of her and cried out, “This God will tell you! Don’t do that!”

Zhao Fu lightly harrumphed and withdrew the chains and said, “Say it then. We are quite busy and don’t have time to waste with you. If you don’t perform well, We will refine you.”

Hearing that Zhao Fu would refine her, the Desolate God immediately became much more obedient and said, “The core of Blood God Demons is Desolate God Blood, and ordinary Desolate God Blood is not enough; it has to be a high-grade Desolate God Blood, which is Desolate God Royal Blood.

“This God has the Desolate God Royal Bloodline, which is extremely prestigious. God Royal Bloodlines are Kings among even godly spirits, and they are extremely terrifying. A minor figure like you wouldn’t understand. It’s more powerful than even some Emperor Bloodlines.”

The Desolate God had started off quite seriously, but when she spoke about her bloodline, she could not help but become prideful.


A massive Emperor’s aura, giving off a sovereign atmosphere, pressed down towards the Desolate God. In front of this aura, it seemed that all creatures had to submit.

This caused the Desolate God to feel quite startled, and her face became incredibly pale. Her body went weak as she looked at Zhao Fu, who was giving off this Emperor’s aura, in shock. She had never thought that Zhao Fu had a Sovereign Bloodline, which suppressed even her bloodline.

That was definitely a bloodline even more terrifying than her Desolate God Royal Bloodline, or else it would not be able to suppress her bloodline.

“Who’s a minor figure? Whose bloodline is lower?” Zhao Fu looked at her as he said somewhat mockingly.

The Desolate God dissatisfiedly mumbled, “So what if you have a high-grade bloodline!”


Zhao Fu heard those words clearly and the Emperor’s aura became even more powerful as it weighed down on the Desolate God.

The Desolate God was given a big fright and hurriedly cried out, “Master, I was wrong!”

Zhao Fu lightly harrumphed and said, “Keep going about the Blood God Demons. If you don’t watch yourself, We really will refine you.”

The Desolate God ground her teeth and said obediently, “The core ingredient is Desolate God Royal Blood, and they also require all sorts of other blood. The Desolate God must then invoke Evil God Power; if anyone else does it, they will receive backlash.”

“Also, Evil God Power is a type of power that fallen godly spirits can use, and it’s extremely evil. As such, even Desolate Gods cannot control the Blood God Devils that they create, so they need Divine Guards.

“Blood God Demons have a number limit and are correlated to a Desolate God’s power. The more powerful a Desolate God is, the more Blood God Demons they can create.”

After hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it carefully. Of course, it was better to have more powerful things. Moreover, without the Desolate God, they would not be able to create these Blood God Demons.

“Can you create them now?” Zhao Fu asked.

The Desolate God was quite angry as she thought to herself, “If This God could create them, would I still have to fear you? This God would beat you flat in just a few minutes!”

However, she did not dare to say such words, and she instead said earnestly, “Master, my power has not recovered yet. I’ve only just reawakened and don’t have very great power, so I need large amounts of faith energy.”

Zhao Fu nodded and said, “Great Qin currently has 150 billion people, who can provide a large amount of faith energy for you. However, you must serve Great Qin.”

The Desolate God was somewhat shocked; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would be the ruler of such a big Kingdom. The amount of faith energy from 150 billion people was massive, and she would be able to quickly regain her strength. When that time came, she would be able to return to the Godly Spirit World.

Thinking about that, the Desolate God happily smiled and said, “Thank you master, I will definitely serve Great Qin loyally!”

However, inside, she thought, “After I regain my power, I’ll teach him a lesson and have him call me master one million – no – one hundred million times.”

“Is that so?” Zhao Fu said as he smiled.

The Desolate God gave an innocent smile, seeming incredibly harmless as she nodded.

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, “Then come over here!”

The Desolate God immediately had a bad premonition, but before she could react, chains shot out from the air. She punched away ten or so of them, but she was still bound up in the end.

Zhao Fu’s smile became cold as he stretched out a hand and a black orb of light giving off terrifying power floated out from his hand. This orb of light condensed a large amount of power from the God-Killer profession, and it could deal a massive amount of damage to godly spirits.

The Desolate God was given a big fright and cried out, “Master, I was wrong! I’ll definitely serve Great Qin wholeheartedly.”

Zhao Fu ignored her words and sent that orb of light into her body.

The Desolate God closed her eyes, looking incredibly afraid, and she braced herself for immense pain. However, after entering her body, the orb of light did not do anything and turned into restrictive power that spread out.

The Desolate God’s behavior from the start made it so that Zhao Fu could not trust her at all. As such, he had to set down restrictions within her body to stop her from doing anything treacherous.

The Desolate God was quite dissatisfied as she sensed the restrictions within her body, feeling that her days would be quite pitiful in the future. She would have to obey that person or be punished, causing her to think, “This person’s a piece of trash. This God will remember this.”

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to the palace and asked about the Fish Scale world. Great Qin had conquered the Fish Scale world, but only initially, and it did not have full control yet. It would take some time to digest the Fish Scale world.

After hearing a satisfactory report, Zhao Fu ordered people to start collecting information on the Dark Demon world. After conquering the Fish Scale world, Great Qin’s next target was the Dark Demon world.

The Dark Demon world only had four Continents in total, and one of them had already fallen into Great Qin’s hands. There were only three Continents left, and they would be relatively easy to conquer.

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