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  • The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

  • Author(s): A Golden Millet Dream
  • Genres : Comedy -  Face Smacking -  Modern
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 186.76 K
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    The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism12 votes : 4.58 / 5

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism summary:

In the rural northeastern mountainous regions stands a tiny Buddhist temple, named One Finger Temple. It isn't a large one but it is extremely miraculous. The temple has rice that emanates an aromatic fragrance. The temple has sweet and refreshing water that rivals ambrosia. The temple has Buddhas that grant wishes to the sincere. The temple isn't large but it has everything. The temple isn't large but it has flourishing incense offerings that far exceed all temples. The temple isn't large but it attracts both citizens and foreigners that line up overnight… The temple has a bald but handsome monk. Every day, he would bawl, "I want to renounce asceticism! I want to marry a chick that's not too pretty, have a cute baby, and lead a stable life!" This book is a casual novel that introduces various Chinese traditional customs, as well as Buddhist ones. It strives to be a positive book, allowing people to reflect on how they should live their lives and treat others.

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The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1004 Back2 months ago
Chapter 996 Fire2 months ago
Chapter 995 Death2 months ago
Chapter 981 Rules2 months ago
Chapter 972 Smart3 months ago
Chapter 951 Rules3 months ago
Chapter 943 Mad3 months ago
Chapter 942 Coin3 months ago
Chapter 930 Proof3 months ago
Chapter 888 6664 months ago
Chapter 811 Nails5 months ago
Chapter 779 Cliff6 months ago
Chapter 773 Fire6 months ago
Chapter 664 Bloop7 months ago
Chapter 642 Moved8 months ago
Chapter 600 Elder9 months ago
Chapter 591 Fury9 months ago
Chapter 584 Net9 months ago
Chapter 574 Rules9 months ago
Chapter 565 Luck9 months ago
Chapter 555 War9 months ago
Chapter 531 Baller10 months ago
Chapter 521 Creepy10 months ago
Chapter 520 Savage10 months ago
Chapter 475 Fck11 months ago
Chapter 473 Roar11 months ago
Chapter 471 Word11 months ago
Chapter 462 Diary11 months ago
Chapter 459 Clown11 months ago
Chapter 458 Violin11 months ago
Chapter 429 15000011 months ago
Chapter 418 Return12 months ago
Chapter 417 Flood12 months ago
Chapter 408 Hungry12 months ago
Chapter 400 Scum12 months ago
Chapter 390 Bow12 months ago
Chapter 386 Pan An12 months ago
Chapter 368 Stop12 months ago
Chapter 367 Youth12 months ago
Chapter 358 Childone year ago
Chapter 338 Menone year ago
Chapter 322 Rainone year ago
Chapter 311 Do Itone year ago
Chapter 289 Maskone year ago
Chapter 250 Pastone year ago
Chapter 234 Leakone year ago
Chapter 211 Cheatone year ago
Chapter 198one year ago
Chapter 197one year ago
Chapter 196one year ago
Chapter 180one year ago
Chapter 179one year ago
Chapter 35: Greedone year ago
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