The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106 I Know


Apologize? What use is apologizing when they shot our family head? an elder said angrily.

The man with the slicked-back hair nodded slightly in response. That makes absolute sense! Mr. Nguyen, could I hear your opinion? Do you accept their apology?

As he said that, his two subordinates arrived in front of Nguyen Vo Hong and apologized.

Nguyen Vo Hong gritted his teeth, scoffing. You can forget about leaving Vietnam!

It appears hes unwilling to accept your apology. Perhaps repeat yourselves, so that he hears and sees your sincerity, the man with the slicked-back hair said helplessly.

The two subordinates nodded slightly and said to Nguyen Vo Hong, Were sorry!

Nguyen Vo Hong was about to say something when there were two gunshots! Two of the Nguyen family members collapsed in a pool of their own blood.

Following that, the two subordinates continued. Were sorry!

Bang! Bang!

With another two gunshots, another two Nguyen family members collapsed into a pool of their own blood.

Only then did Nguyen Vo Hong realize what was happening. He felt a mixture of wrath, horror, and pain! This summit was extremely grand with him having used plenty of his connections to put it together. Naturally, the family members he brought were the elites of the Nguyen family. They were the bloodline of the Nguyen family! With four killed, how could he not feel hurt? Amidst his alarm, Nguyen Vo Hong knew he couldnt delay any further. He yelled, Stop! I accept it!

The two subordinates subconsciously stopped firing and looked at the man with the slicked-back hair. He was already standing in front of the microphone like a singer about to hold his concert. He said with a charming smile, What did you say? I didnt hear you.

Were sorry! The two subordinates continued, firing simultaneously!

Another two Nguyen family members collapsed into a pool of their own blood.

Amitabha. Patron, the sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn back to the shore before its too late. Stop killing! At this moment, a monk from China stood forward and said righteously.

Master, you are definitely right, the man with the slicked-back hair said with a bow.

The old monk pressed his palms together. Patron, turn back.

In return, the man laughed. Master, I do have a question.

Patron, please go ahead, the old monk said.

Are you afraid of death?

All men must die. If This Penniless Monks death is worth it, whats there to be afraid of?


The elderly monks chest was blown through as he fell to the ground!

Stop! Two more monks stood forward. One of them was from Vietnam, and the other was from Thailand. Another priest from a western country stood forward to support the two monks.

Another Daoist put himself between the trio and the terrorists. With a look of righteousness, he asked, Stop killing. What exactly do you want?

Nothing. All I wish is to send this master to paradise. Amitabha. Its good indeed. Ive done another good deed. The man laughed as a glint flashed in his eyes.

With a gunshot, all four who stood forward had their bodies shot as they collapsed to the ground. However, despite remaining alive, they were left immobile.

Enough! What do you want? What are you here for? Ill agree to everything! Nguyen Vo Hong finally softened. At that moment, he looked like he had aged considerably.

The man with the slicked-back hair smiled as he gestured for a halt.

Yet, the two subordinates shouted again. Were sorry!

Bang! Bang!

Another two Nguyen family members collapsed!

Nguyen Vo Hong was enraged as he stared at the man with the slicked-back hair with reddened eyes. Just as he was about to shout, their boss roared, slapping his subordinates and berating them. Are you deaf? Mr. Nguyen here has already accepted your apologies. Why did you still fire?

Were sorry, Red Shirt. Our hands slipped, the two subordinates answered in unison, but it was obvious that it was on purpose. This was a show for Nguyen Vo Hong and everyone present.

They could do anything they wanted to the Vietnamese bigwigs, so the rest could definitely forget about feeling safe.

With this in mind, everyone felt worried for their safety. Their hope that their status and background meant anything was dashed. All of them bowed their heads and didnt dare speak another word.

There were other monks, Daoists, and priests who wanted to step forward, but they were held back by the political figures and businessmen. At this point in time, it was obvious that anyone who stepped forward would die! They were facing completely unreasonable people, deranged murderers whose sole goal was to kill. There was zero meaning sending themselves to their deaths.

Ah, silence at last. In that case, let me introduce myself. You can call me Red Shirt. To be honest, I enjoy red clothes I believe that due to the worlds legacy of evil around the globe, the worlds sins have to be cleansed with blood. Red Shirt represents the catharsis of blood. Do you like that? Red Shirt asked.

Everyone remained silent.

Silence means tacit agreement. Very well, we have finally come to a consensus. Very satisfying indeed. As Red Shirt spoke, he tapped on the microphone and said, Then, lets get down to business. I have a friend who is being held in custody by the Vietnamese government. I wished to negotiate with them for my friends release at first. However, they cruelly denied it. Take a look. They have rejected my sincere wishes to negotiate with them.

I dont enjoy being rejected, so I sadly had to raise the stakes. However, Im out of cash So, what do you suggest I should do?

Everyone remained silent. However, people had begun to guess his identity.

Of course, I could only find more chips to up the stakes! Unfortunately, I could only come up with two. One of them was a plane, but the plan to hijack it was foiled by some bastard young monk from China. My man is unfortunately still locked in prison because of him. This has made me very unhappy. The second chip is all of you. And it happens that there are many monks here. So Id like to ask, do you know who the monk from the plane was? Red Shirt asked.

Upon hearing that, everyone was dumbfounded. A young monk? Everyone exchanged looks because there werent any young monks present. The youngest monk there was in his forties! That wasnt young, right?

Im afraid you might need some reminders. He wears a white robe and is rather handsome Red Shirt said.

Still, everyone wore a blank look. White robe? No one was wearing white!

However, someone seemed to recall something, but he held it in and remained mum.

Red Shirt was somewhat displeased seeing the reaction. Dont tell me that the monk came all the way to Vietnam for tourism at this point in time. If I cant find him, theres nothing I can do. Masters, you are fellow Buddhists, so I might have to trouble you.

With that said, Red Shirts subordinates raised their guns as everyones nerves tensed up.

Wait. I know who youre talking about! At this moment, someone in the crowd raised his hand high.

Everyone looked over as the businessmen and political figures heaved a sigh of relief. However, the religious figures were enraged! They could guess who Red Shirt was looking for based on his description by now, but to betray someone and let others die in their stead was something they couldnt bring themselves to do. Yet to their surprise, someone else did it!

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