The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Fangzheng Cant Get Up The Mountain


The merchant had passed on the basic information to Liu Yang and company and promised to pay them one million yuan for their efforts once the child was in hand.

Money talks, and these people who didnt have much morals to begin with were immediately tempted by the huge sum of money.

After three days of planning, they first had Liu Yangs mother rent a room in the district where He Qing lived. She would then loiter around downstairs, get to know He Qings mother, and slowly get to know her details, the childs name, his birthday, nicknames, etc.

With all the information on hand, they got Liu Yangs uncle to add He Qing on WeChat by pretending to be someone from He Qings hometown. Then he obtained pictures of her daily life on her WeChat Moments so that they could be doctored into fake documents.

Finally, after understanding He Qings daily schedule, they decided to take action that day at the market. This was because in an old market, there werent any surveillance cameras nearby. As long as they succeeded, they could easily escape via the safest route.

Everything had been well-planned, and they should have succeeded. Unfortunately, they never expected a monk to suddenly appear and mess up their plans. When they recounted the matter, be it Liu Yang or his other family members, all of them wore looks of indignation.

The policeman cursed in amusement. "All of you are jokers. Your plan was well-crafted, but you already showed your faces. With so many eyewitnesses, do you think you would have been safe just because you managed to escape the market and the county city?"

Liu Yang shook his head and said, "We obviously knew it wouldnt be that easy. But the rich man said that as long as we succeeded, they would arrange for us to leave the country. With money and the chance to leave the country, we were naturally willing to do it."

As they watched the video, the policemen narrowed their eyes. This wasnt the end to the case!

The police traced the matter and found the unscrupulous organ trafficking organization and successfully wiped them out all at once.

As for the rich mans child, investigations revealed that the family had only declared how much they would pay for an organ without contacting the black market. They werent involved in purchasing from any organ trafficking organization and hadnt committed any intentional crimes.

When the rich family got wind of the news, they were appalled by it.

The case should have come to a close then and there with the police rejoicing, but the policemen remained stumped. This was because the testimony provided by Liu Yang and company didnt change no matter how many times they were questioned!

They couldnt understand why they would admit to the crime but still fabricate such a story that didnt affect the case significantly. Was there a need to? Could it maybe be real?

Reason told them that it was impossible!

However, it didnt take long before a piece of news was released. There had been many eyewitnesses at the market who saw the monk being hit by the van without dying. He even donned a disguise to scare the criminals. Many people had also recognized the monks identityhe was the monk who had recently gone viral on the Internet, One Finger Monasterys Abbot Fangzheng!

The police exchanged looks and thought, "Could their story be real? If it was really that magical Fangzheng, he might not only be adept at medical skills and martial arts. But even if it was real, how were they to submit such a report to the higher ups? They would only get lambasted for it!?"

At the same time, the police considered a problem. If people were to believe it, Fangzheng would probably get in trouble. At the very least, his peaceful days would be over. Regardless, he had done something good without flaunting it simply because he didnt want to be disturbed. With this in mind, the police shook their heads. Since they were in such a tough spot, they decided to change the testimony to how the criminals had encountered Master Fangzheng on the streets and been moved by him, resulting in their surrender.

While the police were racking their heads over the matter, Fangzheng was very relaxed. At that moment, Fangzheng was having breakfast by the police stations entrance. He slowly drank some porridge and enjoyed the serenity of life. Before long, Lone Wolf came running over.

Lone Wolf rolled his eyes at Fangzheng the moment he saw him, as though he was saying, "Is this how you walk a wolf? I ran out of the city with you and tried to catch up with you! Werent you afraid Id get lost?"

Fangzheng smiled. "You have a sharp nose. If you cant even find me, whats the point in keeping you?"

Lone Wolf nearly popped his eyes out from rolling them. However, Fangzheng was right. Lone Wolfs nose was extremely sensitive. After having been augmented, his nose could be considered a divine artifact for finding people!

Fangzheng also ordered a serving of breakfast for Lone Wolf, but there wasnt much left in his wallet. If he continued to have fun like that, there was a chance hed need to rob the rich to give to the poor. The problem was that the rich which were suitable targets werent easy to find.

Fangzheng regretted. Since he followed Wu Zong for so long, why didnt he confiscate his dirty funds? Amitabha. Indeed his cultivation was still lacking!

After Lone Wolf was done eating, Fangzheng left the eatery with him.

"Master, where do we go next?" Lone Wolf asked.

"Lets run back home!" Fangzheng sped up as he spoke. At the same time, he opened the navigation app and chose a direction. After entering the mountainous woods, they ran off.

The moment they entered the landmark of Beihai City, Fangzheng felt an upheaval of change in the world. He then heard the Systems voice: "Mission completed. Do you wish to return to Mt. One Finger?"

"Yes!" Fangzheng was already longing for home, so he naturally answered yes. The next moment, a yellow light poured down on him and Lone Wolf, causing them to disappear.

A day later, at the foot of Mt. One Finger.

A yellow light flashed and a white-robed monk and a huge white wolf appeared. They looked up and saw the path up Mt. One Finger, only to be collectively dumbfounded.

"Master, whats happening? Why are there so many people?" Lone Wolf was somewhat stunned.

Fangzheng looked up the path and saw that it was packed with people. Many people were stuck at the mountainside without any means of moving up or down.

The villagers were shouting at the top of their lungs, but the crowd didnt move. It nearly made several villagers curse out of anxiety. Many people were trembling due to the cold weather and werent moving.

Although Mt. One Finger had been popular before, it was normally only really crowded during the new year when everyone from the surrounding villages came to pass the new year.

But even that couldnt be compared to the number of people present now!

Fangzheng was somewhat stunned. What was going on? When had One Finger Monastery become so popular?

Just as Fangzheng was left in a daze, a hand reached out and pulled him back. Fangzheng was just about to shout "molester" when he heard Tan Juguo whisper. "Punk, shut up and dont say a word or face the consequences yourself!"

Fangzheng immediately shut up when he heard Tan Juguos voice. He might not trust others, but he had full trust in this old man.

Tan Juguo led Fangzheng back to his house and brought a fire basin over. He placed two rice cakes on it and ignited the fire. Only then did he smack his lips and ask, "Punk, why did you go all the way to the south? You even got yourself involved in so many things. Theres traces of you even on the news. Also, you cant return to Mt. One Finger for now."

Fangzheng was stunned. What had happened? He knew that he had been on the news on his trip south. He had even watched it. The pictures were pretty good with him looking rather handsome. But what did that have to do with him not being able to return to his monastery? That was his monastery!

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