The Monstrosity Turned Queen Chapter 3

3 Mysterious Man

As Skylar looked around, she realised that she was no longer in the forest. She could finally see the sky. But as she was looking at the beautiful blue sky, she froze. Her already pale face grew paler and shivers crawled up her spine. Up in the sky there was that same black moon. The same one that was shown in the video played in her mind. It looked even more ominous seeing it in person. It stayed stationary, never moving. Its dark black colour made it seem as if it were a hole in the sky. And it caused fear to override any previous emotions that Skylar had.

As Skylar stared at the moon, she fell to her knees, shaking. Her lips parted ever so slightly, letting out a weak whisper, "N-no...what is this? Who? Why...why does it feel so familiar?" even though the moon filled her with fear, it felt vaguely familiar. It was as if she had a connection with it. As these thoughts filled her head, buried memories seemed to resurface. This caused Skylar to contract a massive headache. It through her into excruciating pain, making her let out a screeching loud wail before passing out.

As Skylar felt her consciousness slowly slip out of her body. She found herself in a dreamlike state, stuck in a dark place without any light. She simply stood there for a while, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness.

When her eyes adjusted, she started to walk around, trying to find a wall or something in this seemingly endless dark space. As she was walking around, she heard a faint sound, like pencils scratching away on paper. She started to walk towards the sound, careful not to trip or knock anything over.

When she reach the location of the sound, she saw millions, billions, trillions of feather pens scribbling away on long, never ending rolls of paper. Skylar found herself drawn to this curious, magical scene. She walked closer to one of the papers, inspecting it.

The papers had odd characters scribbled across it. Ones that did not exist in any sort of language on earth. But as she stared closely, the characters seemed to warp. They began to form into letters, letters that she knew very well. But before she could start to read them, a voice interrupted her.

"Now what exactly do you think you're doing?" this deep voice whispered into her ear, causing Skylar to jump in fright before turning to face the owner of the voice.

The owner of the voice was a tall man. He had lanky long limbs and pale, ghostly white skin. He had pitch black hair, just like that moon. It brushed against his shoulders, outlining his eerily symmetrical face. He wore a devious smile, his eyes glimmering with a cruel light.

Looking at the man, Skylar opened and closed her mouth, unsure of what to say. She felt a dangerous aura emanating from the man. It felt as if she got to close to him, he would destroy her.

The man studied Skylar with curious interest before laughing, his deep voice echoing through the space. He seemed to read her thoughts as he answered, "I won't kill you." He reassured Skylar, lifting his hand to pat her head. "At least not yet." He stopped patting her head as he spoke those words. In a flash, he grabbed Skylar's chin and pulled her face towards his, studying her expression.

"How strange, you shouldn't be able to come here." He paused for a moment before adding a few words, "At least not yet."

Hearing the man's words, questions began to fill her head. But before they began to spill out of her lips, a she felt something cold press upon her lips. That man had pressed his finger up against her lips, a charming smile on his face as he shushed her.

"Now is not the time for questions Skylar, you'll get your answers soon." With those words, he took his finger off of her lips.

"Goodbye Skylar, at least for now..." he gave a short wave of his hand, causing her body to fade, turning into shadowy back wisps. She started to slowly disappear from the dark space.

However, before she completely disappeared from the space, she saw the man whisper under his breath. She faintly heard his deep voice, "This is going to be fun..."
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