The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Ambush 3

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“Ridiculous? Can anyone be more ridiculous than you?”

Han Yifeng’s eyes turned cold instantly when he looked at her. “How can you always assume that people can just forgive all the faults you’ve committed before? Do you still think you’re innocent?”

Xi Xinyi shuddered slightly under Han Yifeng’s sharp gaze, but she still faced him obstinately.

“You’re such a cruel person! I’ve never seen such a selfish and wicked woman like you before in my life! I feel disgusted when I see you!” Han Yifeng’s tone was chilly, and his words stung Xi Xinyi’s ears like iced needles.

However, he would never understand that the harsher his words were towards Xi Xinyi, the stronger her hatred for Xi Xiaye would grow.

If it were not for Xi Xiaye, her reputation would not have suffered, and things would not be like this now!

Yue Lingsi could not pull herself together. She tried to numb herself through drinking and playing mahjong. While Xi Mushan was having fun with that old witch Shen Wenna abroad, Xi Xinyi had been under a lot of pressure to get Yueying running. She tried her best to save her marriage, yet she did not receive even an ounce of comfort or understanding from Han Yifeng!

Xi Xinyi started to blame her fate. They were both daughters of the Xi family. How could the difference between be this huge? How could she marry into a prestigious family, find a man like Mu Yuchen, and even have an elegant and beautiful mother? Their father, Xi Mushan, favored her more as well. Reflecting on herself, Han Yifeng was cruel to her and Yue Lingsi was now a failure!

“Disgusting? Why didn’t you think I was disgusting when you told me to go out with you back then? It’s useless now even if you find yourself totally in love with Xi Xiaye. She’s Mu Yuchen’s woman now. She’s got nothing to do with you! You’ll never get her whether it’s in the past or the future. You can only return to my side! You’re mine!”

“You’re mad! Don’t forget what you promised Grandfather!” Han Yifeng’s expression turned icy.

However, Xi Xinyi just barked a cold laugh. “Han Yifeng, as long as I have the baby, you can never cut ties with me. I’ve always gotten everything I wanted whether it is Yueying or a man! You can say that I’m mad. Indeed, I am mad! You made me this way, but you can never find another woman who would love you as much as I do! I fell to such a state for you. What excuse do you have to abandon me?”

“You…” Han Yifeng glared at her, unable to say anything back.

On the other end, Xi Xiaye was on the way back to the Maple Residence.

She barely managed to stay awake. Her headache was getting worse by the second, and her vision was starting to get blurry.

The straight road in front of her split into several paths and the dim street lamps were not helping.

She had no idea how long she had been driving until she felt her body getting weak. In the end, she had to park the car on the side as she rested her head on the steering wheel. After a while, she took out her phone, found Mu Yuchen’s number and called him.

It did not get through.

She called several times and it all got her the same results.


Her hand trembled and she dropped her phone as she felt the world around her spin. She became dizzy. After a long while, she barely managed to open the door. However, she tumbled out of the car the moment she opened the door.

When Qi Lei’s car drove past, Yang Sheng suddenly mentioned as he turned around and looked at the car they had just passed, “Master Qi, that person seems like Ms. Xiaye! That’s Chairman Mu’s car!”

“What did you say?” Qi Lei slowed down the car and looked at Yang Sheng.

“I said the woman who just fell out of the car looks like Ms. Xi Xiaye, and that is indeed Chairman Mu’s car. I remember the car plate numbers of Chairman Mu’s cars!” Yang Sheng seemed surprised. “Could Ms. Xiaye be…?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Qi Lei turned the car around, speeding in the opposite direction and heading back to the car they just passed.

As expected, he saw Xi Xiaye slumped on the ground as he went nearer.


Qi Lei stopped the car quickly and rushed out as fast as possible. He lifted her up, and her boiling body temperature startled him!

Her breathing was uneven and she was frowning out of discomfort. Qi Lei started mumbling angrily, “How is Mu Yuchen taking good care of you? How is he a good man?!”

“Master Qi!” Yang Sheng came after him. “What’s the situation? What happened?”

“She has a fever!”

“Then, let’s go to the hospital now.”

Qi Lei glanced around and then looked down at Xi Xiaye in his arms. “Let’s head back home first. There’s bad traffic now. I have some medicine at home.”

“Yes, Master Qi!”

Yang Sheng went to take Xi Xiaye’s car keys out and locked the car after a brief reply. He then got back into the car and started the engine.

The night was getting late.

Inside a luxurious private villa, Mu Yuchen made several calls by the staircase. Xi Xiaye was still not picking up. He called back to the Maple Residence as well, feeling uneasy.

“Chairman Mu, CEO Zhang was looking for you. Why are you here? About the contract…”

“Tell CEO Zhang I have to leave now. I’ll apologize to him one day.” He left a brief message before walking towards the exit.

“Ah Chen!” When Su Chen came out, he only caught a glimpse of his back.

“Chief Su, Chairman Mu… He…” That man looked at Su Chen in doubt.

Su Chen pinched the space between his eyebrows and shook his head helplessly as he put on a bitter smile. “His wife is sick and he’s been worried throughout the night. Oh well, no big deal! It’s just one huge business deal. How generous of him!”


“Don’t worry. Tell CEO Zhang I asked Chairman Mu to do something for me. I’ll drink with him tonight!”

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