The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Ambush 4

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At night, in the Grand Lake Villa area.

Qi Lei lay Xi Xiaye on a bed before searching around frantically for medicine. He prepared a damp towel as well.

Yang Sheng came over with some alcohol as he glanced at the unconscious Xi Xiaye. He said worriedly, “Master Qi, if her fever doesn’t go down, apply some of this alcohol on her palms and feet. My daughter used to have fever frequently. My mother did this and it was pretty effective.”

“Why are you still talking? Hand it over quickly!”

Qi Lei shot him an impatient glance. He then turned over to Xi Xiaye and put his hand on her forehead. His eyes were filled with frustration and had a slight tint of concern.

Xi Xiaye’s forehead was covered in sweat. Her body felt warm sometimes and cold other times. She was definitely not resting well as the frown was still pasted on her face. Running out of ideas, Qi Lei used Yang Sheng’s method.

“Go down and cook something. Hurry!” Qi Lei urged after taking the alcohol from Yang Sheng.

“Yes, I’ll go now!” Yang Sheng sensed that Qi Lei was in a bad mood now. He did not want to trigger any land mines, so he quickly left.

Qi Lei took a deep breath when he heard the door close. His gaze was focused on Xi Xiaye’s pale face as he brushed the hair on her face aside while being deep in thought. He saw that she was suffering considerably. “I’m just trying to repay you this time. I don’t owe you anything anymore!”

He then started applying some alcohol on her palms and feet.

At around 10 p.m., Qi Lei sent Yang Sheng back after he prepared some porridge. Xi Xiaye’s body temperature dropped slightly. Qi Lei himself was covered in sweat too. When he came out of the shower with just a night robe on him, he noticed that Xi Xiaye was sleeping more peacefully now. He put his hand on her forehead again. Upon noticing that her fever was starting to go away, he felt relieved.

He pulled up the blanket a little before switching the lights off. He only left a dim table lamp on, but just as he was about to leave, she grabbed his hand as she called out with her fragile voice, “Mr… Mu… I feel miserable…”

Her voice was weak, but loud enough for Qi Lei to hear. He knew very well which Mr. Mu she was talking about. Stunned for a moment, he turned around and saw her lips still mumbling. After a while, he smiled and was about to pull her hand away. However, she grabbed tighter and tighter onto him as if her life depended on it.

“Mu Yuchen…”

Qi Lei froze and just let her grab onto him. After a few seconds, he looked at her under the dim light. She still had an uneasy expression as she kept mumbling the same few words.

Qi Lei took a deep breath as he put on a bitter smile. “Mr. Mu? Mu Yuchen? What’s so great about him? What makes you miss him this much?”

Of course, Xi Xiaye could not hear him, but when she felt someone touching her forehead, she grabbed onto the hand.

The night was getting late. When the man did not find the familiar figure after he returned to the Maple Residence, he almost went mad. He made several calls and found out that she was last seen at the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club, so he rushed over. Ah Mo and the others almost flipped the whole City Z upside down looking for her as well.

“Don’t be too worried first, Brother. Maybe she went somewhere. We can ask her friends.”

By the staircase in the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club, Mu Lingshi felt guilty. She was cleaning up the garage with Ah Mo. There was bad reception inside, so she missed her call. Furthermore, she did not expect anything like that to happen.

Mu Yuchen felt a headache as well as a depressed tug deep inside him. His worries were written all over his face. “She had a fever last night up until the morning. Don’t call her for such tiny matters. The people I’ve hired shouldn’t be garbage. If she’s needed to handle such simple tasks, why should they be here? Fire them!” he growled coldly before leaving.

“Brother!” Mu Lingshi sighed helplessly as she looked at Mu Yuchen stepping into the darkness outside.

“Master, we’re looking at the road security camera footages. Don’t worry. We’ll find her soon enough.”

Ah Mo was worried as well, especially since he knew that things had not exactly been peaceful lately. Perhaps something had happened again!

He had goosebumps just thinking of the incident at City B and the other incident during the wedding dinner. If this time…

Mu Yuchen sat inside the car. He kept quiet for a while as he leaned against the seat and slowly closed his eyes. “Take that curved route. It’s near the Maple Residence and she always uses it.”

“Yes, Master! Don’t worry. We’ll go right away!” Ah Mo gave the chauffeur a signal. He started the car and did not say anything.

After driving for a distance, Ah Mo’s phone rang. It was the Traffic Management Bureau. His expression darkened after the short conversation. He turned towards the quiet Mu Yuchen, struggling to talk. “Master, they found Missus’s car on the curved route…”

“Where’s she?” Mu Yuchen opened his eyes instantly, throwing a sharp gaze at Ah Mo.

“There’s no one in the car. The car is locked!” Ah Mo replied carefully.

Mu Yuchen trembled slightly. “Head over right now. Get them to find her as soon as possible!”


The chauffeur sped up.

They soon arrived at the said location. Then, they saw the car parked aside from afar.

Mu Yuchen got out of the car quickly. When he went near the car, of course, it was locked. He got people to break into the car forcefully and then found Xi Xiaye’s phone lying inside. It showed a ton of missed calls from him and Ah Mo. He quickly searched her call log, then he saw several missed calls to him…

As well as the calls to Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo…

His hands trembled and his eyes darkened.

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