The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 511

Chapter 511 Ambush 5

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Where did she go?

Mu Yuchen’s hand held onto the car door tightly as his eyes darkened. He looked at the surroundings to find that it was just undeveloped land around. There was no reason for her to come here this late at night.

Ah Mo was getting anxious when he noticed Mu Yuchen’s expression getting worse. As he was about to offer some words of comfort, his phone rang. When he took it out, he saw an image attached to a message, and the content was shocking!

It was an intimate picture of Qi Lei holding Xi Xiaye. They had just come out of the car, and the angle of the photo was pretty ambiguous.

Was Missus with Qi Lei?

Ah Mo started having cold sweat as he turned to Mu Yuchen who seemed unstable at the moment. After giving it some thought, he went over to him. “Master, look. A strange number sent this to me.”

Mu Yuchen grabbed it swiftly. His expression changed for a moment and returned to normal after that. However, his eyes were still stormy. At the same time, his phone started ringing, so he quickly answered the call.

The voice that reached him gave him a surprise. “Mu Yuchen, it’s me…”

Inside the villa, Qi Lei was standing on the balcony on the second floor. He held a freshly lit cigarette between his fingers as he gazed downward at the reflections of the light on the lake. His handsome face seemed a little desolate from the reflected lights.

Mu Yuchen clenched his fists as he heard his voice. He asked coldly, “What did you do to her?”

“What do you think?” Qi Lei laughed coldly.

“If you dare to do anything to her, you’ll face the consequences!” Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened even further while his tone of voice was icy cold.

“So, what are the consequences? Hunt me down forever? Will you make me disappear in a car accident as well?” Qi Lei’s bitter laugh continued.

“I told you that was really an accident. It’s up to you to believe what I’ve said.” Mu Yuchen took a deep breath and tried his best to suppress his anger. “Where’s Xiaye?”

“She just had a shower and fell asleep.” Qi Lei’s teasing chuckle reached him.

Mu Yuchen’s expression turned into a stormy sky. His hand that was holding Xi Xiaye’s phone tightened and he almost squashed the phone.

“Do you feel heartbroken? Back when Shasha was in the accident, I swore to myself that I’d make sure you have a taste of what it’s like.”

“If it’s about Gu Lingsha, you should look for Qi Feng or me. Why are you involving Xiaye? She doesn’t know anything! I’ll end you if you do anything to her!”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes turned ferocious. A chilly aura gathered around him, even Ah Mo shivered slightly by just looking at him.

Qi Lei started laughing loudly. “Didn’t expect to have this day, did you? I’ve touched whatever that I could. By the way, she smells great! No wonder you are so obsessed with her. Although Shasha is still better, you do have good taste. I’ll send her back tomorrow. Don’t worry. She’s safe now…”

Before Qi Lei was done talking, Mu Yuchen smashed his phone uncontrollably. “Damn it!”

“Master!” Ah Mo was shocked.

Mu Yuchen lowered his head and took a deep breath. His eyes quickly dimmed as he felt a dull pain in his chest. He was in agony even just breathing.

“Master, are you alright?” Ah Mo’s concerned tone dragged him out of the vortex.

Mu Yuchen managed to calm down after a while and his eyes returned to normal as calmness returned to him. He said quietly, “Check where Qi Lei might possibly be staying. He seems to have a villa in the Grand Lake Villa area.”

He remembered Xi Xiaye had told him about it before. He then sat inside the car.

“Yes, Master!” Ah Mo quickly made several calls after a brief reply. Following some short conversations, Ah Mo quickly turned towards the quiet Mu Yuchen.

“Master, it’s No. XX in the Grand Lake Villa area!”

“Head over there now!” Mu Yuchen said calmly as he looked out of the car window.


On the other hand, Qi Lei smirked when he heard a loud crash from the other end of the line. He left his phone aside and rested his arms on the railings as he looked at the lake below. The reflections on the lake’s surface made it look surreal.

The cold light flickered before him while the freezing wind blew through, and his shadow still seemed lonely as ever.

He stared at the lake for a long time. When he turned around, he saw his own reflection on the glass door. He looked at it for some time. Then, as if he saw something dirty on it, he tried to wipe a certain spot on the glass door with his hand.

However, the more he wiped, the more his own face seemed blurry, so in the end, he gave up and just stood there in silence instead.

Some time passed until he suddenly heard someone ring his doorbell. He came back to his senses and went to the corridor to take a look. To his shock, his door was already smashed in. Several bodyguards in black suits rushed in with Ah Mo at the front!

Of course, Qi Lei knew Ah Mo!

Did they arrive already?

Qi Lei squinted his eyes as he stared down coldly.

As Ah Mo just barged in, another person followed him inside as well.

Who else could it be aside from Mu Yuchen?

Qi Lei put on a cold grin as he leaned against the railings and had a wicked smile. His eyes were focused on Mu Yuchen down below.

When he noticed Qi Lei’s gaze, Mu Yuchen looked upwards and their eyes met. Ah Mo and the others could sense the spark in their surroundings. The air seemed to have stopped moving.

Mu Yuchen did not stop and just went up the stairs as Ah Mo followed behind him.

“You’re fast,” commented Qi Lei as Mu Yuchen appeared before him.

Mu Yuchen glanced at him but did not reply. His gaze was cold and sharp as he pushed him aside and went in uninvited.

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