The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Incident 2

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Okay, Missus! Dont worry!

Before Aunt Fang finished, Xi Xiayes figure had already vanished out of the door.

The car sped all the way until it reached Mu Ziruis school. When they reached the school entrance, without waiting for Sis Wang to park the car, Xi Xiaye rushed down and ran straight to the school infirmary.

The school infirmary was behind the school building. Xi Xiaye rushed through the field towards the back of the school building. At this moment, the sound of school ending was announced by a bell. All the students slowly rushed out and quickly drowned Xi Xiaye. Finally, she found the infirmary with some difficulty.

From afar, she could see Mu Ziruis class teacher standing by the door, but it seemed like there were other people in the infirmary. The little figure standing in front of Teacher Chen was Mu Zirui.

Xi Xiaye quickened her steps, yet just as she walked up the stairs, she heard someone lashing out and cursing, If anything happens to Weiwei, youll be in trouble! How are you even a teacher? You cant even take care of your own student. Dont be a teacher if you cant do it well! If anything happens to my daughter, youd better watch out!

It was a very familiar voice. Xi Xiaye immediately frowned when she heard it, and a dark cloud appeared in her mind!

With that voice and that figure, who else could it be but Gu Lingsha?

Her brows furrowed even deeper now!

At this instant, Mu Ziruis young and tender voice was heard. Its not Teacher Chens fault. She just sat under the tree and the hornet came flying near by itself. I told her not to touch it, and she started running, so the hornet chased after her. I told her not to follow me. Shes like a piece of chewing gum sticking to me!

Mu Zirui looked a little unhappily at Qi Weier beside Gu Lingsha. Qi Weiers face was very pale at the moment, and she looked very weak as she held on tightly to Gu Lingshas sleeves. Her eyes widened at Mu Zirui, then she looked up to Gu Lingsha with an expression that made Gu Lingshas heart ache. She immediately scolded Mu Zirui, Watch what youre saying! Wheres this child from? How do your parents teach you? Youre already such a bully at a young age!

I didnt! I didnt bully anyone! Dont talk about my parents like that! Qi Weier, explain it to your mother!

Mu Zirui was beginning to get frustrated. He glared angrily at Qi Weier who remained quiet. While Qi Weier heard him, she only quietly hid behind Gu Lingsha.

Explain what? If you didnt touch that hornets nest, I dont think the hornet would have flown out by itself! Already learning to lie at such a young age, huh? How does the school handle such students? Im so disappointed that youll take in students like this too!

As Gu Lingsha looked at Qi Weiers pale and pitiful little face, the fury in her chest could not help but surge out.

Qi Weier was Gu Lingshas only child and she had poor health. Gu Lingsha doted on her a lot, not daring to let her be hurt at all. Unexpectedly, the teacher suddenly called her earlier, saying that Weiwei had been stung by a hornet. Frightened out of her wits, she rushed over.

Teacher Chen looked at Gu Lingsha with a troubled look as she said softly, Miss Gu, I believe that Zirui is a sensible child. There must be a misunderstanding. Can we wait until the situations been cleared up before

Of course, she knew Qi Weiers background!

There was much to Gu Lingshas origins. In fact, she had come under the recommendation of Qi Kai Corporation, so even the principal had reminded her to handle them carefully. Therefore, Teacher Chen dared not offend Gu Lingsha, but she was very aware of Mu Ziruis character too. He had always been a role model student when it came to studies and behavior, so

Enough, shut up! I dont want to discuss anything with you! Call your head of educational administration or principal over. If we dont clear the air today, I wont be kind. I have many ways of exposing your school. I demand an explanation from the school to punish this boy for recklessly slandering my daughter!

Gu Lingsha did not wait for Teacher Chen to finish before she cut her off. Qi Weier was trembling in shock right now as her hands clung Gu Lingshas arm and she stuck close to her mother who obviously felt pained at this sight.

As Gu Lingsha spoke, she lowered herself and pulled Qi Weier into her arms, protective over her, as she consoled her softly,Weiwei, dont be scared! Dont be! Mother will help you chase away all these bad people! Dont be afraid. Mother will protect you! Dont be afraid or nervous. Be mindful of your health, okay?

I didnt! I didnt poke the hornets nest. It fell by itself! Its up to you whether youd like to believe me or not! I didnt lie! Shes lying. I was helping you out, but youre putting me in trouble. I hate you! I dont want to play with you anymore, you disgusting person! Mu Zirui finally could not help but shout angrily at Gu Lingsha and Qi Weier.

When Mu Zirui said that, Qi Weier, who was in Gu Lingshas arms, immediately cried out softly while she held onto her mothers shirt tightly.

Upon seeing that and hearing Mu Ziruis hooting, Gu Lingsha immediately got up in anger and was about to slap Mu Zirui as she said coldly, Shut up! What terrible behavior!

As she watched the slap about to fall, even Teacher Chen was so afraid of this sight that she was stunned! She did not expect Gu Lingsha to hit him, so she forgot how to react then.

Dont you dare slap him, Gu Lingsha!

At that second, a cold and loud voice was heard. A slender figure flew past and quickly pulled Mu Zirui behind her. Her hand reached up and locked fiercely onto Gu Lingshas wrist. Due to the intense force, Gu Lingsha cried out in pain!

She could even hear the sound of her fingernails scratching her palms. The fierce pain and Xi Xiayes beautiful face appeared in her mind, so she immediately sneered and pushed forward!



Madam Xi!

With the sound of Mu Zirui and Teacher Chens voice, Xi Xiaye staggered as she was pushed away, yet in the instant that she was shoved, Xi Xiayes sharp sight caught the side of Gu Lingshas shirt. She yanked her hard.

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