The Overnight Chosen Wife: Darling Kiss Me Deeper Book 2 Chapter 280

Volume 2: Volume 2: Female Lead No. 2 Chapter 280 Like Begets Like

Cheng Yu wanted to give the duo privacy to talk so she excused herself and went to her room.

Soon after Cheng Yu left, Madam Jiang thought of something and looked worried. "Luna, isn't it dangerous for you to be on your own? Xingyu told me that Li Xiyan escaped prison. She might seek you and cause trouble."Madam Jiang thought about Cheng Yu and was worried about her too. The last time, Li Xiyan had used her to force Luna into admitting guilt for a crime she had not committed. Since she was once again free, wouldn't she seek revenge on Cheng Yu as well?

Since she was Luna's friend, she was concerned about her safety as well, and was even considering having both of them move in with her.

Luna felt emotional that Madam Jiang was worried about her. "Aunty, don't worry about me. I'm an expert at hiding. Previously, I was in hiding for more than a year and not even special level investigators could find me, let alone Li Xiyan. This time, if I decide to hide, she cannot find me either. Not to mention, our roles have been reversed this time and I'm the one looking for her."

Madam Jiang did not look reassured in the slightest bit. "What on earth is a hiding expert? Don't be stubborn. How about you come and live with us? Xingren and I will take good care of you."

Luna coughed in a fit, chocking on her saliva. "Aunty, what are you saying?"

"Come and move in with us. There are no rules anyway, you can do what you want and treat the house as your own. I can guarantee that you will be comfortable."

Luna was glad for the offer but she could not agree to it. "Thanks for offering, but I'm afraid this is not appropriate."

After all, she and Jiang Xingyu were not even friends, let alone dating. How could she audaciously move into his parents' house?

Madam Jiang knew what she was thinking about and clarified, "That punk of mine rarely comes to the old house to visit. You may not even cross paths for weeks. Anyway, you can just take it as living in a friend's house if you don't mind having a friend my age."

Luna was almost moved by the offer but she had to reject it politely. "Thank you but I cannot leave Xiao Yu on her own. I'm afraid she may encounter some danger."

Madam Jiang thought about it and realized that Luna made sense. She could not force her into moving in with her, but she thought of a different method of protecting her. "Since that's the case, how about I send a few bodyguards to protect you? This way, your security would be guaranteed."

Luna was about to reject it but seeing that Madam Jiang was genuinely worried about it, she couldn't bear to. "Then I will have to trouble aunty."

Madam Jiang was overjoyed. "In that case, I will ask that punk to dispatch four of the best bodyguards. Two will be in charge of protecting you and the other two will protect your friend."

"Thanks aunty." Luna hugged her arm, earning a pat on her head.

At that moment, the doorbell rang again and Luna went to check. This time, she checked the monitor first so she did not require a weapon when she opened the door.

"Why are you here?" She asked Jiang Xingyu who had just walked in.

"I went to look for you then found out that you were no longer home. I couldn't reach through to your phone. I was so worried about you yet here you are, having the time of your life!" He complained in a flurry as soon as he was asked.

When he saw his mother in the living room, enjoying a cup of tea and cookies, he was furious. "Didn't you tell me you had a meeting with your old workmates for a chat? Why are you in Luna's apartment instead?"

Madam Jiang peeked at her son smugly. "Do I need to seek your permission before I come to see my Luna?"

Jiang Xingyu frowned at her. "Was the lie necessary? Just admit you didn't want me to tag along. And since when did she become your Luna?" She was obviously his Xia, okay?

Luna laughed heartily as she watched the mother-son duo start with their bickering again.

Jiang Xingyu ignored his mother and went to Luna instead. "Xia, are you alright? Will you be safe?"

Luna was helpless at the sight of his worried face. "I'm really fine. You and aunty can relax. Aunty even decided to dispatch bodyguards" she laughed lightly. They seriously treated her like a delicate toddler.

Jiang Xingyu was relieved, but he didn't forget to shoot a glare at his mother for stealing his thunder. In response, Madam Jiang made a funny face at him.

Jiang Xingyu tried to redeem himself. "If you need anything, you must tell me about it. I am there to help you."

Unlike all the other times, Luna did not reject his offer and instead, hugged him for a brief second. "Thank you."

Jiang Xingyu was so overjoyed that he skipped over to his mother to flaunt.

In response, Madam Jiang gave him a sidelong glance. "What are you so proud of? You have to work so hard, cross a thousand seas and defeat several monsters just to get something that I can obtain by merely being there."

Jiang Xingyu sulked in a corner. "Are you really my mother?"


Meanwhile, in Berlin.

Lanni was infuriated when she learnt that she had to accept a mission before her father was released.

The old boss was an absolute idiot.

Indeed, like begets like. A scoundrel like Flynn could only be under the guidance of a sc.u.mbag worse than him.

When the call with the boss ended, Flynn brought her to another office to explain everything about the mission.

She had to swallow her rage and listen to the mission that was awaiting her.

"Do you know Xing Real Estate?" Flynn asked.

Lanni racked her brains and said, "I've heard about it."

Flynn nodded in approval. "It seems like my job is much easier this time. Xing Real Estate is a normal real estate company on the surface. But in secret, the company deals in drug and weapon smuggling. That's where they get the money they use in running business."

Lanni was not surprised. She had heard a few such rumors.

"However, there is no evidence to prove this. Your task is to enter that company as an employee and find the evidence needed to prove the dirty deeds that take place behind the scenes." Flynn explained briefly.

Lanni blinked. "May I know why I'm the one being given this mission?"

"Could there be any other reason? Of course, it's because Xing Real Estate is in your city. Besides, your identity is the least suspicious." Flynn scoffed.

"Do you have some misunderstanding about the words least suspicious?" Lanni furrowed her brows. "This is a Real Estate company but I'm a former student of art, and I was an undercover journalist in training before. How on earth am I not suspicious?"

Flynn's gaze turned serious. "No one knows about your training. Of course, you will be in trouble if you tell anyone about it.

About being a student of art surely, I do not need to tell you, do I? It's up to you to find a way into the company."

Lanni swallowed the anger that was brewing. What kind of hell-mode mission was this? "How long do I have?"

Flynn checked the mission sheet and quirked up a brow. "There is no time limit. You can take as long as you can."

Lanni's eyes flashed with an icy glint. Awesome! She would never finish the mission.

"Since I have already agreed to complete the mission, you should let my dad go, shouldn't you? After all, I'm going back to B City to carry out the mission."

"Of course we will let him go." Flynn grinned.

"Great. Then"

Lanni was still speaking when he interrupted and added, "As soon as you complete the mission."

"What? What sort of madness is this? You blackmailed me to come here and I did. You forced this mission onto me and I accepted it. Now you want to continue holding my dad hostage?!" She slammed her fist onto the table in rage.

Flynn looked at her enraged little face and felt pity. "It's not my choice, princess. It's an order from above."He pointed a finger upwards.

Lanni took in a deep breath to suppress the urge to murder someone. "You are an asshole! You and your stupid boss are both gaping assholes!"

Flynn tittered in amus.e.m.e.nt. "You better not say that out there. If the old man heard what you said, he would have your head."

"Whatever." Lanni wanted nothing more than to strangle that old man and chop his body into pieces.

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