The Overnight Chosen Wife: Darling Kiss Me Deeper Book 2 Chapter 281

Volume 2: Volume 2: Female Lead No. 2 Chapter 281 An Amorous Affair

Xiehan was waiting for Lanni at a nearby hotel. Seeing that it was taking long and Lanni was not yet back, worry started seeping into his heart. What could be happening? Could those idiots have changed their minds and decided to hurt Lanni instead? Or could this have been a trap all along?

He paced in the hotel room and clenched his fists as he regretted letting her go on her own. He should have insistently gone with her no matter what.

He was preparing to call for backup and go to Galaxis Academy when the door to the suite opened. There was only one person who could enter the suite without knocking so he turned around sharply. When he saw Lanni enter, he rushed up to her and pulled her into his embrace.

They could hear each other's heart racing from how tightly they were hugging.

Xiehan broke the hug after a while and cupped her face in his hands. "How did it go?" It was only when he asked that he realized that Lanni was alone. He peeked behind her then asked, "Where is Uncle?"

Lanni was even more infuriated now that he asked. "Those people are insane foxes! They actually gave me a mission and I have to complete it before they can release my dad." She sulkily explained the so-called mission.

Xiehan tousled her hair without saying a word. It was within his expectations. If they merely wanted her to complete an assignment, intimidating her would be enough. They didn't need to go through so much trouble and kidnap Xia Hanchen. They must have done so only to get something that they would use to pin her down.

"I must finish this in the least time possible. After all, they will only let dad go once it's complete. Until then, they agreed to let me have a video chat with him for ten minutes every day and visit him whenever I want. Crap, this sounds so much like a prison." Lanni lamented.

While it sounded like they were being lenient, the video call was only for her to ensure that they did not hurt him. Allowing her to visit him whenever she wanted was merely superficial. It wasn't like she could keep flying between B City and Berlin every day. She would have to spend at least 12 hours in the air just to see him for a few minutes.

Instead of that, it was a more sane option to complete the mission as soon as she could then bring him back home.

"I will help you." Xiehan's voice pulled her out of her train of thought.

"What?" Lanni peeked up from his chest.

Xiehan kissed her on the forehead. "Honey, your battle is my battle too. I will help you complete it in the least time possible and bring Uncle back."

Lanni felt emotional when she heard his heartfelt words. A smile escaped her lips. "Thank you my love. But aren't you already too busy?"

She already knew just how occupied Xiehan was in Feng Ji International.

Although they had defeated the Feng family a few weeks ago and rendered their effort null, it was not the end of it. She knew that the Feng family had not given up and were constantly finding loopholes to exploit. He already had a hard time keeping them off.

Moreover, he had been occupied helping her expose Li Xiyan and prove Luna'sinnocence just a few days ago.

How could she make him help her out in this matter as well?

She smiled sweetly. "This is a small matter, I can handle it."

Xiehan knew what he was concerned about. Even so, "the company is important but you are important too. If there is anything I can do to make it easier for you, I will gladly do it."

Before she could say no, he looked into her eyes. "Are you really going to deprive me of the right to help my wife?"

Lanni wrapped her arms around his waist as she chuckled gently, not at all repulsed by the fact that he called her his wife. "If there is anything I need help with, I will definitely let you know."

Xiehan nodded in approval.

"The sooner we get back to Country C, the better. My mum will be extremely worried if I'm away for too long."

Xiehan could agree with that. Besides, they only had two hours before their flight. Hence after having a quick meal, they headed to the airport.


For the next few days, Luna busied herself trying to find ways to trap Li Xiyan.

When she learnt that those foxes from Galaxis tricked Lanni, she was so angry that she vowed to seek revenge when she had the time. It was only because she was afraid Li Xiyan would flee out of the country that she had to postpone it.

On the fifth day after Li Xiyan's disappearance, she was finally able to gather some intel.

She had been spending most of her time locked up in her room and barely left her desk.

Cheng Yu could not watch this anymore. She knocked on the door and walked in, carrying a tray of food with her. "Luna, you should have something to eat. If you continue working tirelessly like this, it will not be good for your health."

Luna did not tear her gaze away from her laptop screen as she said indifferently, "I already have a lead. I will not stop until I catch that woman the longer she stays in hiding, the more dangerous it is for us and everyone else."

"Yeah, but if you continue like this, you will not even live long enough to see her pay for her crimes." Cheng Yu placed the tray of food on the desk with a gentle smile. "Take a short break and eat, will you?"

Luna's lips curled up slightly to form a smile of gratitude. "Thank you. I will eat then get back to work."

Cheng Yu sighed in relief. She sat at the side and asked, "How is Lanni? I have not been able to get through to her lately."

Luna clenched her fist furiously as she explained the matter. "Can you believe it? That old geezer actually used such an underhanded method."

"Well, what would you expect from people like them?" Cheng Yu was disgusted just thinking about it. She pondered for a while and was confirmed for a moment. "Luna, how did they know that Lanni had recovered her memory?"

Luna's expression shifted for a second. She tapped on the surface of her desk using her index finger. She was about to blurt something out but changed it in the last moment."No matter how they found out, it doesn't change the fact that they are a bunch of sc.u.mbags."

Cheng Yu scanned the woman before her curiously for a while then stood up, deciding not to push her limits. "I'll go to my room now. I hope there is something I can do to help Lanni out."

Luna stared at the door for a while then sighed. "There must be."


After trying to find a loophole for these few days, Lanni was still unable to get any. Getting into Xing Real Estate was harder than the old geezer made it sound. At this rate, how was she able to get evidence of anything in the least time possible?

On Saturday, she went out for lunch with Xiehan. However, her mind was stuck on her mission and she was unable to focus on their date.

"What's wrong? Is the assignment too difficult?" Xiehan gently asked.

Lanni was yet to answer when a figure stumbled into their private room. "There you are! I've been looking all over the earth's surface for you!" The man complained.

Lanni frowned slightly when she saw the blabbermouth appear. Why was he everywhere?

"What do you want?" Xiehan asked him expressionlessly.

Lin Jian walked over and shifted his gaze between Xiehan and Lanni then decisively slotted himself next to Xiehan. He then looked at Lanni. "Sister-in-law, I have a small matter to discuss with Xiehan. You won't mind, right?"

Lanni shook her head with a smile. "You guys go ahead. I'll"

She was about to excuse herself when Xiehan interrupted. "Stay." There was nothing he wanted to keep from her anyway.

Seeing that Xiehan didn't mind, Lin Jian went ahead to talk about it. It was a matter related to Lin Media Group and Feng Ji International. When they were done, Lin Jian casually asked, "what about the matter with sister-in-law? Is it resolved yet?"

He already knew about how Lanni had a task to complete so when she asked, Lanni shook her head. "Getting into Xing Real Estate is not a walk in the park."

Lin Jian scratched his chin as he thought about it. "But no one said you had to be an employee of Xing Real Estate, right?You can simply seduce the boss and pretend to be in an amorous affair with him. That's even easier than trying to get into the company."

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