The Queen Of Everything Chapter 156

Chapter 156: She Slapped The Teacher Right In Her Face

"Su Cha, why didn't you rebut her claims?"

Right after Su Cha sat down, many contestants directed their gaze towards her. Everyone seemed less concerned about Contestant 18's performance.

All the contestants wanted to know if Su Cha was as calm as she appeared to be.

To the contestants, it was disappointing to see Su Cha so serene and unperturbed off stage. Her eyes were as clear as spring, and there were no signs of uneasiness.

Hearing Le Anqi's question, Su Cha slightly curved her lips into a small smile, "She is the judge, Anqi. You have to remember that."

Su Cha slowly turned her gaze towards Yu Siqing, who was on stage. Yu Siqing had been observing Su Cha as she got off the stage. When she noticed Su Cha's piercing gaze on her, Yu Siqing felt her heart involuntarily tightened.

It was as if someone had tightly clenched her heart. Yu Siqing's seemingly peaceful eyes sensed danger, and she felt suffocated.

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