The Queen Of Everything Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Analysis

Le Anqi never understood why Su Cha did not rebut Yu Siqing.

Su Cha lightly laughed, "Yup, didn't you already say that she had slapped the teachers in their faces?"

Le Anqi was stunned, "So?"

Su Cha explained, "I did not rebut her as she was a judge. It was a public setting. If I were too high profile and rebutted a judge, it would not be beneficial for me. Even the contestants could tell that she was wrong and that she had offended Quan Jia. Everyone knows of Quan Jia's professionalism and expertise in this field. Her status is much higher than Yu Siqing's. If I had rebutted Yu Siqing, Quan Jia might not have been as angry. Instead, she might even think that I am disrespectful."

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