The Record Of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1397

1394 Lorissas Little Lecture

Lorissa had developed a keen interest in Lil Pea.

Strictly speaking, what caught the mage empress' attention was the ability of the demon hunting fish. Like the Ancients, Lil Pea could cast soul-talent spells and possessed the same spiritual power.

What surprised Lorrisa more was that the same experiment she used to participate in had spawned such a magical creature.

The queen sat on the sofa in the middle of the living room, staring curiously at the little mermaid on the coffee table. Feeling bored, the little mermaid jumped around and hit the beautiful patterns on the coffee table while she chewed on a chopstick. Only half a section of it was left in her hand. The fish baby was not interested in the stranger who had suddenly popped up in her house. If she had not seen her daddy being acquainted with the stranger, Lil Pea would not have been bothered to listen to what Lorissa said. For those things were too deep for her. Cartoons and fairy tales were far more interesting. Even her daddy's snoring was more fascinating.

"Incredible. As far as I could remember, we could not even keep the divine cells active and transplant them into ordinary creatures, but they accomplished the experiments while I was being sealed," Lorissa said, marveling at the fish baby who mooched around on the coffee table. "The Sacred Relic of Origins. It seems that they have finally solved the puzzle of artificially controlling the divine power and using it to mass produce biological tissues with supernatural ability."

"They would not be able to create the ancients had they not been able to mass produce the biological tissues. The concepts of making a couple of experimental products and creating a whole new species are different," Hao Ren said. "There could be more to the transformation of Lil Pea than meets the eye. She has her own unique ability and is right up at the top of the food chain of living beings, even as far as being equal to a demigod. This ranking might be irrelevant to the mortals, but when it comes to the question of divinity, it has some incredible influence. Probably, it was the reason why she could easily absorb the power of the Sacred Relic of Origins."

"All those around you are not normal," Lorissa said with a smile, tapping on the coffee table. "Lil Pea, can you summon the Sacred Flame one more time?"

Lil Pea glanced at Lorissa, feeling reluctant. But then after taking a look at the chopstick in her hand, which Lorrisa gave her earlier, the little mermaid gave in. With the wave of her hand, Lil Pea summoned a Sacred Flame, silvery white in color and of the size of the flame from a cigarette lighter.

"That is a cute little flame!" Lorissa caught the silver flame from Lil Pea. The Sacred Flame could melt steel and iron. "You should not act too casual while summoning the Sacred Flame. Releasing energy without restraint would only waste half of its power. Let me teach you a technique by which you can focus your mind. Memorize it so that you can reproduce it in your mind."

She is at it again! The little mermaid said to herself while gnawing the chopsticks and beating the table with her tail because she was bored.

"Don't you think it is too early to teach her the mental technique?" Nangong Sanba, sitting across the coffee table, could not help but say. "This little guy was almost overwhelmed when I taught her Letta runes earlier. She is only two and a half years old, mind you!"

Lorissa shot Nangong Sanba a look. "I am only one and a half years old! Talent is not related to age, mind you! Lil Pea is now fully equipped with the ability to master these skills. Speaking of skills, I have checked your background—you are worse than half-baked as a demon hunter."

It was an embarrassing moment for Nangong Sanba, who rubbed his nose and said, "Ahem, it is because I have never received formal training. Am I not here in your class now? I have learned a lot from your lesson, especially the technique of summoning Sacred Flames."

"Then keep it up. You both are my students now!" Lorissa said while her eyes, which was filled with authority, swept across the coffee table and landed on Y'lisabet. "You too, listen carefully! Don't play with the fireball anymore. It is your Uncle Ren who send you to learn magic spells from me."

The living room became a lecture hall. A half-baked demon hunter, a genius demon-hunting fish, and a little girl who was destined to be the queen of the demonic world sat together. The three of them, each had their own little evil thought, were listening to the lecture of a teacher, who was merely one and a half years old, talking about the mysterious knowledge of magic. It looked strange in the eyes of Hao Ren.

But the weirder thing had just started. Just as Lorissa taught about the most advanced spiritual resonance skills of the Ancient Magic Empire, Hao Ren suddenly saw the paper box in the corner of the room was slowly pushed to a side. A little figure came out of the mouse hole behind the box.

It was not the time where Noobie would usually come out. Hao Ren checked his watch; it was not yet mealtime.

Others were either out of the house or were in their rooms. Aside from the three students and a teacher, Hao Ren and Vivian were the only ones in the living hall. Hao Ren was watching a movie using his PDA while Vivian wiped the furniture not far away. No one except Hao Ren had noticed the movement in the corner of the hall. He looked at the model kit—Noobie—and was curious as to what she was doing.

Vivian's model kit moved slowly toward where Lorissa sat. Noobie then clumsily climbed up the back of the sofa but fell a few times halfway through her effort. At last, Noobile made it.

Noobie sat there and stopped moving.

"Hey, watch it!" Hao Ren poked the MDT and said in a low voice.

The MDT was already upset because Hao Ren used it to watch a movie. All the more so when Hao Ren interrupted it. Angrily, the MDT marked the characters in the film with a black frame, and one with a red frame. "Watch it now! The ones marked with back frame will be all dead, and the one in the red flame is the killer. Are you happy now?"

"I was not talking about the movie, you idiot! I am asking you to look at there, on the sofa! Noobie is sitting right there!"

"Sofa?" The MDT came to its senses. "Damn! –Oh, she is there. What is she doing there?"

"Is she listening to the lecture?" Hao Ren asked in a low voice. "Lorissa is full of enthusiasm right now."

"Oh, do you believe it?" The MDT said. It scorned what Hao Ren thought. "How could Noobie do it? I think she must be preparing to 'biu' Lorrisa in the face."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Hao Ren shook his head. "It is hard to tell. After all, she has been more well-behaved these two days than before—"

Before Hao Ren could finish, Noobie suddenly got to her feet and stood on the back of the sofa. With the flick of her hand, Noobie fired a corrosive energy bolt at Lorrisa. "Ghsss! Piak!"

"See that?" the MDT said faintly.

The sudden movement coming in from the side shocked Lorissa. Noobie was so weak that her movement was utterly silent while Lorrisa was too immersed in her lecture and unaware of her approaching. When Lorrisa finally discovered something was right next to her, she burst into a group of flames, and the released energy sent Noobie flying backward.

In the next second, the scattered flames regrouped and materialized back in the figure of Lorrisa. Meanwhile, due to the momentum, Noobie flipped several times in the air and crashed into and frightened Vivian. "Aah!"

"It is okay, Noobie has a death wish trying to provoke Lorrisa." Hao Ren explained as he dashed over. "Let me see whether the little guy is dead."

"She is still alive, just looks frightened," Vivian said, letting Hao Ren see Noobie who had curled up into a ball in her hand. The last time Noobie was such scared was during the 'combat strength test' that Raven 12345 performed on her. Noobie was almost killed by groups of dogs and cats at that time.

Hao Ren picked Noobie up and examined her. There was no injury on her. Hao Ren's brows knitted together. "Did you notice anything strange about this little thing recently?"

"Strange?" Vivian was perplexed.

"Since the last time she glowed, this guy was getting quieter and quieter. Sometimes she seemed that she could understand language." Hao Ren still frowned. "She was sitting right beside Lorrisa just now listening to the lecture. Suddenly, she attacked."

"Was Lolissa's lecture that boring?" Vivian had a somber expression on her face.

"Ahem, I don't think that is the problem," Hao Ren said.

"Then I don't understand," Vivian said, shaking her head. "After all, she is a Malevolence, who knows what is in her mind? But then again, she does not even have a brain—Eh?"

Vivian suddenly paused and turned around in a direction. She looked baffled.

"What is wrong?" Hao Ren asked.

"Was someone calling me?" Vivian asked. "I just did not know where the voice came from."

"I heard nothing," Hao Ren said while shaking his head. He looked at the others in the living room. "Other than us, Lily is the only one at home right now. But I would have definitely heard had Lily called. You know—he is always loud."

"Oh, Is it? Maybe I had a hallucination. I have been getting little sleep recently," Vivian said, rubbing her forehead.

"That sounds a little scary. Are you okay?" Hao Ren asked, scanning Vivian with his eyes.

"What else can go wrong?" Vivian asked before she gave Hao Ren a sideways glance. "I am the forefather of the supernatural creatures. Which avenging spirit dares to prank me? I must have gotten too little sleep."

When looking at it from a normal human's perspective, Vivian indeed lacked sleep every day. Going to bed at 2.30am and waking up at 6.00am every day; is it not a miracle that Vivian had only realized the problem now? Hao Ren thought to himself.
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