The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Nian Xiaomu Xiao Mumu

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If they tried to threaten him with something, it would not usually end up well.

Nian Xiaomu sounded really dominant, it seemed as if she was going to use Feng Ling to threaten Qi Yan.

If it was really that way, then it would conclude their trip

No one expected Nian Xiaomu to say, You dont have to agree. We will change our conditions and continue to discuss them. Drink some tea and calm down!

She moved the cup of tea that had not been drunk, in front of Qi Yan and smiled.

Are guys in the medical field nowadays all so handsome? You are so good looking and have such great skin that looks better than mine. Out of all the men Ive seen, your looks are only second to my fianc! Nian Xiaomu said and turned to look at Yu Yuehan.

She poked Yu Yuehans face.

Her mischievous actions made Yu Yuehan frown, but he was not angry.

He let her carry on with her actions.

It was just that when he heard her complimenting other guys, he tightened his grip on her to show his dissatisfaction.

Qi Yan was taken aback when he heard Nian Xiaomu.

He did not expect someone who had been so dominant a second ago, to become so harmless instantly.

She took the chance and found herself a way out.

Very flexible!


Except for Feng Ling, do you still have any other stakes at hand? Qi Yan sneered.

He did not take Nian Xiaomus change their conditions seriously.

If it wasnt that he wanted to deal with Feng Lings issue quickly and take Tan Bengbeng away, he wouldnt have met them today.

The nearer Tan Bengbeng got to City H, the less obedient she got.

The intentions of the Mo Family was unclear. They didnt seem as if they were here for him, if he guessed correctly, they were here for Tan Bengbeng.

This wasnt his turf, it would be difficult to deal with troubles.

Due to safety considerations, he wanted to take her away quickly.

One hour was how much time he had given Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu.

Since they stepped onto the cruiser, they had acknowledged to his rules.

As long as they couldnt convince him in an hour, they had to hand over Feng Ling.

Now, all Qi Yan had to do was wait.

It is a doctors duty

I am called King of Hell, not an angel. I can kill, dont talk to me about saving people, interrupted Qi Yan.

As long as you save Tang Yuansi, we can promise you a condition. Even if you dont need it now, there may be a day in the future where you will need it! Stated Nian Xiaomu.

A promise from Yu Yuehan was priceless.

If anyone else heard this, they would have agreed happily.

However, Qi Yan glanced at her coldly and was about to reject it.

There was a burst of hurried footsteps outside.

It was as if someone had tried to break in.

What happened?

Qi Yan looked behind him, the bodyguards brought someone in.

Master, she says that she is Young Master Hans friend and insists on coming in

Shangxin, why are you here?

Nian Xiaomu stood up nervously when she saw who was pinned down by the bodyguards.

Shangxin shook off the bodyguards and ran towards Nian Xiaomu.

Xiao Mumu!

The simple three words caught Qi Yans attention immediately!

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