The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189 Not Even A Look

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When Mo Chenliang heard her mention the DNA test, he finally eased up.

Nian Xiaomu took the opportunity.

If little grandpa is really suspicious of my identity, you can check it anytime. However, grandfather is still in his hands. I am afraid that he is in danger since Mo Kun will not admit that he has held grandfather in captivity. I want to invite all the elders in the room to visit grandfather with me!

Dad is in poor condition and the doctor said he needed peace. Furthermore, people in this room have seen him not long ago, how could he have been in captivity? She is doing this deliberately, lets not fall for this. We have to check her identity first!

Mo Kun denied her request immediately.

He was anxious to deny it, then he realized that he had said it too quickly.

The anxious tone and his usual character were different.

No one would have noticed this small difference in the past, however, Nian Xiaomu had just questioned his identity. The moment he said that the more elders in the Mo Familys gaze changed.

Mo Qian was famous for being calm and tolerant.

Even if he was really framed by someone younger, he wouldnt be so affected.

Mo Chenglang looked at everyone else in the room and said, We will have to do the DNA checks, however, the safety of Old Master is also very important. Since we are here today, we can visit him, it is just that we will have to control the numbers.

Mo Chengliang paused and pointed at Nian Xiaomu.

You can take a look with me. Will that do?

Nian Xiaomu was overjoyed and was about to agree. Then, Mo Kun frowned.

Uncle, the doctor said many times

Why? Cant we stand at the door and take a look? Or is it that you have really done something and are afraid that we will find out?

Mo Chengliang stopped Mo Kun in his sentence and glanced at him.

It was as if he could see through Mo Kuns mind.

Mo Kun felt guilty, he clenched his teeth and reminded, Since uncle is not assured, of course you can visit dad. I am just worried about Nian Xiaomu, she has the Mo Family warrant. If something happens to dad, then she will be the rightful Master

Mo Chengliang turned to look at Nian Xiaomu.

He sized her up.

Nian Xiaomu confidently stood in front of him.

The noble aura and bright eyes were more outstanding than three years ago.

Mo Chengliang nodded in satisfaction and answered, If the DNA results come out and prove that she is really your daughter, the Missy of the Mo Family, then, she is the rightful successor. Why are you so nervous about it? Unless you do not want your daughter to succeed to the position? Or she is not your daughter!

Uncle, what are you talking about? Of course I hope that my daughter is still alive. I just do not believe that Nian Xiaomu is Xinxin. As the temporary Master of the Mo Family, I have my responsibilities. That is why I am so careful and unwilling to believe a stranger before the test results.

Since that is the case, then lead the way. I would like to see who dares to harm the Old Master under my watch!

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