The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 Reunion

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Mo Kun had no reason to oppose it.

Nian Xiaomu wanted to take Tan Bengbeng or Qi Yan to check her grandfathers illness, but Mo Kun would not allow.

She was worried that if they quarreled, she may not be able to see her grandfather, so she had to hold it in.

No matter what, it was more important to guarantee her grandfathers location and safety!

Dad was always taken care of by Yong Heng and he is medically trained. Why not let him come along.

After Mo Kun rejected Nian Xiaomus request, he offered for Mo Yongheng to come along.

Mo Yonghengs part in the Mo Family and was the Old Masters most trusted person.

There was nothing wrong with asking him to come along.

Mo Chengliang agreed to it.

Nian Xiaomu looked at Mo Yongheng, who was not part of the discussion at all and narrowed her eyes. There was something weird about him.

If he secretly helped her to get back to the Mo Family, it meant that he knew that she was the Missy of the Mo Family.

However, when she was questioned just now, he had not said anything.

According to the information that Yu Yuehan found, after she was sent overseas, Mo Yongheng was always with her. If he would speak for her, no one would question her identity.

Because he did not speak, it made it look as though he was suspicious of her too.

Unless he helped them because he was on their side. Did he want to get rid of Mo Kun for personal reasons?

It was rare for her to have this feeling where she could not understand someone at all

Mo Yongheng heard Mo Kun and said calmly, Old Master is upstairs. You guys can follow me.

Nian Xiaomu was shocked.

She did not expect Mo Kun to be so cautious. Not only did he transfer grandfather out of the hospital, but into his own mansion.

It had been three years.

Nian Xiaomu may have forgotten many things, however, there was always a kind and stern man appearing in her mind.

She was about to reunite with her grandfather, she rubbed her palms together nervously.

Mo Chengliang felt something and looked at her.

When he saw that she was worried about the Old Master, he was comforted.

Mo Yongheng and Mo Kun walked at the front. The four of them were close to each other, but they had lowered their volumes and what they were saying was inaudible.

Nian Xiaomu thought she heard something, but when she wanted to walk up to him, he had finished his sentence.

There was no expression on Mo Yonghengs face.

It was as calm as when he walked in.

He was like an autism patient who wouldnt talk and walked all the way to the corner of the room.

Then, Mo Kun turned and explained, Although it is a bit far, this room has the best position, it is the largest and also the most peaceful. Yong Heng chose it, especially for dad. Uncle, you can take a look and be assured.

Mo Yongheng looked at Nian Xiaomu and reached out to open the door.

When the room door was opened, the sound of the medical apparatus could be heard.

The white room looked exactly like a hospital ward.

In the middle of the room was a bed.

Nian Xiaomu saw the person lying on the bed and wanted to walk in.


Aye! Your grandfather needs peace, we said that it was only going to be a look. What are you trying to do? Mo Kun deliberately stopped Nian Xiaomu.

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