The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 Turning Affectionate In A Single Second

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Move away! As Nian Xiaomu paused, she stared at Mo Kun, who was preventing her from meeting her grandfather and clenched her fists.

Her parents were dead and her grandfather was her only family member.

Mo Kun knew very clearly that she was feeling extremely anxious, yet he had still intentionally disallowed her to meet her grandfather. Could it be that her grandfather was already

In a state of anxiety, Nian Xiaomu wanted to barge her way into the hospital ward instantly.

However, Mo Yongheng pulled her back the moment she took her first step.

Mo Yongheng was different from Mo Kun, as he merely grabbed onto her wrist gently and pulled her toward him before quickly releasing his grip.

His actions pulled the distance between Nian Xiaomu and Mo Kun apart instead.

As he met Nian Xiaomus shocked gaze, he said calmly, The head of the family needs to recuperate, you can enter to visit him, but please do not make any noise nor startle him. You can only take a look at him, and you will have to exit the room as soon as you have confirmed that he is fine.

After Mo Yongheng had finished speaking, he did not wait for Nian Xiaomu to reply and simply turned around to look at Mo Chengliang who stood at the back.

Mo Chengliang was someone who really respected the elderly head, and he would naturally place his health and well-being as the utmost priority. As such, he readily agreed to what Mo Yongheng had said.

Nian Xiaomu had wanted to say something else after Mo Chengliang nodded his head, but it was a futile attempt and she could only follow suit and agree to this demand.

Mo Kun was blocking the door with his body and had wanted to stop Nian Xiaomu from entering. However, he was afraid that his actions would turn out to be too obvious and instead make him appear suspicious. Hence, he could only allow them in.

As the Mo Family did not take a fancy to lavishness, the Mo Family villa, as well as the elderly heads resting chamber, had a refined and delicate design to them.

Even though the white-colored ward was huge, it was decorated very simply and most of the items in the room were medical equipment.

The blue-colored curtains swayed gently with the wind, as the sunlight seeped in through the windows and filled the entire room with a fuzzy kind of warmth

It was very comfortable and bright.

For some reason, Nian Xiaomu had sized up the decorations in the ward and she wondered if these were part of Mo Kuns or Mo Yonghengs arrangement.

The head of the Mo Family, Mo Chengxian, was lying on the bed with a ghastly pale face and his eyes were tightly shut.

Nothing, not even a sickly face, could conceal the resolute aura, as well as the drive of a long-time top leader, in him. However, the only thing that accompanied him right now was the beeping of the medical equipment beside him.


As Nian Xiaomu watched the lifeless elderly head, who was merely hanging on to his dear life with the help of the medical equipment, her tears rolled down the moment she started to speak.

Numerous images flashed past her mind in just a single second.

It was a sunny and bright afternoon.

Just as it was today.

The thirteen-year-old girl had been brought by her parents to meet her grandfather the moment she was brought home.

The imposing aura of the Mo Family head was known far and wide.

Her parents had already instructed her not to go overboard in front of her grandfather while they were on their way there.

Since she was obedient when she was young, the more she would obey her parents now by not angering her grandfather.

However, by the time they reached her grandfathers residence, he was standing by the front yard waiting for them even before anyone could announce their arrival.

The moment he met her, a smile emerged from his strict face as he waved at her lovingly.

Liuliu, quickly come over and let Grandpa have a good look at you!

That day, the people who were in charge of serving the head of the Mo Family were stunned.

No one had ever seen such an easy-going side to the elderly head, and he was someone who would show a dark face even to his two sons. However, he changed the moment he saw his granddaughter.

That day turned out to be the beginning of everything too.

Nian Xiaomu had been an intelligent little girl ever since she was young.

Not only did she have a delicate and adorable appearance, but she was also good with sweet words.

Even though she was tortured every single day with the training to become an heir, she would always smack her chest and assure the elderly head whenever he asked her about her homework.

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