The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284 Counterstrike

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Stroke? A normal stroke?

The smile on Mo Kuns face froze instantly.

Is Qi Yan sure that he did not mean poison?

He was the renowned King of Medicine. How can he not even tell that Mo Chengxian is being poisoned

Mo Kuns face changed. He opened his mouth a few times intending to speak but swallowed his words back again.

If Qi Yan could tell that Mo Chengxian was being poisoned and accused him, he would be able to blame it on Mo Yongheng.

However, if Qi Yan did not talk about it, he couldnt possibly throw himself under the bus by asking Qi Yan why he could not see that Mo Chengxian was being poisoned.

That would be telling the whole world that he had done it.

Mo Kun was angered and could not let it go.

Compared to Mo Kun, Mo Chengliang happily got up after hearing Qi Yan. Were you speaking the truth? Old Master can be cured?

Do I look like Im joking?

Qi Yan led Tan Bengbeng to the front of the chair and sat down again.

Just as he crossed his legs, Tan Bengbeng sent a glare. He could only put it down again quietly.

He raised his eyebrows in a devilish manner.

I have done a thorough check-up on the Old Master, but I have some minor questions for the people that took care of him. Can I?

Of course!

The moment he heard that Qi Yan could cure Mo Chengxian, Mo Chengliangs attitude towards him changed completely and he became extremely friendly.

He asked the butler to call the doctors and nurses who usually took care of The Old Master.

They stood in a row neatly.

Even Mo Yongheng came in and stood beside Mo Chengliang while he waited for Qi Yans questions.

Upon seeing that Mo Yongheng was also here, Mo Kun became energetic again.

Mo Kun thought that Qi Yan wanted to question Mo Yongheng in front of everyone and instantly became joyous.

Hed wait for the drama to unfold!

He purposely cleared his throat to speak. King of Hell, you made everyone come over, is there anything important you want to talk about?

Qi Yan nodded. Yes, it is quite important.

Mo Kuns face lit up, he was sure that Qi Yan was going to talk about the poison. He asked quickly, What is the important matter, everyone is waiting. Quick, say it!

Qi Yan cast him a glance and curved his lips into a cold smile.

The sharp gaze was as if he could see through what the person was thinking.

He pushed against the arms of the chair and stood up.

He placed his hands behind his back and walked around the living room. He stopped in front of the doctor that always took care of the Old Master.

Qi Yan had a look at Liao Fei and asked nonchalantly, Are you the one that has been curing Old Master?

Liao Fei was previously scared by Mo Yongheng and had been doing his job obediently these few days.

However, today he was not afraid. Mo Kun was here, he had his back.

Furthermore, he did not know who Qi Yan was. Hearing that he asked about the patients illness, it was his specialization. Of course, he would be confident about it.

He raised his head and answered, Yes, I was the one who took care of the head of the Mo Family. I am the cream of the crop, I was selected from several doctors. The head of the Mo Family was so ill, if it wasnt for me, he wouldnt have made it till today!

So, are you able to cure the Old Master? He flicked his fingers and asked.

Not knowing what exactly he was asking for, Liao Fei turned to look at Mo Kun.

He had just received the news from Mo Kun to blame everything onto Mo Yongheng if someone found out that the head of the Mo Family was being poisoned.

However, why was he not asking about the poison, but asking him if he could cure the head of the Mo Family?

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