The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 Get Lost As Far Away As Possible

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Mo Kun did not instruct on how to answer this question

Does Doctor Liaos ability to cure patients depend on President Mo? Or is it that President Mo decides whether you can cure the head of Mo Family?! Qi Yan suddenly raised his voice when he noticed that Doctor Liao kept looking at Mo Kun.

The aura of superiority oppressed Liao Fei.

An ordinary doctor like Liao Fei would not be able to withstand it for long. He quickly explained, The head, head of the Mo Family is seriously ill, it is very difficult to cure him. However, as his main doctor, I will definitely do my best to nurse him back to health

Okay, you can go. Qi Yan abruptly spoke and interrupted him.

Liao Fei was confused as he was stopped in the middle of his speech.

It was as if he did not understand what Qi Yan meant.

Dont you understand what I said? I said, you are fired, you can pack up now and get lost, as far away as possible!


I am the best specialist in the country. Furthermore, I am the main doctor for Old Master, if you chase me away, who will be taking care of the head of the Mo Family?

Qi Yan gave him a glance and said, Precisely because of useless doctors like you, the Old Masters illness has dragged on for so long. That is why you can get lost now!

What Qi Yan had just done not only confused Liao Fei, but Mo Kun as well.

He was still waiting for Qi Yan to ask about the poison so that he would be able to get rid of Mo Yongheng.

However, he did not get to remove Mo Yongheng and now Qi Yan wanted to remove the spy he placed beside that old man.

Without Liao Fei being the main doctor, and Old Master with Mo Chengliang, it would be difficult for him to know the status of that old mans illness in the future.

Liao Fei could not be chased away!

Mo Kun raised his head and said. Uncle, Doctor Liao is not wrong, he has always taken care of father and never made a mistake. If we suddenly fire him, even if we put the implications of Fathers illness aside, it will not be good for our reputation when the news gets out. Since King of Hell is confident to cure Father, why not let Doctor Liao stay as an assistant to him, at least someone will understand if something goes wrong.

While Mo Chengliang lowered his head to think about it, Qi Yan had already rejected it for him.

There is no need, I do not accept such a bad assistant.

Mo Kun was alarmed.

King of Hell, this is the Mo Family, watch what you are saying. Doctor Liao did not offend you but you want to chase him away like this. Why do I think that you are trying to hide something, if there is anything, say it out loud now!

Mo Kuns gaze sharpened, he suspected that Qi Yan had already found out that Mo Chengxian was being poisoned. He was trying to agitate Qi Yan with his words.

However Qi Yan did not even look at him but asked Mo Chengliang straight.

Mr. Mo, if I can cure the head of the Mo Family, can I decide the manpower allocation?

Mo Chengliang nodded. Of course! If you really can cure the head of the Mo Family, not only will the medical personnel listen to you, even I will listen to you!

Mo Kun was shocked!


Dont talk about this anymore, Old Masters health is more important. Qi Yan is not wrong in saying that Doctor Liao proclaimed himself to be good yet the heads condition did not get any better after treating him for so long. If we continue to let him be in charge, I am worried that he will soon ask us to be mentally prepared for the worst!

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