The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 745

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He just did not want to believe.

He did not want to believe that the woman he loved had been lying to him all the time.

His phone rang.

He looked at the incoming call and did not answer. He looked at the assistant.

The assistant walked up and answered the phone for him.

The assistant listened for a few seconds and his face changed.

He moved the phone away and looked at Yu Yuehan nervously. “Young Master Han, the hospital has verified that Nian Xiaomu did enter the hospital three years ago due to an injury. However, she was not in a vegetative state and she was hospitalized for less than a month before she was discharged…


Yu Yuehan swept all the things from his table onto the floor before the assistant could even finish his sentence!

He held onto the desk and his expression was as black as a thunderstorm.

“Say that again?”

He hadn’t suspected a word that Nian Xiaomu told him.

Even if he recognized the person in the video to be her, he still reminded himself constantly that she was unconscious two years ago. The person that took Xiao Liuliu to Yu Corporation could not have been her.

But now, even the unconscious part was fake.

It didn’t matter about the DNA report three years ago or sending Xiao Liuliu to him two years ago. There was no mastermind behind this.

It was her.

All along it was her.

He did notice something was amiss, he even suspected Tan Bengbeng. But, he hadn’t thought of suspecting her…

Even when he saw the video yesterday, he still believed that this was nothing to do with her.

He was trying so hard to find evidence that she was not behind this!

However the results…

Was Tan Bengbeng one of her men too?

That’s why she cooperated with Nian Xiaomu and fabricated a flawless excuse.

He thought that there was someone behind all of this.

He hadn’t thought that the person toying with him would be Nian Xiaomu!

The first woman he loved, and the only woman he loved deeply.

His daughter’s mom…

“Young Master Han, your hand is bleeding!” The assistant saw the blood oozing out between his fingers.

Yu Yuehan clenched his fist tightly. It was unclear if he was hurt from sweeping the stuff off his table or if he was hurt from his fingernails. The blood dripped onto the desk.

It was like the plum blossoms that fall into the snow. Memorizing and glaring.

He ignored the assistant and glared at the computer screen. He looked at the women carry Xiao Liuliu into Yu Corporation.

When the woman turned and showed her face, it was like a dagger had stabbed his heart.

“Where is Nian Xiaomu?”

” Miss Nian should be in the public relations department now. Do I need to call her?” The assistant asked carefully.

Before Yu Yuehan could reply, the door of the President’s office rang.

The next moment, Nian Xiaomu pushed open the door.

She was holding onto a few files and when she saw them in the office, she started muttering, “Since you guys are inside, why didn’t anyone come to the door when I was knocking? I almost left.”

She hugged onto the files and walked forward. She stopped when she saw Xiao Wei in the office. That was when she realized that the atmosphere was strange.

She turned to Yu Yuehan and asked instinctively.

“Did something happen?”

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