The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 877

Chapter 877 I Love You Very Very Much

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Shangxin’s body went limp and she collapsed onto the chair.

Her mind was completely blank as she walked out of the doctor’s office.

Like a robot, she made her way toward Tang Yuansi’s hospital ward.

The words the doctor had said just now kept ringing in her ears.

She was afraid.

She was really afraid.

It felt more terrifying than when she stood outside the operating theater to wait for the completion of his operation when she was young.

When the assistant, who was standing at the door, noticed her strange expression, he approached her immediately and started to comfort her, “Miss Shangxin, take the doctor’s words with a pinch of salt, they usually over-exaggerate. President Tang has been refusing treatment since he’s known about his medical condition. As such, the doctor will surely exaggerate things so that we can persuade President Tang to receive his treatments…”

Before the assistant could finish speaking, Shangxin suddenly paused and took a look at him.

Shocked, the assistant plastered his entire body against the wall of the corridor and forcefully swallowed his saliva.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No, I think that you are absolutely right,” Shangxin replied. Then, she emphasized her thoughts with a pause between every word and said, “This disease has followed Brother Xiaosi since he was born and he has managed to live through this for over 20 years. Nothing bad will happen to him so easily.”


“The doctor must be lying to me. Surely he will get better if he agrees to receive the treatments. This must be the case!”

Shangxin walked toward Tang Yuansi’s ward as she muttered.

For some reason, the assistant felt that this reaction of hers was way scarier than her bawling out loud as he stared at her back.

By the time the assistant returned to the ward, Shangxin was sitting on the hospital bed. As Tang Yuansi could not consume too much water, she was using a wet cotton swab to moisturize his lips.

Her actions were very gentle and she even smiled at Tang Yuansi when he lifted his head to look at her.

She had put up a completely different image from the lady who had screamed, “You’re a liar, don’t touch me” earlier on.

Now, Shangxin was unbelievably gentle.

It wasn’t surprising for the assistant to have chills go up his spine as Tang Yuansi, who was lying on the hospital bed, already had goosebumps formed on his body.

As he stared at the cotton swab brushing against his lips, he kept having a feeling that, based on her character, she was applying arsenic instead of plain water on his lips.

Just when Tang Yuansi moved his lips to say something, Shangxin spoke up first and said, “Brother Xiaosi, the doctor mentioned that even though your condition is pretty serious, you would still be able to fully recover if you receive your treatments regularly.”

Tang Yuansi was taken aback.

Following this, a self-mocking smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

He seemed to have sensed her intention to comfort him behind her words.

He understood his condition best. As such, he could not take it when she acted in this manner as if nothing happened when she was obviously upset and afraid.

He would rather see her in a state where she continued to scold him for being a liar and lose her temper at him than see her cooking up a lie which no one would believe in a bid to comfort him.

He would only hate himself for being useless with her current state!

“Brother Xiaosi, it’s true…”

“Enough! Stop talking!” Tang Yuansi bellowed and interrupted her words.

He was about to chase her away when he saw her ghostly pale face. In the end, he reached out and forcefully drew her into his embrace.

As he ran his fingers through her long hair, he lowered his head and took in the fragrance of her hair.

He opened his mouth slowly and spoke with a deep voice.

“Xin’er, I love you, very, very much. However, I don’t wish for you to see me in this state. I don’t want you to stay by my side and remain so terrified, I don’t want our baby to be fatherless as soon as it is born…”

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