The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 878

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Tang Yuansi choked back his tears as he spoke in a very deep voice. Then, he paused because just as he was about to tell her to abort the baby, he felt that his shoulders had become wet.

Beads of tears started to fall on his shoulders.

Shangxin did not say anything as she laid against his chest; she only hugged him forcefully and did not cry out loud. However, her suppressed cries felt like a dagger slicing through his heart.

Before this, he thought that the most powerful thing to upset him was her forced smile.

However, he now realized that her tears were the most potent weapon.

Seeing her in tears felt way more dreadful than taking away his life.

It was his fault; he should not have entered into a relationship with her in the very first place since he had known that he would not be able to provide her happiness.

It was his inability to let go of this relationship that had led to their current situation…

“Xin’er, sorry…” Tang Yuansi hugged her so tightly that it was as if he wanted to pull her right into his body.

His eyes turned red when he heard her sobs.

He had experienced many things in his lifetime;

He had been permanently ostracized in the orphanage he had grown up in.

Few people would adopt children from the orphanage as they were usually in poor health.

Tang Yuansi knew that he was different from others when he was very young.

He could not lead an active lifestyle like the rest.

He could not get too emotional.

He could not display his happiness nor sadness on his face.

It was her appearance that changed his life.

There was one person who would call him “Brother Xiaosi” ever so sweetly.

She was the one who would find him reading a book in a corner when no one else could find him.

She would tilt her head and ask him why he did not kiss her when she saw a boy kissing a girl on television for the first time…

For the first time in his life, he heard someone cry out loud in sadness screaming, “My Brother Xiaosi is missing, Xiao Xinxin is so, so sad.” just because she couldn’t see him.

His name would appear in her birthday wishes every year.

He took a place in her heart.

She was the one who filled his originally dark and gloomy childhood years with colors.

It was as if she was an angel sent by the heavens to light up his dull, gray life.

If there was anything that Tang Yuansi was not content with, it would be not having enough time to stay by her side.

They were a pair of childhood lovers who had walked together side by side through their teenage years. However, they would not be able to walk to their wedding day together…

He owed her a promise.

As well as a grand wedding.

He did not know what else he should tell other than “sorry”.

He had nothing left now and would only bring her suffering.

When Shangxin heard his apologies, she could no longer hold back her tears and burst out crying.

As she grabbed onto his shirt tightly with both hands, in between her sobs she cried, “Brother Xiaosi, listen to the doctor… We will not give up on your treatments, you will get better…”

“Do it for me and the baby, don’t give up even if there is only a slim chance…”

“When I was young, I always heard Daddy saying that as long as there is a will, the one whom I cared dearly for would regain consciousness…”

“My dad and I had managed to wait until the day my mummy woke up. You will definitely get well soon…”

Shangxin’s eyes had turned red from all the crying.

Seeing that Tang Yuansi did not reply, she bit her lip. Then, she lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at him with a stubborn expression.

“Brother Xiaosi, do you believe in miracles?”


Tang Yuansi lowered his gaze slightly and moved his lips when he saw her upset look. He wanted to say something but could not articulate his words no matter what.

The next second, she said, “I believe!”

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