The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 950

Chapter 950 Dont Take The Silent Tiger As A Good Target To Bully

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Tao Yunyun’s gaze turned sinister.

Reaching out, she covered her red, swollen face. Even curling her lips was so unbearable as she painfully sucked in her breath.

Goddamn Nian Xiaomu, she was too fierce with her blow!

She had nearly disfigured her.

Did she think that she could do nothing to them with Young Master Han as their backup?

This is a party that had been organized by the Mo Family.

She might not be able to return the slap to Nian Xiaomu with Young Master Han around, but she could definitely make Zheng Yan the scapegoat!

She shall let them have a taste of her power!

“You were the one who had beaten her up?”

Mo Qian raised his eyebrows and stared at Zheng Yan with a slightly chilly gaze.

When Zheng Yan was about to admit to it, Nian Xiaomu pulled her back and spoke up first.

“Not her, I was the one who beat up Miss Tao.”

As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she slowly walked over to the front and raised her head to meet Mo Qian’s gaze.

The person before her brought about a huge sense of familiarity.

However, she had forgotten everything she wanted to ask him.

Is he her father?

Does he remember her?

What about her mother?

Numerous questions swarmed into her mind instantly.

However, many guests had attended the party.

And now, they were all gathered around them because of Tao Yunyun.

This was not the time to talk. Furthermore, Tao Yunyun actually had the nerve to point fingers at other people first and wanted to attack using the strength of another!

“What is happening, why are there people causing a commotion at a business party. They are definitely not respecting the Mo Family…”

“That’s right, she even made the first move and hit her…”

“I heard that the Elder Miss of the Tao Family was the one who had provoked them, and she was really beaten up in the end. Tell me, what exactly is happening?”


All the guests at the party had started to discuss the situation as they whispered in one another’s ears.

Even though everyone had different views on this matter, all of them had placed their focus on Mo Qian.

Mo Qian had organized this party, and it was all up to him to decide how he wanted to settle the matter.

“Uncle Mo, I really have nothing to do with this matter, I merely said a few truthful sentences. Zheng Yan started to feel guilty and wanted to hit me, but Nian Xiaomu is Zheng Yan’s friend and she helped her to get back at me instead…”

Tao Yunyun reached out to grab onto Mo Qian’s arm. Just as she was about to draw a clear line between herself and the matter, she realized that Mo Qian’s gaze was not on her.

As she followed his gaze, she realized that he was actually staring at Nian Xiaomu.

He seemed to be looking at her in a very serious manner.

Tao Yunyun’s heart skipped a beat.

For some unknown reason, she felt a slight tinge of foreboding in her heart…

Apart from being Young Master Han’s fiancée, could Nian Xiaomu know Uncle Mo as well?


Mo Qian helmed an extraordinary position in the Mo Family.

Even Mo Yongheng had to address him respectfully as Eldest Uncle when he saw him; how could a small fry like Nian Xiaomu possibly know the person who wielded the highest authority in the Mo Family?

She must have read too much into it.

Tao Yunyun calmed herself down. Just when she wanted to say something else, Nian Xiaomu spoke first.

“Miss Tao, shouldn’t you reflect on yourself first before you point your finger at others? You made use of your shrewd tongue and simply went around to sow discord. Are you assuming that everyone in the entire world is so dumb that they can be manipulated by you?”

Stunned, Tao Yunyun said, “You, what nonsense are you spouting? Whatever I have said was the truth!”

Nian Xiaomu walked forward and reasoned it out with her.

“Truth? You took advantage of the close relationship between the Tao Family and Mo Yongheng and threw your power around in the Mo Family shopping mall. You snatched the heel that Zheng Yan had picked way before you came, and Mo Yongheng ordered you to pay for it. Is this the truth?”

Before Tao Yunyun could explain herself, she continued to speak again.

“You failed to bully Zheng Yan in the shopping mall and felt indignant about it. As such, you slandered her right in front of everyone the moment you saw her at this party. But who are you to do this?”

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