The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 951

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“Miss Tao, why do you say things like, ‘Young Master Han, I have had a deep impression of you since I met you at a ball the last time, and I still can’t forget that encounter even now’ in front of someone else’s fiancée? I don’t think this is something that should be said by a decent lady, right? I am afraid that no one else would be able to compete with you in terms of being shameless. The slap that I have given you was considered a light punishment; if you were living in ancient times, a woman like you would surely be drowned to death!”

Nian Xiaomu spoke with a pause between every word, and every single word that she said was like a slap delivered to Tao Yunyun’s face.

When she saw that everyone was crowding around and staring at her, Tao Yunyun was anxious to explain herself.

However, Nian Xiaomu did not give her the chance as she raised her head swiftly and stared at Mo Qian.

“President Mo, Tao Yunyun has been using the Mo Family’s name and abusing her power. Those who were aware would have known that the Mo Family had nothing to do with her actions, but for those who were not aware…”

Nian Xiaomu paused intentionally halfway through her words.

Everyone present clearly understood the meaning of her half-spoken words.

For all the bad things that Tao Yunyun had done the Mo Family would have been made the scapegoat.

In the end, whenever others were scolding the Tao Family for using their powerful connections to intimidate people, they would surely think that the Mo Family was stupid to have allowed their subordinates to do as they wished without restraint.

Tao Yunyun turned pale with fright. “It’s not true! Uncle Mo, I didn’t do it, I was obviously bullied…”

“You only have to ask the people around to find out if you were bullied, or was it the other way round? Are you suffering the consequences of your own actions?” Every word that Nian Xiaomu said was filled with strength.

The aura that she exuded completely crushed Tao Yunyun.

It was as if she was the daughter hailing from a noble family, while Tao Yunyun was merely a lowly creature.

The atmosphere instantly became different.

There was a stony silence at first, but emotions soon rose.

Everyone’s gazes shifted to and fro between Tao Yunyun and Nian Xiaomu. In the end, their gazes landed on Mo Qian who had been silent the entire time.

Mo Qian stood with folded arms and an imposing aura all around him.

He collected his gaze. No one could tell what he was thinking.

A long while later, he slowly lifted his eyelids and looked toward Nian Xiaomu.

“What if I don’t believe your words?”


Nian Xiaomu was speechless for a moment.

They were at a party that had been organized by the Mo Family. As such, she had bet on the fact that Mo Qian would not be biased toward anyone in front of such a huge crowd and hence narrated the entire situation.

She could, at the very least, do justice to Zheng Yan.

However, she hadn’t thought that Mo Qian would say something like this.

For some reason, a slight tinge of disappointment emerged in her heart.

A voice seemed to be telling her that he wasn’t such a person.

He would not be biased toward Tao Yunyun because of the relationship between the Mo Family and the Tao Family. In the end…

The entire matter seemed to have concluded after that sentence by Mo Qian.

The bodyguards outside swarmed in and headed toward Nian Xiaomu.

“I shall see who has the guts to touch her!”

All of a sudden, Yu Yuehan walked up behind Nian Xiaomu and spoke coldly.

It was as if a man with royal blood had descended with that regal aura of his.

His cold, stern tone was comparable to that of Mo Qian’s.

The moment he swept his coquettish eyes at them, the bodyguards before him instantly halted and dared not move closer.

The atmosphere instantly turned cold.

Nian Xiaomu did not retreat backward; she continued to stand there as she stared stubbornly at Mo Qian with her animated eyes.

She bit her lip and a tinge of grievance could be seen in her gaze.

Her gaze turned even more indignant, especially after she noticed the gleeful Tao Yunyun.

Mo Qian knitted his eyebrows when he met her gaze.

An uncomfortable feeling rose up in his heart.

For some reason, his chest felt smothered.

Reaching out, he tugged on his necktie and suddenly spoke.

“Chase Tao Yunyun out!”

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