The Rise Of The White Lotus Book 2 Chapter 245

Volume 2 Chapter 245 Little Spaceman

Meanwhile at the Yang Mansion, both Frederick Yang and Lillian Yang's gaze constantly met every once in a while. There was this distressing atmosphere circulating around the whole area of the galant living area. 

How did they end up like this?

Earlier, both Yang parents rushed their way to the Jin Medical Hospital the moment they heard the news about Morris Liu. They arrived and left before Lexi and Ethan Lu had arrived, hence, their paths didn't meet. 

After that, since Frederick Yang had more free time and his meetings were all pushed back until later this day, both of these old love birds decided to shop— at Lillian Yang's persistence as she felt she needed more things.

Both of them were satisfied with both their eyes twinkling in awe as they checked their purchases the moment they went home. However, just as they were enjoying going through each paper bags, Frederick Yang and Lillian Yang were struck with a dilemma that led them to their brief argument. 

"Honey, I think we're too advanced for this…" Heavily sighing, Frederick Yang slightly shook his head and placed down the small paper bag he personally bought that he was about to reveal what's inside. 

"Advanced? Honey, let me see what's inside that paper bag?" Arching her brows, Lillian Yang's gentleness reduced tremendously as she looked at her husband with a displeased look. 

"*sigh* No, I think we're good for today," Once again, Frederick Yang let out a heavy sigh as he refused to reveal that's inside the small paper bag on his lap. He added, "Also, Lexi might arrive at any moment, she can't see this just yet."

"No, Fred. You have to be honest and show me what's inside. We already talked about it and we agreed that all of the baby stuff should be gender neutral since we still don't know what gender it is. " Lillian Yang scoffed as if she could not believe that her husband still did what he wanted. They were married for nearly three decades hence, she already guessed what's inside the paper bag— a baby boy's outfit!

"Honey, sorry. I just thought it looked cute and it was begging me to buy it! What can I do?" Frederivk Yang softly reasoned out as he slowly slid his hand inside the paper bag and unhurriedly raised his hand revealing a cute and small spaceman costume from Toy Story. 

"See? Imagine our little angel with this one." Frederick Yang peered the baby costume and imagined his grandchild wearing this. Just with that thought, his heart melted and disregarded whatever displeased his wife. 

"Oh my god, Fred… that's so cute," The instant Lillian Yang laid her eyes on the adorable costume, just like her husband, her heart melted, her gaze softened, and all of her other nerves felt excited to see their little angel. Now, she understood her husband as to why he chose to listen to his heart. Well, it's not like he was the only one. 

"Hehe, our little spaceman." Slightly shaking the costume that was clipped in between his thumb and index finger on the shoulder blades, Frederick Yang cutely spoke with a baby tone. Hearing her excited husband, Lillian Yang chuckled as she felt content with this unannounced news. 

Just as the atmosphere around the living area was changed from gloom to a brighter aura, and the Yang parents were chuckling in glee, they didn't notice Lexi and Ethan Lu entering the scene. 

"Mo—" Just as Lexi was about to greet her beloved parents, her words choked on her throat as she gasped. 

In the living area, her parents were perched on their usual spots— giggling. However, what caught Lexi's eyes was the numerous paper bags on the floor. By the looks of it, her parents went on a shopping spree— it was just like how she shopped in the past as if there's no tomorrow. 

Still, if she saw the usual luxury clothes or handbags brand on the paper bags, Lexi wouldn't be this shaken to the core. However, the huge and cute brand pasted outside the paper bags was a famous baby brand! Therefore, how could she not react just like what she was currently doing?

The moment Frederick Yang and Lillian Yang heard their daughter's voice, both stiffened and their gleeful laughs came to a full stop. Slowly, as slow as the rusting of robots, they turned their heads to the direction of the entrance. 

There, Lexi stood with her eyes dilated, her lips in an 'O' shape dumbfounded, and her body unmoving. Her gaze altered from her parent's surprised front as if they were caught red-handed with a crime then to the countless shopping bags on the floor. The more Lexi looked at the paper bags and when her gaze landed on the baby costume that her father was holding, she was entirely rendered speechless. 

Behind her, Ethan Lu leaned his head to the side to peek at what's going on. His gaze first reached his future in-laws before he lowered his eyes and saw the things that shocked Lexi. The moment he saw the baby brand on the shopping bags, the corner of his lips curled up from ear to ear, unable to suppress his bright smile and the possible thoughts running through his mind at this moment.

"Goodmorning Mom and Dad~!" Breaking the trio of Yang's silence, Ethan Lu waved his hand that snapped the three of them out of their thoughts. 

Just then, the moment Lexi snapped and got a hold of herself, she didn't turn to her boyfriend's side and immediately dashed towards the living area. 

"Mom, Dad, what's the meaning of this? Why— why is there so much baby stuff here?!" Lexi reached the first small paper bag that was hiding somewhere behind her mother's back and grabbed the pink small dress inside— showing it to everyone present. 

When Frederick Yang saw the baby girl's dress, his first instinct was to question his wife. "Honey, didn't you say gender neutral? Why was there a baby girl's dress?"

"Honey, I'm sorry! I— just like you, I fell in love with it just look how pretty it is!" Panicking, Lillian Yang staggeringly explained her side for her secret purchase. 

"Ha?" Being ignored by her parents, Lexi's distress gauge slowly reached its peak. She was completely lost for a moment as she could not understand why her parents were hoarding baby equipment and clothes. 

She wouldn't react like this if it's only one or two as she could think that they would gift expecting parents that they're friends with. However, they purchased too much— to calculate it all, they must have spent more than tens of thousands.

Just what is this, panic buying?! Even if the whole world was ending, no man in his rational mind would hoard baby clothes. Hence, upon a short contemplation, Lexi gasped once again as she thought about one thing: her parents think that she's pre.. pregnant?!

"Hahaha!" Ethan Lu slowly followed Lexi from behind and after slightly bowing his head, he had a closer look at the baby dress Lexi was holding and then some baby bottles on one of the paper bags that made him heartily chuckle. 

Picking up one of the paper bags and as he slid out a pair of small baby socks, Ethan Lu's grin was priceless because inside him, an emotion that he could never explain enveloped in his heart. 

"Cute, aren't they?" Turning to Lexi, Ethan Lu waved the pair of small socks to her before he averted his gaze to his welcoming and prepared future in-laws. 

"Cheer up, love." He added before turning to face mother and father Yang. 

"Mom, Dad, everything looks nice, thank you." Polite and sincere, Ethan Lu gave his utmost gratefulness for her parents by slightly bowing his head once again.

He was totally moved that her parents were as supportive as ever— even if Lexi would be pregnant out of wedlock. They were the most open and understanding in-laws he could ever wish for in this world. Therefore, how could Ethan Lu not return the same love and respect they have towards him? 

Also, although it was still unsure if Lexi was pregnant or not because it's just been a week since they had done it the first time, Ethan Lu appreciated this enthusiasm as he also secretly envisioned as if Lexi had indeed gotten pregnant from their unintentional first time. 

Alas, if not, he would not take it to heart and would respect it if Lexi didn't want to carry a child just yet. Regardless, both options doesn't worry him as he was ready with whatever the future holds because he was already blessed to be part of this family. 

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