The Substitute Flower Chapter 2

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Ayame went to the hospital everyday to visit Yuto. One day, Yuto finally got discharged from the hospital. "Yuto!" He smiles. "Maria." "Congratulations for getting discharged." He fidgets.

She walks up to him and sits next to him. "What's wrong, Yuto?" "I'm scared going out." She puts her hand on top of his. "Everything will be okay. I'm here to support you." He takes her hand and hold it tightly.

He smiles. "Thank you Maria" Ayame takes him for a walk. He's scared. She grabs his hand. "It's okay, Yuto. You have me." He holds her hand tightly. "When I'm with you, I feel like I can see the light, Maria."

Little by little, Yuto begins to smile more. A few months later, Yuto said, "my eyes can be saved if I have a cornea transplant. It's a small chance for me to see again."

She hugs him. "It's okay, Yuto. I'm sure you will able to see again." He hugs her tightly. He feels something by his side. "What's this?" "Ah I made it. It's a talking stuffed teddy bear."

She takes his hand to touch the one of the feet. He can hear Maria's voice; 'You can do it, Yuto!' He smiles. He press it again. 'Yuto, I love you'


Later that day, she went to the hospital to talk with his doctor. "If he takes a cornea transplant, how long will it take to find a pair for Yuto?" "It will take a while to find a pair."

She bit her bottom lip. She determines. "Can you check mine to see if it's a match?" The Doctor was surprised. "Ayame." "Because of me, he lost his sight. This is all I can do. Please."

The doctor sighs then nods. Ayame went to get her eyes examined. A few minutes later, the doctor told her that it's a match. "When will be a better time?" "The sooner the better." The doctor nods. "I'll give him a call."

"Doctor." Doctor turns around. "Please don't tell him or anyone who's his donor is." "Alright." Doctor and Ayame part ways.

The next day he receives a phone call from his doctor. "Really?! Thank you." Ayame was curious. "What is it, Yuto?" "They said they found a match."

Seeing him smile warms her heart. "That's good." "I have to go to the hospital in the afternoon." "Thats good to hear." He hugs her. "Maria. Once the surgery is over, let's get married, Maria." "I'll wait for you."


Ayame rushes home. She sees Maria sitting on the sofa. "Maria." "Ayame. What's wrong?" Ayame gets on her knees. "Please go and stay with him." "I can't." "They have found a donor for him. Please." "I won't." "I want you to act nothing happen. Please return to his side." "Ayame...don't tell me you've been..." "It has to be you. Please I beg you."


The surgery was successful. Yuto opens his eyes and he's able to see. "Yuto!" He looks up and sees Maria. He gets out of the bed and hugs her. "Maria!"

In the other hand, Ayame was standing nearby his door. She smiles. "Now you can start to fulfill your dream, Yuto." She turns to her nurse. "Escort me back." "Okay."

Ayame calls her best friend, Lily. Lily helps her to walk normally. Soon she got discharged. On the weekend, she couldn't sleep so she decides to get a glass of water.

She was about to head tot he kitchen but stops. She hears Yuto's voice. "I've made my mind already. I want to marry Maria and support her just how she support me." "You both have overcome the tough obstacle, we will give you both our blessing." Ayame turns around and head back to her room. (This is for the best.)


On the wedding day, Lily helps Ayame to talk to Yuto. She smiles. "Please take care of Maria." He smiles. "Mm. Leave her to me." She raises her hand, he takes it and shake hands with her.

Yuto flinch. (This warmth...) Ayame lets go of his hand. "I'm sure your dream will come true, Yuto." She turns to Lily. "Let's go." Lily and Ayame left the chapel. (Farewell my love, please be happy)
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