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  • The Supreme Sovereign System

  • Author(s): phamtonbullet
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Supreme Sovereign System summary:

Alfonso was a historian of earth who suddenly appear in the body of Alfonso Lockheart, a fallen prince that is the Lord of a formal city known as the wasteland valley, with infertile land and losing the protection of their god, the wasteland valley is land that is destined to be destroyer by the extreme weather and the attacks of beast. Alfonso was in a despair situation; however, he wasn’t destined to fall in this land, that is because.... [The supreme sovereign system welcomes its new host, with the help of the Greek gods as your allies, you will become the new sovereign of this land!]

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The Supreme Sovereign System Chapters

Time uploaded
281 Deathmatcha week ago
275 Americaa week ago
270 Pierroa month ago
269 A Good Father2 months ago
262 Three Kids2 months ago
256 Shy3 months ago
255 Punch3 months ago
254 Duel3 months ago
253 Alister3 months ago
250 Punishmen3 months ago
249 Choise3 months ago
246 Madam Vivian4 months ago
245 The Thief4 months ago
242 Starry Sky4 months ago
238 Rules4 months ago
238 Blank224 months ago
237 A Deathly Gif4 months ago
236 Wanted Man5 months ago
228 Blank5 months ago
223 Two Sides6 months ago
222 Blank6 months ago
221 Maria6 months ago
218 Embarrassmen6 months ago
217 Offer6 months ago
216 Fear6 months ago
213 Resolve7 months ago
211 You Dont Know7 months ago
208 Mirror7 months ago
207 Developmen7 months ago
206 Weird Gods7 months ago
204 Two People7 months ago
203 Escape7 months ago
203 Escaped7 months ago
202 Fury7 months ago
196 Blank8 months ago
191 Blank8 months ago
Chapter 182: Blank10 months ago
Chapter 174: Blank10 months ago
Chapter 166: blank10 months ago
Chapter 156: Trash11 months ago
Chapter 153: Blank11 months ago
Chapter 127: Dadone year ago
Chapter 98: blankone year ago
Chapter 78: Blankone year ago
Chapter 63: blankone year ago
Chapter 55: blankone year ago
Chapter 49: blankone year ago
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