The Supreme Sovereign System Chapter 229

227 Love In The Air

Meanwhile, in another part of Peringrer, Hygeia and Dionysius were looking at a fascinating building. The building had a carriage on its logo.

"This building its called the merchant association, in all Leitol, this is the only official place that merchants assemble and offer their services, of course, this place has the protection of the kings of the north, as well as the royal family" Said Hygeia.

"Ohh~ I have a question though" Said Dionysius.

"What is it?" Asked Hygeia.

"Do you know if they sell good wine?" Asked Dionysius.

"…" Hygeia was speechless.


Inside of the building, the place looked exactly like a post card service from earth, except for the fact that there was a smiling receptionist.

"Hello, welcome to the merchant's association, what can I do for you?" Asked the smiling receptionist.

"Hello, my name is Hygeia, I came to put a request, I want someone to bring me water from a river in Fulian village, at the east" Said Hygeia.

"A product request? Sure, we specialize in that, depending on how much are you willing to spend, we have different services, for example, the cheapest one, is to wait for a caravan to go to the east, they would pass for the town and collect the product, however, it will not come back immediately, it will stop in different towns and villages in the east, after passing by the frontier with Dragon City, they will come back, the price is two gold coins and it will take six months in order to receive your product" Said the receptionist.

"The other method is to paid for people to go get the product, this is more expensive, however, is faster, also, depending on how much you offer, people will be willing or unwilling to go, of course, if you offer more money, more people will apply for the mission, of course there is one more option… however… usually nobody picks it because the price is just too high" Said the receptionist.

"I see… what is the highest price option by the way?" Asked Hygeia.

"Well, we contact you with a champion who will do the mission" Said the receptionist.

"A…A champion!?" Said Hygeia.

"Yeah, we have our ways to put you in contact with a champion who is willing to do this kind of things… however… his prices are…well, let the numbers do the talk" Said the receptionist while she pass Hygeia a paper.

When Hygeia grabbed the paper, only a number was written in it.

"Three…three… three hundred gold coins…" Hygeia could barely read it without dropping to the ground.

"Yeah, this is who everyone reacts after seeing the price, however, believe or not, someone people had actually use this service" Said the receptionist.

"If isn't much trouble, what champion do you contact?" Asked Hygeia.

"That's a secret, however, we secure you that the job will be don, and in least than two weeks!" Said the receptionist.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Two weeks!" Though Hygeia.

"What are going to do then?" Asked Dionysius.

"We should ask my lord first, he should heard this information first before we take a decision" Said Hygeia.

"We will back" Said Hygeia.

"Okay~" Said the receptionist with a smile.

"Before we go, I want to ask something" Said Dionysius.

"Excuse me, beautiful sister, where can I find fine wine" Asked Dionysius.

"Oh~ who do we have here, what a cute little boy~" Said the receptionist.

"Can I huge him~?" Asked the receptionist to Hygeia.

"Well actually-"

"Beautiful sister, you shouldn't hug somebody who you don't love, you know? Is bad, my aunty said that~" Said Dionysius in a 'cute' way.

"Ohhh~ come here, you little~" The receptionist couldn't resist and hugged Dionysius.

Dionysius give back the hug and put his head in the ample chest of the receptionist.

Hygeia looked at the side and made eye contact with Dionysius.

Dionysius talked without talking to Hygeia.


Hygeia was speechless once again.


On the other part of the town, a certain someone was catching attention off everyone.

"Hehe, I knew it, not matter where I go, people just can't stop looking at me" Said the walking mummy.

"Miss Aphrodite, I have to remember you that my lord ask you to stay out of trouble" Said Io, who was walking at her side.

"I- I am not doing anything though!?" Said Aphrodite.

"You are attracting the attention of everyone we pass by, could you not walk in that large…coat?" Asked Io.

"I can't take it even if I want to" Said Aphrodite.

"How come?" Asked Io.

"Alfonso hadn't told you?" Asked Aphrodite.

"No" Said Io.

"Well… let's just say that is something like a curse, I can't take off this damn thing, well at least what I use to believe" Said Aphrodite.

"?" Io was confused.

"Alfonso can helped me take this thing out, is one of the reasons why I stayed by his side" Said Aphrodite.

"Really? Then, what is the other reason?" Asked Io.

"I don't have anywhere else to go!" Said Aphrodite with pride.


Both of them were so focused on their talked that they didn't notice the changes in her around them.

One old man and one old woman were walking side by side, the woman had a bag her hand and had an anger face.

"Old man, how many times do we have to discuss about this!?" Said the woman.

"Shut up! I can't believe that you hide this from me for so long!" Said the old man.

"I am only thinking on our daughter's happiness!" Said the old woman.

"Marrying her with that lad whose only job is to be sell vegetables all day! How come she be happy! What about the proposal of Mr. Joshua, he has his own terrain and his family has connections with rich people, she would be happier with him!" Said the old man.

"But she doesn't love him!"

"She would learn to!"

"Why are you so strong headed!?"

The old couple was arguing about this since two hours, however, any side wanted to yield.

However, just as the old man was about to say something else, he saw something strange walking on the road.

"Is that… a mummy?" Though the old man.

His wife also looked at the figure and was stunned.

The mummy passed by their side and went on its way.

"There is a small.. Fragrance on the air?" Though the old man.

"Wife, do you smell-!?" Before the old man could finish his sentence, he saw something that he make him stunned.

He saw his wife, who he hadn't touched in years, bright.

Yep, bright.

She suddenly had recover a lot of years and her wrinkles disappeared.

Her chest was firm and her bottom was wide.

"Wi-wife!?" Said the old man.

"What is it-!?"

When the woman turned around, she didn't saw the grey haired angry man, she saw a firm, muscular younger version of her husband, like the first time she met him in their old town.

"Wife, I am sorry, I was too severe with you this couple of days; Could you forgive this old man?" Said the husband.

He touched the old woman's hand with care and kindness, making the old woman blush in an instant.

"I- I am sorry too, I should have consult you before making a decision" Said the old woman.

The old man grabbed the waist of her wife and close the gap between the two.

"No, you were right, that Mr. Joshua doesn't deserve our daughter, she deserves to be with the one she loves, just like you choose me and I choose you" Said the man.

"Hec-hector~" The old woman had hearts on her eyes.

"Wife, it's been a while since we… how about-"

"No, we are only a few blocks away from home so…The old woman blushed.

"I can't wait that long, let's go to an inn nearby" Said the old man.

"~" The old woman didn't resist.

The couple when to a inn nearby and… well, let's just said that they had the best afternoon since a long time ago.

This scene repeat itself every time Aphrodite and Io passed by.
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